The Doors review by The Doors

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  • Released: Jul 6, 1992
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (48 votes)
The Doors: The Doors

Sound — 10
This record is the first of a unique band, a band that influenced the entire rock scene to come after them. With this record The Doors brought to the scene some catchy and obscure songs that insipire every rock fan. Jim Morriso does a great performance full of energy notable in first records. Ray Manzarek, performs great on keyboards, to me he is one of the best keyboard players of all time, and he brings a psychedelic touch to the songs. Robbie arpeggiates in most of the songs very well, develops some heavy riffs and ecen plays mandolin in Alabama song ginving it a nice touch. John Densmore plays drums in a very tipical way for the time, he accompanies well and gives the desired beat. For the time, the sound is also very good. 01.Break On Through (To The Other Side): the record starts of with a great riff, slightly distorted, and the great powerful voice of Jim Morrison. Jim shouts out a great chorus calling out for freedom with another great riff behind. There is a solo on keyboards by Ray Manzarek with his unique sound, a lyrical interlude with the same powerful voice, there are another two verses to end with the chorus and a great heavy outro. 02.Soul Kitchen: after the heavy fast 1st song, John Densmore and Robbie Krieger set a nice mood while following Ray's lead. Jim sings again with his unique voice, he displays powerful shouts and a great melody. There is a simple guitar solo in the interlude, to repeat another verse and a chorus. 03.The Crystal Ship: this song displays a ballad in a very soft mood. The instrumentals are great, soft well suited for the song and the lyrics. There is an amazing keyboard solo. In some parts of the song the keyboard sounds like a piano and in others it sounds like Rays tipic sound. I don't like this song that much but that doesn't mean it is not great and it's a recognizable neat ballad. 04.Twentieth Century Fox: this is another guitar based song in the record where ray and john do a great job accompanying Robie and Jim sings in a great way. There's a great chorus. A slow interlude. And the song ends with another verse and a chorus with a powerfull outro. 05.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar): this song is an amazing doors trademark. It has a very catchy keyboard part and a great mandolin solo. Jim sings in a very nice way. 06.Light My Fire: definitely the traademark song from the Doors. A catchy tune, written by Krieger, in a boza style. The keyboards are great. This is a rock classic, you can get any chick with this tune. It has a long instrumental part with both a guitar and a keyboard solo in them. The lyrics are great and Jim sings with amazing power especially near the end. 07.Back Door Man: another great song evethough not one of my favorites. Great instrumentation and powerfull lyrics and voice. There is not a complex guitar solo but it is well adjusted to the song. 08.I Looked At You: great catchy song, There are great keyboard parts, great drums, The song is great it gets very heavy at parts. Jim sings soflty in the verses and becomes mad at the choruses giving in a great perfomance. 09.End Of The Night: there is a great obscure song. The instrumentation is great for the mood on it. Jims voice is also very well suited for this performance singing in a quiet slow but very deep way. 10.Take It As It Comes: probably the heaviest song on the record. It Starts of with an amazing verse that prepares you to the great powerful chorus. There is a nearly spoken verse, and great keyboards in the bridge between verses. 11.The End: talking bout obscure, this song is sick. The song is great but there is a very deep sick minded middle section where jim sings very mad things. The entire song is an obscure performance that sets a very deep mood, sickness at its best.

Lyrics — 10
Jim Morrison is a great lyricist, he sings about love, madness, sex, having fun. He sings his ass off, he is very versatile. He has a deep voice so he wont be singing many high notes, but he manages very well his range, and shouts when he has to, without going out of scale.

Overall Impression — 10
The most important songs definitely are Light My Fire, Take It As It Comes and Break on Through. I love the entire instrumentation, but sometimes the keyboard can be a little anoying, but that's only after if you play several doors records in a row. This is a most have for any rock fan, independent on the subgenre you like. If you like metal, progressive or any other genre this record is a most.

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    This is their best album by far, every song is brilliant. My favorite is Back door man, so bluesy! 10/10 easy!
    Battery Chicken wrote: Great album except for 'Light my Fire'. WTF were they thinking with that 18 hour musical interlude, i'm ready to blow my brains out by the end of it.
    What's wrong with Light My Fire? I think it's a great song.
    The End is a strange song IMO. It is clearly fully improvised. Jim Morrison just sings some random lyrics that come to his head. It's kind of funny that the song works so well. It's clear that it wasn't planned at all (other than the intro of the song where they change chords), they just started jamming in the studio. It's a great album and I don't think there are any weak songs. My favorites are Light My Fire (especially the solo part which is epic), Take It as It Comes, Back Door Man, Break On Through and Alabama Song.