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artist: The Doors date: 05/12/2009 category: compact discs
The Doors: The Doors
Released: Jan 1967
Genre: Rock
Tones: Brooding, Rebellious, Eerie, Druggy, Theatrical, Aggressive, Reckless, Trippy, Rowdy, Reflective, Swagger
Styles: Rock & Roll, Psychedelic, Proto-Punk
Number Of Tracks: 11
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.4
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overall: 8
The Doors Reviewed by: Hevoc, on january 30, 2004
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Sound: Debut albums are often a showcase of a bands initial energy and ideals. The Doors self-titled debut is an examplpe of this. With a strong collection of songs, the band has managed to keep their audiences captivated. A few numbers may require a few listens before one becomes infatuated with them (The End comes to mind). However, that does not detract from the overall quality of this record. There are a few albums that must belong in every rock fan's cd collection. The Doors is one of those cds. // 8

Lyrics: "Break On Through": Probably the first true 'heavy metal' song ever recorded. Fast, dark, heavy, unusual and powerful, the perfect formula for a Doors song. Totally rocks. "Soul Kitchen": This one's about a restaurant called Olivia's that Jim frequented. Features great organ and guitar. "The Crystal Ship": If this isn't beautiful, nothing is. It really shows the softer, more emotional side of Jim's voice, and the guitar playing is gorgeous, not to mention the lyrics. "20th Century Fox": Great, upbeat guitar-oriented shuffle. Shows more of a 'pop' side to the band. "Alabama Song (whiskey Bar)": This one was taken from a 1929 German opera, believe it or not. Musically, it's definitely not The Doors at their best, but it's very catchy and has a great 'sing-along' feel to it. And how did Ray get his piano to sound like that? Or is it a harpsichord? Whatever it is, it sounds wonderful. "Light My Fire": Ah yes, their biggest Doors single ever. The instrumental break is fascinating. An anthem for the Summer Of Love. "Back Door Man": Excellent blues tune. Jim's trademark grunts and growls really add to the excitement. Gets very intense and ferocious at the end. "I Looked At You": A silly but enjoyable Beatles-ish song. And I never really cared for the Fab Four in the first place. "End Of The Night": My God, this might be the best song on the album. So dark and eerie that it might send shivers down your spine. Possibly the most haunting song the Doors ever recorded. It's pure, hypnotic bliss. "Take It As It Comes": Great upbeat song, one of the only 'happy' songs that Jim ever wrote. "The End": Lyrically, this is a masterpiece. Musically, it's not all that memorable, other than a creepy guitar line from Robby. Contains a brief section that talks about the Greek legend of Oedipus, who murdered his father and married his mother. Originally, this was a simple song about faded love. But as they played it more and more, Jim turned it into an ode to death. // 8

Overall Impression: A dark poetic masterpiece of raw energy. Jim Morrison invented the modern rock star, and this is him at his best. A primal growl of dark poetic mastery. Morrison looks death in the eye and pulls the listener along for the ride. // 8

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overall: 10
The Doors Reviewed by: AngryGoldfish, on february 12, 2008
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Sound: This band has the ultimate '60s and '70s sound if you ask me. What is amazing though is that they still stand up against the likes of newer bands to arrive on the scene. I can still listen to The Doors in pride and feel like I belonged there, right there and then, right when he wrote it. The haunting effects and organ solo's scare me everytime I listen to it. There are so many emotions that are drawn out from listening to this album that I am exhausted by the end of every listen, in a good way of course. Everyone knows how influential this band are, but I don't think they recieve enough credit for their abilities to write complicated and interesting music. They are a truly inventive band, often using different instruments and sonic tones to create atmospheres of all sorts. It's hard to pin down what excatly is the major force behind that theory, mnaybe it's just an overall use of dynamics that make it so. // 10

Lyrics: Jim Morrison was of course, as everyone knows, a master in the lyrical department. He penned some of the most brave, bold, poetic and beautiful lines known to mankind. The words "show me the the way to the next little girl" are so daring but meaningful you feel a sense of overpowering attachment to Jim, even though it is an obviously odd line. That is what I truly love about The Doors, there are no other bands that can create so many guttsy images and emotions all in the space of under 40 mins, but yet still lend some expert musical styles with simple but cool solos like End Of The Night or Back Door Man (Those bends are just astonishing) to the mix. The love story behind Let My Fire is complemented by an over the top and slightly over bearing organ solo. This, in my opinion really shows how relationships can be wonderful but arduace and sometimes unpleasant but obviously well worth it! // 10

