One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Review

artist: The Darkness date: 11/12/2007 category: compact discs
The Darkness: One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back
Release Date: Nov 28, 2005
Label: Atlantic
Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Number Of Tracks:
The exhaustion and the fear, the pressure, paranoia and pan pipes, the breakdowns and break-ups, the sackings, sitar solos and endless studio sessions and now ultimately - with this, their second album - the rebirth and redemption of The Darkness.
 Sound: 8.4
 Lyrics: 7.6
 Overall Impression: 8.6
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overall: 9.7
One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Reviewed by: lesbian_men, on february 20, 2006
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Sound: The spund of this album is definetly origional. From the sitar solo on the title track, to the synth solo on 'Girlfriend'. The heavy riffs are still out there as 'Bald' demonstrates. As I said, the albums sound is different, and it takes a few listens to fully appreciate the music. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are, as always, very humerous, but with a deep, odd meaning. 'One Way Ticket' is about cocaine. The only quarrel I have with the lyrics, is I dislike the lyrics on 'Dinner Lady Arms'. But Justin's vocals are nothing, if short, of a well tuned cat on steroids. The singing is very good, and it still causes you to cringe everytime you hear it. // 9

Overall Impression: This album rocks. I need not say anything else than that. It is only overshadowed by the darknesses first album, 'Permission To Land'. The best song on the album is definetly 'Girlfriend', with its synth solo and Justin style vocals. The only song that inspires you to headbang, is the main riff to 'Bald'. The only thing I have against the album, is that it sounds better live. // 10

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overall: 7
One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Reviewed by: Oasisy Bob, on february 06, 2006
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Sound: The sound is interesting, it's a completely new approach for the Darkness. The last album was pretty much all guitar, but the new one has crazy new insturment like a pan pipe or a sitar. It's not anything like as "Rock 'N' Roll" as the last one, it sounds very experimentative. Basically, each song is good in places but bad in others. It's quite hard to enjoy one song all the way through. Still, worth buying just to hear how the Darkness have progressed. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty wierd. Either you think they're hilarious or you think they're pathetic. Songs like "Dinner Lady Arms" and "Knockers" are examples of where the whole comic thing has gone a bit far. Permission to land's lyrics were within the boundaries of respectability, but these ones are not. For example, "Bald" is a song about how Justin doesn't want to be bald. Inventive stuff. // 5

Overall Impression: Basically, it's not as good as the first album, but that was a very good album. I'm hoping this is just a phase for the Darkness, because they are capable of better. If it got lost/stolen, I wouldn't buy it again but I'm cheap like that. Best song on there? Seemed like a good idea at the time. // 8

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overall: 8.3
One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Reviewed by: SWLABR, on may 22, 2006
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Sound: One Way Ticket To Hell is a great album. It sounds very different from the Darkness'first album, but they still keep their own style going. It's still guitar-driven, but only a few songs have those kick-ass riffs we got in Permission to Land. The title track one is of those songs, so is "Is It Just Me?" Most of the other songs have intros with acoustic guitar, piano, synths, or even strings, which is not a bad thing. The playing is still top notch, the solos aren't quite as abundant in this album as in Permission to Land, where you got a few in each song, but in OWTTH you get at least one per song. On the title track the solo is not on a guitar, but a sitar! and its pretty sweet. The ballads on this cd are less rock than the ones on the first, but they're still good. they have more piano and strings and the guitars are more subdued. // 8

Lyrics: Well the lyrics are a little more consistent with those of the last album. That is, they are fun, creative, sometimes borderline ridiculous, but never bad or cheesy. They go along very well with the music being played. The vocals on this album are amazing! Justin Hawkins' falsetto is better than ever and the harmonies are strong, tight and confident. They are very reminiscent of Queen. I just can't say enough about how great the vocals are on this album, like on the tracks One Way Ticket, Knockers, Dinner Lady Arms, Hazel Eyes, and especially on English Country Garden. // 9

Overall Impression: Now, this is no Led Zeppelin II, but it is a great follow-up album. It could probably be compared to Cream's Disraeli Gears-not the sound or anything, but Cream's 1st album was mainly blues stuff and on Disraeli Gears, they spread out into different genres a little more. That's what the Darkness are doing. The best songs on this album are One Way Ticket, Is It Just Me?, Dinner Lady Arms, Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, Hazel Eyes, and English Country Garden. Buy this album, if you lose it, buy it again. // 8

