Sea Of Cowards review by The Dead Weather

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  • Released: May 11, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (27 votes)
The Dead Weather: Sea Of Cowards

Sound — 10
First of all, Let me start off by saying that just because Jack White is in this band, that does not make it good on his merit alone. Allison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Little Jack Lawrence hold a large amount of stake here, too. The sound here has a dark,"screw you" sort of attitude, all of the songs basically portraying it's singer, whether it be Mosshart or White, to be a total badass. One of the greatest things about this album is it's seamless transitions as you go from one song to the next, for most of the album, you don't even realize it's a different song until you hear different key tonalities and what not.

Lyrics — 8
The Lyrics, in all, are very well put together. The lyrics certainly compliment their respected songs. And whether it be Allison Mosshart or Jack White or Both at the same time, singing, the vocals are spot on. These two vocalists are the types of vocalists that go over and above to get the notes they want, and when their two voices cascade against one another, the sheer intensity is unexplainable.

Overall Impression — 10
As the Dead Weather's Sophomore album, I have to say it is much more impressive than the first one. The First album, Horehound, about 11 songs, 30-35 minutes long, wasn't all I thought it was going to be, but Sea Of Cowards shut my mouth immediately. Every song on the album is amazing, "Blue Blood Blues", the first track on the album, has such a catchy guitar riff, and the drums, Oh the drums, I don't know why Jack White picked up the guitar when he could play drums the way he does. But I digress. "Blue Blood Blues" transitions into "Hustle And Cuss", which contains such an attitude that screams "I don't give a sh--" And once the many Keyboards of "The Difference Between Us" Dies down and Allison starts having a duet with herself, you'll realise, "holy crap, this is just the third song" To go on, we'd List "I'm Mad" a song that describes itself, changing time signatures and speeding up Allison's vocals like how Pink Floyd did on Dark Side of the Moon, with the track "On the Run". The songs first single "Die By the Drop" has such well orchestrated instrumentation, from the distorted Bass, to the Distorted Synth to the heavy drums. What I love about this album, the most, is Jack White's Drumming With Jack Lawrence's Bass playing. (the bass is bigger than he is! Poor little guy). And the only think I hate about this album is that it could have been longer. But, I think it's length is appropriate. If it were lost or stolen I would certainly obtain it once again. I would have to!

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