Zombie [EP] Review

artist: The Devil Wears Prada date: 08/27/2010 category: compact discs
The Devil Wears Prada: Zombie [EP]
Released: Aug 24, 2010
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Ferret
Number Of Tracks: 5
The Ohio metalcore group have uncaged "Zombie", a five-track EP that pushes the invisible limits on talent and experimentation.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6.8
 Overall Impression: 7.2
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overall: 8.7
Zombie [EP] Featured review by: UG Team, on august 27, 2010
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Sound: Zombies have figuratively eaten their way through media and society, taking no prisoners and leaving no limbs behind. The Devil Wears Prada supports that statement, which is more of fact. Inspired by the flesh-eating, sometimes dead-as-nail cultural phenomenon, the Ohio metalcore group have uncaged Zombie, a five-track EP that pushes the invisible limits on talent and experimentation. Instead of making the music as witty as their past song titles, the work encompassed on the extended play is a bold testament at how creativity drives an artist.

The relentless throttles of adrenaline shadowed by the splinters of influences from dignified acts like Slayer and Hatebreed show The Devil Wears Prada take the themed record very seriously. Almost to a point where vocalist Mike Hranica's growl trickles over each riff's razor-sharp blow to the head, leaving nothing but a ringing emphatic thud from drummer Daniel Williams' kit. But before the curtains close, the group take the artistry to another level, plaguing ears with tormenting sound effects, like that found towards the end of "Survivor". Horrific in a sense, but remarkable as well. // 9

Lyrics: Combine speed with noise and a vocalist better have the ability to quickly adapt to his environment. Fascinated with the central theme of zombies, Hranica holds nothing back, changing tones to clash with Jeremy DePoyster's clean vocals and to overpower each dramatic dive into another squeamish hardcore breakdown. There are clear improvements in his abilities, but his work across the EP fails to put a bullet in the head of what to expect as his vocal chords seem to force a louder pitch on certain tracks. The dive into generalizing the release around the concept of an merciless zombie apocalypse does work to his benefit. Lines like "The cure is a shotgun / The cure is whatever blunt instrument one can salvage" off "Revive" rip pages out of books like Max Brook's The Zombie Survival Guide but they present a whole new perspective to the genre's endless cliche of songwriting. // 8

Overall Impression: Zombies and metalcore seem like an incomprehensible match, but the undead seem to fit anywhere (see comic book superheroes, video games). The fascination behind it is what has driven The Devil Wears Prada to produce the fastest and most impressive music to date. Not only does it stretch the boundaries of a sound that's been overplayed by an abundance of acts with similar thoughts but various personalities, but it offsets the idea that EPs aren't worthless recordings. An extended play is meant to give birth to realistic expectations. Let's just pray The Devil Wears Prada doesn't let their new-found sense of imagination get eaten alive. // 9

- Joshua Khan (c) 2010

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overall: 8
Zombie [EP] Reviewed by: Sam Rulez D00d, on august 27, 2010
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Sound: The Zombie EP, plain and simple, is deathcore--breached only by soaring, epic choruses and the occasional synth melodies and creepy sound effects. Evidently it's about zombies, outnumbering humans in a post-apocalyptic earth. Both the storyline and the sound have a dark, cinematic feel, and the guitar riffage, machine-gun double bass passages, and palm-muted breakdowns keep it energized enough to stir up the pit. Stylistically, this EP may turn off some of TDWP's fans from the lighter crowd, but is sure to impress deathcore and heavier-scene metalcore fans. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics seem to be from the perspective of one of the few humans left on earth. If there's any hidden metaphors that have anything to do with Christian faith, they're pretty hard to find. While not very thought-provoking (and not meant to be), the lyrics are relatively poetic and tie in well with the EP's storyline. As usual, Mike Hranica's screaming does not disappoint. Combining guttural lows with shrill, terrorized highs, Hranica's voice meshes perfectly with the heaviness of the music behind him. On the other hand, Jeremy DePoyster's high-pitched, melodic voice offers a contrast to the disc's chaotic moments. DePoyster's vocals basically make the choruses and go unmatched in the scene. // 8

