Coral Fang review by The Distillers

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  • Released: Oct 14, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (18 votes)
The Distillers: Coral Fang

Sound — 9
Coral Fang is not only The Distillers' third album, but but a big jump from thier previous hardcore effort, Sing Sing Death House. The hard and raw aspects of SSDH are still very present on this album, it's just a slower, grungier version of it. Frontwoman Brody Dalle also sings more than she screams on this album, which was the other way around on the bands last two albums. And despite Dalle's raspy and at times, masculine vocals, and the band's, I'll put it this way,"raw as an uncooked steak" music, the singles "Drain the Blood" and "Beat Your Heart Out" wouldn't sound far out of place on modern rock radio behind a Nirvana or Hole song.

Lyrics — 10
Brody Dalle was not only singer and lead guitarist for The Distillers, but she also wrote every word on Coral Fang. Some say the lyrics on Coral Fang aren't near as good as the lyrics on SSDH. SSDH had the "Sick of It All" vibe going on and nearly every song is an anthem for teens across America who are, well, sick of it all. Whereas Coral Fang focuses on issues like breaking up and finding new love. The obvious reason for this is the band were in thier early 20's when SSDH was released, meaning they had some teen angst leftover. When Coral Fang was released, Dalle was divorcing Rancid's Tim Armstrong while getting busy with QOTSA's Josh Homme.The first 7 songs on Coral Fang deal with the ugly part of breaking up,; blood, gore, etc(she was clearly fantasizing). Just when you think you're going to kill your bf/gf, a refreshing batch of songs like "Deathsex" and "Love Is Paranoid" speak of love and rough sex, lightening the mood. Throughout the CD most of the lyrics are quite abstract, tough to understand and at times, gross. Overall they're fun and interesting to read and to try to decifer while listening to the CD.

Overall Impression — 10
I would compare the vocals and music to a mixture of Joan Jett, Hole, Rancid, Nirvana, and Rise Against. I can't pick a favorite song, but if I were the record company picking singles they would be "Drain the Blood", "The Gallow Is God", "The Hunger", and "Love Is Paranoid". I love Coral Fang for it's rawness, Dalle's raspy vocals and strange lyrics, and the obvious work and time put into it. There's not much I hate about it, but if I had to criticize it I would say that with a couple of the songs the music is sorta out of place compared to the others. And the last 4 songs are very repetitive in regards to the lyrics.But overall I highly recommend this album and if I lost it I would definitley buy another copy.

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    This is like, probably one of my favorite albums of all time, i effing love it. I really wish there were more bands like this.