Dead Throne review by The Devil Wears Prada

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  • Released: Sep 13, 2011
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (110 votes)
The Devil Wears Prada: Dead Throne

Sound — 10
I would have to say that the sound of this album is definitely my favorite from all their albums. Its more of a different sound than the albums but not in a bad way. This is my favorite album by them so this will be a positive review. I loved Mike Hranicas vocals in this album. They more ecstatic and crazy and that was so cool. His highs in this one sounded evil and it gave of a good vibe, it also matched the album because it was their darkest of them all. I also loved how they let the bass play a bigger role in their sound and in breakdowns it goes to just bass sometimes and its so f--king raw. I love the guitar tones in this album, they kinda sound fuzzy which sounds cool and makes the riffs almost more distorted and raw. I really have no complaints about the sound or quality of this album at all. I'll go through the tracks and tell you what I think and enjoy about them:

01. "Dead Throne" - this is pretty cool opening track. Has cool sound effects in the beginning and then goes into this really odd riff that sounds pretty creepy.

02. "Untidaled" - this song is one of my favorites. Its breakdown is f--king sick and its a good jam, and follow up.

03. "Mammoth" - this one is super fun to play on guitar and the sound is heavy and its in drop A so if you like their heavier stuff, this is a good one for you. I just really wish it was longer, like the rest of the songs on this album.

04. "Vengeance" - this ones breakdown is pretty sick. This is another one of my favorites. Idk why but I love the chorus on this one and it gives me chills haha.

05. "R.I.T." - this one is cool and I really like it but I don't think its as good as the others, even though it has a cool verse riff.

06. "My Questions" - I liked this one because of the guitar in the chorus. And the beginning fades in with a cool riff and it just gets me goin' haha. Once you get to this part of the album, this is the song that gets you ready for the second half and it only gets better.

07. "Kansas" (instrumental) - I like this one more than "Chicago." I know it says that its not an instrumental but it really is haha. But this one is good and is a good interlude.

08. "Born to Lose" - okay firstly, the screams in this a f--king psycho and its bad a-s. I love the music video and this is one of my favorites for sure. what's weird is a love breakdowns and this one doesn't really have one, except for one at the end but its more of just a heavy riff. I could listen to this over and over and it would never get bored of it. It also has my favorite line in the whole album in it, "I was born to lose, with a noose around my neck" it just sounds crazy and I like that.

09. "Forever Decay" - prefect song to come right after "Born to Lose," its bass riff right before the chorus is on point and I love how the drums speed up as Jeremy sings. And the breakdown is exactly how it should be... Heavy af. 

10. "Chicago" - I liked this song but it wasn't anything too crazy. I liked how they did a song called "Kansas" and "Chicago" because I'm pretty sure this album was recorded in these two places, not completely sure but. Good song.

11. "Constance" (featuring Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) - for me its between this one and "Born to Lose." I can never choose which is my favorite but I love this because its like the heaviest on the album and it has Tim Lambesis at the ending breakdown and I totally kills. Listen to this track.

12. "Pretenders" - I personally love this song but if feel like this one and the last one kinda sound alike and idk why but that's JMO.

13. "Holdfast" - lyrically, this is a good way to end the album and I love the message it gives off. Sound wise, its kinda like pretenders but its still good.

Lyrics — 9
As for the lyrics, I think they had an amazing message and I still read them and idolize them almost haha. He talks mainly about not worshiping false figures or statues and things like that. Or not putting items and mad made things before god or putting the world on a pedestal. Lyrics like: 

"What you hold dear is a false account./
What you hold dear offers no salvation. (salvation)/
Trust in that I'm not right for this. (for this)/
Know that I'm not the one to hold you up. (hold you up)/
I can't hold you. I can't hold you./

Dead throne (dead throne), we've put the world up onto a dead throne.
Dead throne (dead throne), we've put the world up onto a dead throne."

The lyrics go along with the music for the most part. I like how in this album Mike chose a different way of approaching his lyrics in more of a dark way but still getting his point across and stating his opinions. I loved that he got Tim Lambesis of all guys to be a guest vocalist. His highs and lows on this album are on point for me and I wouldn't want him to change anything. He sounds like a screaming zombie and his growls are perfect. I hope he keeps this sound for future records.

Overall Impression — 10
This doesn't compare to their other albums because it's so good hahhaa! I love all of their music but this is my favorite. I really don't like how all the tracks on this album are so short, that's the only thing that upset me. Right as I start to get into a song like "Mammoth," it ends... it's like uhhhhh wtf. But all the songs on this album are good. I think if you at least put a minute into every track, I would be satisfied. What I did like is that they let the bass pop and that's a big thing for me with these bands because sometimes I feel like they just let the bassist sit out during the recording. It p-sses me off so that made me happy. I think that the most impressive tracks off this album are "Born to Lose," "Constance," "Forever Decay" and "Untidaled." If this were lost or stolen I would beat the sh-t out of the person that took it, and then ask if they liked it as much as I did hahaha! Check this album out, its brootal b-tches haha!

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    For the time I think this band was awesome. Produced very well, Adam D. Definitely had a more darker tone killswitch style compared to roots& zombie hi-fi sound. It's okay.