Overall Impression: Zombie EP is quite a departure from TDWP's previous album, moving away from Blessthefall/Confide territory and heading closer to the heavier brand of metalcore, with bands like Mychildren Mybride and A Plea for Purging. But TDWP proves to be more creative than most of their peers on this EP, and their cinematic take on metalcore is sure to separate them from the blast-beat/breakdown/repeat crowd. Some of the standout tracks include "Revive" and "Survivor." The songs aren't as memorable as you'd find on a TDWP full-length, but are exciting to listen to and likely even more exciting to throw down to--if you have the balls to even go near the pit during their set. In conclusion, this EP is fast, heavy music about the dead rising and coming after the living. Thought-provoking metalcore it's not, but Zombie EP serves its purpose in being fun, for lack of a better term. If it were stolen/lost I'd buy this again, but a Devil Wears Prada fan who's just not into deathcore won't. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Zombie [EP] Reviewed by: rannikhal, on october 19, 2010
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Sound: The Devil Wears Prada have never ceased to amaze me since the first time I heard their music. Their creative riffs and heavy sound is what makes them unique and separates them from other bands with the same or similar sound. Since the release of their first album, Dear Love: A Beatiful Discord, TDWP have improved a lot as a band but have managed to keep their distinctive sound. They have matured a lot musically through the years and this EP shows it. The idea to make a zombie EP came from Mike Hranica while he was reading a book about a zombie apocalypse. He commented that idea to the band and soon after they were on the studio writing this elaborate masterpiece. The zombie-themed EP contains their heaviest and fastest songs to date, which is a plus for fans of heavy stuff. The guitars in this EP are in Drop B, something they started doing in their last album, With Roots Above And Branches Below. That guitar tuning just adds to the heavyness. Their music fits very well with the zombie apocalypse that the lyrics convey to point where you might think you're actually living the EP. The songs are amazing and the band as a whole is fantastic but there were some cons in he EP besides it being and EP and not a full album. The cons are minor things, like for example, the way Mike sings a verse might seem similar to they way he sings a verse in another song. It's really hard to pick it up if you're not paying attention so it's not a big deal. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are about zombies. Every single song talks about the undead and how the plague is spreading. The lyrics in each song describe what's happening in the apocalypse they've made, either about how the zombies are spreading in Outnumbered, or how there is no turning back once you are infected in Revive. Still, because the band is a christian band and they are very into their beleifs, there are verses in the songs that expresses that. A great example of that is the verse "My will is at God's hand, never within man's teeth" from the song Revive. The lyrics are awsome but the word choice wasn't all that great in a couple of songs. Mike does a lot of lows in this album, something a lot of people, including myself, missed in their last album, With Roots Above And Branches Below. His growls fit fit way better with the music and instruments in this EP than they did in their first album, Dear Love. He varies a lot between lows and highs in this EP, giving the songs more personality and making them more fun to listen. Jeremy's voice impressed me a lot in this EP. His voice has improved a lot since they first started. Jeremy is an essential part of TDWP, his voice and the way he sings is something special. Something different they did in this EP is that the song titles aren't goofy like in the albums. In the EP the song titles have a meaning and something to do with the lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: The first song I heard was Outnumbered. That song simply amazing from beginning to end so I was anxious to listen to the full EP. The EP was as I expected it. Awsome. Every song is different, none of them sounds like their recent work, but at the same time they do. It's because they use the same style and sound they've been using since the beginning, thay've only gotten better. My favorite songs from the EP are Escape, the opening track, and Revive. Each song caught me by surprise because eache one showed something new and i liked that. It's never fun to listen to something that sounds familiar and you know it's new. The EP shows the direction the band is taking, and from my perspective is not a bad one. They never fail to deliver something new and pleasing in each album (and EP). Hope they don't deviate in the future. // 9

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overall: 6.3
Zombie [EP] Reviewed by: iVendetta, on august 27, 2010
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Sound: The new EP from The Devil Wears Prada is significantly heavier than their previous albums. This is both good and bad. The music sounds great, everyone seems to have improved, but the keyboard wasn't featured a whole lot. The songs sort of sound the same, so at times it seemed like I was listening to the same song again. It also seems like the new approach isn't quite what works for The Devil Wears Prada. // 7

Lyrics: Now the lyrics aren't much, kind of simple and generic at some points, but the songs are about zombies. What more do you want? Mike Hranica usually writes wonderful lyrics that are like none other, but this time their not so gripping or moving. In the song "Survivor" the lyrics just don't work, but this is my opinion. Maybe someone else really enjoys that song. // 5

Overall Impression: While it does not seem to symbolize The Devil Wears Prada at their best, the members are continuing to improve at their own skills. It is definitely worth listening to by The Devil Wears Prada fans and metalheads alike. I'm looking forward to seeing their new album in 2011. // 7

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overall: 2.7
Zombie [EP] Reviewed by: stratomaiden, on september 04, 2012
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Sound: Well The Devil Wears Prada is obviously a band which tries to be metal. I am not bashing the band but when I first heard their songs, I knew that they weren't my type. Well "core" and "scene" fans will obviously disagree with my opinion. To me metalcore is a absurd genre but fans of core will love their music. The only reason I have this album is because my friend bought it for me, but as a gift its not as bad as generic pop music. But again, if you're a fan of this type of music Zombie EP is for you. // 2

Lyrics: To me the lyrics are bland. The lack songwriting skills but hey - for a metalcore band they're okay. I mean mediocre lyrics aren't bad but if you're trying too hard, I think they should call it quits. The lyrics are full of unnecessary anger. Look at "Anatomy" repetitive lyrics and "Revive" which makes no sense. "Science has become a child's game". A game of what? If you look at statistics people don't even know anything about science. Then again the lyrics, are full of pain and is very emo. The vocalist (Mike Hranica) has no skills, no raw emotion. He sounds as if he were forcing himself to sing these songs. // 3

Overall Impression: If you look at every other metalcore/core artist, they're all the same. But if you compare them to bands they imitate (metal bands) they are complete waste. The only descent song is probably "Outnumbered". Its great that they're outnumbered cause honestly I'll... They only thing I like is the images used for the album, but it clearly shows the band as posers. Imagine Megadeth holding baseball bats w/ spikes and a chainsaw and guns. It would look descent but it's unnecessary for them to prove that because the they prove themselves through their lyrics. The TDWP use these images to make themselves look tough. I would never buy this album again because I never bought it in the first place. Even a mediocre band like Foster The People have a better album than this. It's metalcore what do you expect. // 3

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