One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back review by The Darkness

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (114 votes)
The Darkness: One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back

Sound — 10
When I first heard of the 'Darkness' I saw them on a music channel on TV. They were singing 'Christmas Time' off their album: 'Permission To Land' album which was very catchy and quite addictive with cool solos and which is quite a catchy and addictive album. Their know just as good as this album, if not better. This is The Darkness's second album. This ones a 'Parental Advisory'. Even though (even if you look up the lyrics of all the tracks) there doesn't seem to be much swearing on the record altogether. They cover heavy metal and hard rock which you'd expect from their first album. They've got a banjo in their I think which they do a few solos with. When you think of their songs you like the real rocky tracks on here but you'd probably find yourself thinking about their slow songs because they stick out aswell and measure up to excellent standards. I found out about this album before their first. They sortov caught on then with this album, got the more popular. They have good guitars which have a lot of distortion when they play chords. There's a variety of solos that are another kick-ass thing 'The Darkness' pull off. There's about three or four in this album. They all keep you entertained. Not the type of songs you would be putting on a TV documentary except maybe: 'One Way Ticket To Hell and Back' which I've heard a few times. They are top on solos and variety of music. None of the songs sound the same.

Lyrics — 8
When you start talking about 'The Darkness' you wouldn't usually bring up about their lyrics because their sound and music in a way overcomes that. He's got a nice vocals when he sings slow and softly and when he sings he's got a true but diffrent rock voice. That "ahhh" he says in his music writing appears quite alot. His voice goes well with their music and has good compliance. He can take a breather from all that shouting in that mic when a wicked solo comes in at the exact correct place in the song. The lyrics first time I listened to this I was hooked. Classic song names. 'One ay Ticket To Hell and Back' is the name for both the album and one of the songs. His voice is completely unique, I can't think of a voice like it ever; and they're diffrent in the way they all look. There are twin brothers in the band: The singer and his brother, you can't tell the diffrence between them. They all look a bit weird overall. In some of the slow songs he speaks from his heart about things he's disappointed with. For example: 'Seemed Like Such a Good Idea At The Time'. Things he's concered about and feels for in many ways. He means the stuff he says and some of it is serious. He has a lot of high notes in most of all the songs as he has a high voice. It's good with the backing vocals.

Overall Impression — 10
The funny thing is that 'The Darkness' come from Norfolk in England which is quite a quiet place by the beach! We're talking a real rock band here by the way. Their hair is awesome and annoying at the same time. Agood follow up/comeback album to their first. You'd think it'd be hard try to make a CD better than your first because at the beginnig you have all these fresh ideas but when it comes to creating your second album you've put all that effort and thought into your first and then producing a second is sometimes tough. You may lose your popularity. There's pressure on you and people expect to be amazed again like when they listened to your first record before. But 'The Darkness' have certaintly overcome that with this new spark of genius. Even if you didn't like rock you wouldn't say 'The Darkness' are boring, they'll still keep you interested and hanging on, wanting you to carry on listening. They have the definate edge a rock band really needs. I love that they're interesting to here live or CD. I hate their hairstyles more than I like their hairstyles, and also they look a bit weird and odd. The most impressive songs on this are: 'One Way Ticket To Hell', 'Knockers', 'Is It Just Me', 'Dinner Lady Arms' and finally 'Girlfriend', all rest are perfect and good intros.

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    to the guy who said the darkness come from Norfolk, they actually come from suffolk also i agree with Wrathchild712 bald is the best track on either album
    to metalhead333: Shut up you retard the darkness rock. Any more of your shit and you will be ENDED
    i love the darkness, they are so great, i like this album, i'm not sure about better than the first, but i like them both the same, i like how they got folkier in this one as opposed to the hard rocking stuff on the 1st album, but either way, they are both amazing albums