Ironiclast review by The Damned Things

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  • Released: Dec 14, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (55 votes)
The Damned Things: Ironiclast

Sound — 9
Wow what can I say, Anthrax, FOB, ETID, members coming together. Well I am a fan of FOB and Anthrax but never have heard of ETID which is good since I wont look at this as another ETID CD.

The influences of each band are very different and come together quite nicely. Of the three bands I would say the least heard and influenced is FOB, you really don't hear much of their kind of stuff on here, it is mostly hard hitting Anthrax like guitar work with a Thin Lizzy.

I give the sound a 9 because they successfully blended their bands unique sounds together. It's hard core, bluesy at times with excellent riffs. What more can you ask for. The Album is mixed very well though I think they should have turned up the bass guitar a tad since the three guitars kind of drown it.

Lyrics — 10
Keith's singing is spot on throughout the album. He both screams, and howls at the best times and knows when to kick back the softer side. His vocals do fit snugly. I'v read reviews that state that the lyrics can be read like poetry and that they are well written.

This is true, I read over every lyric of every song and all prove to be well thought out works of art that show no influence of FOB except maybe the chorus of Great Reckoning but aren't we all suckers for a ballady chorus sometimes. Keith's razor sharp vocals are definitely present on this album.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a great album if you like a mix of hard core in your face rock/metal with some surprises and genre mixing. It's pop at the right times, its metal at the right times, its rock/bluesy at the right times and showcases how great of musicians these guys are. Hurley's drumming is great, he's like an animal behind the kit.

The guitars all sound great with all three doing there jobs well. The above reviews don't do this album justice though the high points they make are correct. This album has a little of everything that most musicians would enjoy.

If I lost this album I'd either buy it again or download it. I understand how pop sits with some of you musicians and if you don't like pop then I would only buy select songs on this CD by sampling em on iTunes first.

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    People shouldn't be looking at this album as "a collaboration of ETID, FOB, and Anthrax." It's a completely separate band and project, hence they mash up their own styles to create their own sound. Without comparing The Damned Things to the previous bands, I think they made a damn good album. Great riffs, catchy melodies and lyrics, and some good American rock sound. Even the mellower songs like Great Reckoning have a swagger I love
    It sounds like Nickelback...and that makes me sad... I love ETID and respect Anthrax big-time, but this sucks donkey nuts! And how three guitar players can come up with such uninspired riffage is beyond words. "The Great Reckoning" is just...lame. I just hope that hearing Keith sing a "uh-wuh uh ohh" isn't the beginning of the end for ETID.