Overall Impression: This album is the Master Of Puppets of the Metallica world or White Pony of the Deftones world, or the Revolver of The Beatles world or maybe the Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix. It's absolute diversity and both lyrical and musical genius will be loved by so many people for years to come. The feelings this album, or even band evoke are so strong that everytime I here The End I just can't help but imagine the horrific scenes of Apocalypse Now and the poetic genius that lurks within. Whether you more into the Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath side to the '60s or not, there is much to be gleaned from this band and more importantly, this ground breaking and mood alternating album. A true work of stoner magic! // 10

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overall: 10
The Doors Reviewed by: theDOORS123, on june 06, 2005
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Sound: Amazing. Even withought a base player, these guys are able to write great songs, and make them all sound so good. // 10

Lyrics: Jim Morrison's lyrics are mezmerizing. He is able to take you on some trip through the surreal and unknown. On songs like, "Crystal Ship", "End Of The Night", and "The End", they are all perfect. Also, there are many up-beat songs, that are very enjoyable, but still amazeing when it comes to the lyrics, like: "Light My Fire" and "Soul Kitchen", all the songs are great. // 10

Overall Impression: Greatest album ever! I love this album, and everything about it. If I lost it, I would buy 5 more, just incase I lost one of the new ones. It's that good. Simply a masterpiece. // 10

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overall: 8.7
The Doors Reviewed by: jackass6767, on january 31, 2006
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Sound: This is the Door's first album. This is a very good album. It's blues sounding on songs such as Backdoor Man and Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar). But it also sounds like blues influenced rock. The keyboard supplied by Ray Manzerick is very catchy and the keyboard stays in your head. John Densmore's Jazz influeneced Drumming enlightened the bands sound alot. Robby Kreiger the guitarist contributed a jazz sounding guitar. Last but not least the great Jim Morrision. His vocals are so good they stay in your head and sends shivers down your spine. The album sounded also jazzy due to the jazz influences all of the bandmates shared. The was produced by Paul A. Rothchild. Who Robby Kreiger says is a "perfectionist." The album sounds like blues mixed with jazz and rock and roll. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this cd are beautiful. Jim Morrison Writes amazing lyrics. Many people don't know taht the major hit off the record light my Fire was accually written by Robby Kreiger not Jim Morrision. Jim was more of a poet than anything. The song the end is also beautiful even though in one of the lines he says "Mother I wanna f--k you." He didn't say it on the record though. But there is also lyrics they didn't write on the record like backdoor man which is a cover song. Morrison's lyrics are overall very poetic and intellegent. Jim's vocals are very good on this record. He has a very good voice. His voals compliment the music very well. // 9

Overall Impression: It compares to the other albums because it's as good or better. The most impressve songs on the album are Break On Through (To The Other Side), Soul kitchen, The Crystal Ship, Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar), Light My Fire, Back Door Man, and The End. I love the lyrics, sound, vocals and everything on this album. In my Opinian it has very few flaws. I would definatly go out and buy it if I lost it because its a great record. Go out and buy this album! // 9

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overall: 9.3
The Doors Reviewed by: black_sabbath, on february 25, 2006
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Sound: The Doors, if Nirvana or Metallica were the most influetial band post '80s, The Doors have to be the most influential of the '60s + '70s, lyrically speaking. The band's frontman and present day icon Jim Morrison produced some unforgettable songs for this album. With brilliant tracks like break on through and light my fire. This album saw the band reaching its peak. A style that nows seems ancient, it goes by the name of classic rock, this album is one of the greatest albums ever. If one wants to hear great tunes, zero editing, and an absolutely fantastic voice, this is the album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics, that is precisely what makes this album so great, apart from Jim's voice that is. Can anyone forget the words of Light My fire - "You knew that I would be untrue, You know that I would be a liar, but If iwas to say to you that girl we couldn't get much higher; Come on baby light my fire." I think the songs Light my fire and Break on through are the best and are the songs because of which Morrison's name will remain untouched for years to come, simply because of his poetry. The poetic words along with his deep voice and lost in the music looks Jim Morrison. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is great, perhaps their best but I think it is a two track album. Apart from Light My Fire and Break On Through the rest of the songs are quite ordinary. I think it is because these two songs are so perfect, they make the other songs seem mediocre. I don't think I have to stress furthur on the fact that Jim Morrison's words, and his voice are quite extraordinary. This is a classic album that should never be forgotten. If you want to know what litrary genius means this is the album to go and purchase. // 9