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overall: 9.3
One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Reviewed by: Daniel Pearce, on february 28, 2007
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Sound: When I first heard of the 'Darkness' I saw them on a music channel on TV. They were singing 'Christmas Time' off their album: 'Permission To Land' album which was very catchy and quite addictive with cool solos and which is quite a catchy and addictive album. Their know just as good as this album, if not better. This is The Darkness's second album. This ones a 'Parental Advisory'. Even though (even if you look up the lyrics of all the tracks) there doesn't seem to be much swearing on the record altogether. They cover heavy metal and hard rock which you'd expect from their first album. They've got a banjo in their I think which they do a few solos with. When you think of their songs you like the real rocky tracks on here but you'd probably find yourself thinking about their slow songs because they stick out aswell and measure up to excellent standards. I found out about this album before their first. They sortov caught on then with this album, got the more popular. They have good guitars which have a lot of distortion when they play chords. There's a variety of solos that are another kick-ass thing 'The Darkness' pull off. There's about three or four in this album. They all keep you entertained. Not the type of songs you would be putting on a TV documentary except maybe: 'One Way Ticket To Hell and Back' which I've heard a few times. They are top on solos and variety of music. None of the songs sound the same. // 10

Lyrics: When you start talking about 'The Darkness' you wouldn't usually bring up about their lyrics because their sound and music in a way overcomes that. He's got a nice vocals when he sings slow and softly and when he sings he's got a true but diffrent rock voice. That "ahhh" he says in his music writing appears quite alot. His voice goes well with their music and has good compliance. He can take a breather from all that shouting in that mic when a wicked solo comes in at the exact correct place in the song. The lyrics first time I listened to this I was hooked. Classic song names. 'One ay Ticket To Hell and Back' is the name for both the album and one of the songs. His voice is completely unique, I can't think of a voice like it ever; and they're diffrent in the way they all look. There are twin brothers in the band: The singer and his brother, you can't tell the diffrence between them. They all look a bit weird overall. In some of the slow songs he speaks from his heart about things he's disappointed with. For example: 'Seemed Like Such a Good Idea At The Time'. Things he's concered about and feels for in many ways. He means the stuff he says and some of it is serious. He has a lot of high notes in most of all the songs as he has a high voice. It's good with the backing vocals. // 8

Overall Impression: The funny thing is that 'The Darkness' come from Norfolk in England which is quite a quiet place by the beach! We're talking a real rock band here by the way. Their hair is awesome and annoying at the same time. Agood follow up/comeback album to their first. You'd think it'd be hard try to make a CD better than your first because at the beginnig you have all these fresh ideas but when it comes to creating your second album you've put all that effort and thought into your first and then producing a second is sometimes tough. You may lose your popularity. There's pressure on you and people expect to be amazed again like when they listened to your first record before. But 'The Darkness' have certaintly overcome that with this new spark of genius. Even if you didn't like rock you wouldn't say 'The Darkness' are boring, they'll still keep you interested and hanging on, wanting you to carry on listening. They have the definate edge a rock band really needs. I love that they're interesting to here live or CD. I hate their hairstyles more than I like their hairstyles, and also they look a bit weird and odd. The most impressive songs on this are: 'One Way Ticket To Hell', 'Knockers', 'Is It Just Me', 'Dinner Lady Arms' and finally 'Girlfriend', all rest are perfect and good intros. // 10

