LA Woman review by The Doors

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (27 votes)
The Doors: LA Woman

Sound — 10
The Doors are massively overlooked these days. LA Woman, their swansong record released in 1971, is as bluesy as you can get without going straight back to the original Delta bluesmen. It's got slow stuff (Cars Hiss By My Window, Riders On The Storm), and it's got fast stuff (LA Woman, Love Her Madly). Robbie Krieger's soulful and clear guitar compliments one of the greatest frontmen ever, Jim Morrison perfectly. If you like your heavy stuff, look somewhere else. Ray Manzarek provides the keyboards, doing some great stuff on all the tracks, most notably LA Woman and Riders On The Storm, both epic tracks over 7 minutes long. Hyacinth House is one of the weaker tracks, but the following track Crawling King Snake stopped me from moving toward the skip button. The WASP isn't great either, but likewise is followed by Riders On The Storm, a fatalistic song which feels quite prophetic given Morrison's death only months after this album's release. The highlight of the album, however, is the title track.

Lyrics — 10
As with the vast majority of blues songs, the lyrics deal with personal subjects (death, lost sleep, love). Morrison's voice matches the ever-changing pace of the music adeptly, moving from soft croon to rasping scream effortlessly. Being the perfect blues singer, you can't complain about anything Morrison sings.

Overall Impression — 10
Given that 1971 was dominated by protest albums and peace marches all over the world (not a bad thing at all), it's nice to see the Doors were still doing their own thing, releasing an introspective blues album complete with bearded Morrison on the front cover (not a lot of people liked him with the beard). I initially bought this album because it had LA Woman on it, and thought there'd be more of same. It sort of grew on me, and now I love it. I'd buy it again; especially since i got it dirt-cheap at 4. A very relaxing album, but don't mistake it for easy listening. It's blues, and don't forget it.

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    your crazy man, The Wasp is a brilliant mix of classic Morrison spoken word poetry and groovy/funky music by the doors. Awesome song, one of my 5 all time favs of theirs. Hyacinth house is pretty good too, simple guitar-wise, but a nice calming song. the only song I'm not huge on is CHBMW, which gets boring and repetitive 2:30 mins in, although the improvised a capela harmonica solo by Jim was pretty awesome
    I jst love LA Woman, The Changeling is a great opener and have no idea how you got the idea Hyacinth House was a weak link. :p Overall it's a strong record.
    Mondo Generator
    The Wasp and Hyacinth house both freaking own. Riders On the Storm helps me relax and get to sleep when I'm restless. L'America is creepy and cool. The album rules
    Awesome album, Jim sounds very experienced on this record, as he should.
    honestly to say that the wasp isnt that great is doors blasphemy one of their best tunes in my oppinion
    Great sound to this album with some awesome bluesy songs on there. I'd describe a lot of the songs on here as 'jams', which turn out amazing! I think their debut was a better 'album' but this is a must listen!