In Concert review by The Doors

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  • Released: May 21, 1991
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (9 votes)
The Doors: In Concert

Sound — 8
The Doors In Concert is an excellent album. If you don't know The Doors style, they are from the late 60's and they are Acid Rock (with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin). They were an experimental band and it shows in this album, obviously it has concerts from The Doors. You might think the sound is bad because it is in concert, but it really actually good.

Lyrics — 10
Jim Morrison wrote some of the best lyrics of the 60's and of rock n roll. Lyrics only made better with his poetry he sings in some of the songs. These are some of the best lyrics you will ever hear and they are a joy to listen to. Also you can't forget Jim Morrison's voice, the defining voice of the 60's.

Overall Impression — 8
In Concert, is a great concert album. I guess it depends if you like The Doors and if you like the sound of Concerts. I personally liked the album with the songs "When The Musics Over" and "The Unkown Soldier", which are my personal favorite. It is a good album, but defiantly not a must have.

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    It took me to 2008 to hear the doors as they were meant to be heard, to me, one complete concert at a time. This "doors in concert" is more a compliation of performances from different concerts, and a damn good one at that. You really cant tell the performances are from different venues because they are top notch performances. The sound quality on these two cds is nothing less than jaw dropping, id go so far as to say mind blowing, minus a bit of hall bass sound. To have been recorded at the time they were, to sound this good, is incredible. Every song is fantastic live versions. This cd is a must hear, for all concert lovers, doors fans, and blues rock collectors. Now back to my original point. I recently heard Doors live at the philidelphia civic auditorium may of 1970, you can buy this now its a legitamite release by the doors. Thats a wonderfuly well played concert, and Morrison sounds like hes really enjoying singing, not just being erratic or drunk. Its a revelation, and some rare songs that are must hears, if ur a doors fan. The bands playing is phenominal and tight, with still room to expand. get both of them, they are great.
    the reviewer in my opinion did a good job, but was wrong about sound quality, the sound is incredible and beyond, one of the best sounds ive ever heard, and ive heard alot believe me.****correction**** the concert cd i mentioned above doors at philidelphia 1970, was the wrong concert, i just checked, i meant *****doors at pittsburg civic arena may 1970****