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overall: 6.7
One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back Reviewed by: angryskykitten, on november 12, 2007
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Sound: I LOVE The Darkness. Let's get this clear. Their first album was a masterpiece. The guitars, the vocals, the bass, the drums, the lyrics, everything about it was heavy rock and glam made mainstream in a good, nay, great way. And Justin Hawkin, the guitarist and singer, was on crack. Then he came off crack. Then they made 'One way ticket to hell... and back'. Part way through, their bassist left. And so they got a new guy. My mate gave me a copy and I listened to it. Until then I had only heard one song from the their second album and I thought it was pretty good. I was gonna see. Album: One Way Tocket to Hell... And Back. 01. One Way Ticket - I listened to the title track song. The intro was probably not a real part of the song. It was a load of pipe music folowed by people sniffling and snuffling. I thought 'Pipe music. New, interesting. Not overly bad, but not what I expected.' I was prepared to give it a go. Then the real song came in. I listned. Again, not bad, but it was lacking the old Darkness which they had more than enough of in their first album. Then in came the solo. I was so dissapointed. It was not even anything sounding like a guiter. Justin was obviously experimenting with effects pedal, but he took away all of the power in the song with that solo. I kept listening and I reasoned that he was saving it for the next song. 02. Knockers - the solo was pretty good. Distorted as it should be. A bit short, but pretty good. A feeling of the old Darkness jsut peeping through, but the main song and it sounded pop-ish. 03. Is It Just Me - now, this is more like it! The old Darkness are back! I was so happy at this. Brilliant distorted riff, a superb solo with a nice bit of tapping was definately there. I had a bit of a headbang to this, it was that good! I could not fault this song at all, 10 out of 10! Released as a single and well worth it, I am sure! 04. Dinner Lady Arms - oh dear. They've slipped again. This is obviously a dance track. The drums were pretty good, gave it a nice beat, but it just was not rock at all. It was pretty boring and sounded more pop than anything else. The solo however: now that was different. Fast and pretty strong, but a tad quiet and far too short. 05. Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - now, this was rock, but on a very old fashioned style. It was probably inspired by the Eagles a little bit (legendary band) and the orchestra sound was pretty good, I have to admit. I loved it: a proper, moody love song but made pretty damn good. The solo was nice and moody too, and did not sound out of place at all in the concept of the song. It sounded good, but did not fit in with the album quite so well. 06. Hazel Eyes - now this was strange. It began like marriage on synthesiser meets the orient. Then the the accoustic guitar came in. Hm. Then it went all very I can't explain it: celtic I suppose. Then this can't be right. But it was. Bagpipes? In rock? No but it was. Very Scottish. Then it sounded like proper English rock again: the guitar was good though. Distorted riffs with a wonderful solo every now and then. Nice. But the song as a whole it was as though The Darkness could not decide what it was meant to be. It was a mess! 07. Bald - scary. Nice. Eerie guitar notes with a death tolling bell. Then a sudden shock of power from hugely distorted riffs. Yes! Once again, the old darkness shined through. Then, the solo came in and I loved it! Moody, scary and strong. Distorted and beautful (in a rock way). Again, a bit short, but still great. 08. Girlfriend - a silly dance track about loving a girl. It was so camp it was terrifying. More terrifying than 'Bald'. The guitarring was alright I guess, but didn't fit in with the song, and there was a hopeless keyboard solo that went on for farrrrr too long. He even put violins into this song! No, I'm sorry, but no. He's turned into Maddonna. Every rock fans worst nightmare! I know, he was probably just having a laugh and a good time, but. 09. English Country Garden - this was just plains silly, and not even in a funny way. I'm sorry to say, that this was absolute rubbish (some people wont agree here, but I'm saying what I truthfully mean. We've lost you Justin, please come back to us). The solo almost redeams it but it does not fit in at all. 10. Blind Man - it came and went. It was so slow and pointless and short, I can tell you nothing about it. There was no guitar at all, the vocals were boring, the whole song was a waste of space. This was meant to be rock but. // 6

Lyrics: Of course, Justin Hawkins has an incredible singing voice: He has such a range to his voice, it is actually scary (in a good way). He is a brilliant singer, but is let down by a lot of his lyrics and choices on how he sings in this album. He sounds like a cat with it's tail being trodden on for some of the song and some kind of narcotic woman in others. a lot of his lyrics are just like something he put together whilst alone, drunk in a bar. Some of his lyric choices are great. Is it just me? is astounding. Hazel eyes vocals are pretty good and One way ticket to hell sounded wonderful (but the lyrics were pointless there as well). Seemed like a good idea was brilliant. He does have a good voice for soft rock (such as in Good Idea) and maybe he should try it more often, but I miss the real Justin with his funky rock lyrics from 'permission to Land'. // 7

Overall Impression: It sounds like a bands first attempt in the world, being unable to find their sound, not too sure what they want to be. The Darkness have taken a backwards step. The only decent songs in the album are One Way Ticket (8/10), Is It Just Me? (10/10) and Bald (8/10). Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (9/10) was a good song as well, but it didn't fit in with the album, really. I sorry, but Justin has left us. This is him off of crack for gods sake! It is so upsetting when artists can't make decent music unless under the influence. If I lost the CD I might not buy it again. I pains me to say all this about the Darkness, who only a few years ago were probably the best rock band for the time, but they have just left us. There just aren't enough redeeming factors to the album. // 7

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