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overall: 10
The Doors Reviewed by: bassisto, on march 28, 2007
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Sound: This is the 2007 re-release of The Doors classic debut album. The new stereo mix adds a new twist the album. A lot of tracks are also sped-up to the correct pitch now, so songs like "Light My Fire" are actually in tune. The Doors pushed the envelope with a dark brooding mood and '60s psychedelic influx to the California pop-rock of the day. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are a reflection of ones personality and that being said, Jim Morrison was possibly the best lyricist ever. He creates vivid imagery in his lyrics with a voice that makes the mood seem primal. Morrison poetry skills are reflected perfectly in songs like "The End" where he tells his infamous Oedipus-like tale about his father and mother. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is still the best music every put out by The Doors. It shows the bands creativity and total skill overall. John Densmore's drum tracks are better presented here, Robbie Krieger is as creative and dynamic a player as any one, Ray Manzerek is a keyboard whiz and Jim is well, Jim. A true rock 'n roll classic. // 10

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overall: 10
The Doors Reviewed by: zope, on may 12, 2009
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Sound: This record is the first of a unique band, a band that influenced the entire rock scene to come after them. With this record The Doors brought to the scene some catchy and obscure songs that insipire every rock fan. Jim Morriso does a great performance full of energy notable in first records. Ray Manzarek, performs great on keyboards, to me he is one of the best keyboard players of all time, and he brings a psychedelic touch to the songs. Robbie arpeggiates in most of the songs very well, develops some heavy riffs and ecen plays mandolin in Alabama song ginving it a nice touch. John Densmore plays drums in a very tipical way for the time, he accompanies well and gives the desired beat. For the time, the sound is also very good. 01.Break On Through (To The Other Side): the record starts of with a great riff, slightly distorted, and the great powerful voice of Jim Morrison. Jim shouts out a great chorus calling out for freedom with another great riff behind. There is a solo on keyboards by Ray Manzarek with his unique sound, a lyrical interlude with the same powerful voice, there are another two verses to end with the chorus and a great heavy outro. 02.Soul Kitchen: after the heavy fast 1st song, John Densmore and Robbie Krieger set a nice mood while following Ray's lead. Jim sings again with his unique voice, he displays powerful shouts and a great melody. There is a simple guitar solo in the interlude, to repeat another verse and a chorus. 03.The Crystal Ship: this song displays a ballad in a very soft mood. The instrumentals are great, soft well suited for the song and the lyrics. There is an amazing keyboard solo. In some parts of the song the keyboard sounds like a piano and in others it sounds like Rays tipic sound. I don't like this song that much but that doesn't mean it is not great and it's a recognizable neat ballad. 04.Twentieth Century Fox: this is another guitar based song in the record where ray and john do a great job accompanying Robie and Jim sings in a great way. There's a great chorus. A slow interlude. And the song ends with another verse and a chorus with a powerfull outro. 05.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar): this song is an amazing doors trademark. It has a very catchy keyboard part and a great mandolin solo. Jim sings in a very nice way. 06.Light My Fire: definitely the traademark song from the Doors. A catchy tune, written by Krieger, in a boza style. The keyboards are great. This is a rock classic, you can get any chick with this tune. It has a long instrumental part with both a guitar and a keyboard solo in them. The lyrics are great and Jim sings with amazing power especially near the end. 07.Back Door Man: another great song evethough not one of my favorites. Great instrumentation and powerfull lyrics and voice. There is not a complex guitar solo but it is well adjusted to the song. 08.I Looked At You: great catchy song, There are great keyboard parts, great drums, The song is great it gets very heavy at parts. Jim sings soflty in the verses and becomes mad at the choruses giving in a great perfomance. 09.End Of The Night: there is a great obscure song. The instrumentation is great for the mood on it. Jims voice is also very well suited for this performance singing in a quiet slow but very deep way. 10.Take It As It Comes: probably the heaviest song on the record. It Starts of with an amazing verse that prepares you to the great powerful chorus. There is a nearly spoken verse, and great keyboards in the bridge between verses. 11.The End: talking bout obscure, this song is sick. The song is great but there is a very deep sick minded middle section where jim sings very mad things. The entire song is an obscure performance that sets a very deep mood, sickness at its best. // 10

Lyrics: Jim Morrison is a great lyricist, he sings about love, madness, sex, having fun. He sings his ass off, he is very versatile. He has a deep voice so he wont be singing many high notes, but he manages very well his range, and shouts when he has to, without going out of scale. // 10

Overall Impression: The most important songs definitely are Light My Fire, Take It As It Comes and Break on Through. I love the entire instrumentation, but sometimes the keyboard can be a little anoying, but that's only after if you play several doors records in a row. This is a most have for any rock fan, independent on the subgenre you like. If you like metal, progressive or any other genre this record is a most. // 10

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