Within Dividia Review

artist: The End date: 04/30/2008 category: compact discs
The End: Within Dividia
Release Date: Jan 13, 2004
Label: Relapse
Genres: Alternative Metal, Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 8
The End unveils Within Dividia, a highly detailed and compelling illustration of the band's aural and visual blueprints.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7
Within Dividia Reviewed by: supreemo, on march 01, 2007
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Sound: The end have a very distinctive sound, they are definitely the head of the noise-core genre. So many random rhythm changes and song direction shifts make songs hard to follow along with. Let's break things down into sections. First the guitar: they can chug out some crazy riffs, ones that you know would be absolutely amazing if you placed them in a different environment. After listening through the entire CD you realize that the end only have about 3 riffs, they just alter them slightly for each song. Now for the drums: this drummer is absolutely incredible. He blows me away with his amount of control during all this chaos. My hats off to him, these are seriously some of the sickest beats I've ever heard. Now what can I say about the vocals, other than the fact that his scream is frightening but also engaging. And yet he has no range what'soever. His lack of range is a huge letdown, and makes this CD seem very repetitive. The end has this ability to make really creepy atmospheres before breaking out and completely amazing you. I saw these guys live and let me tell you, their new material is much more entertaining. It's definitely not as confusing. This CD even occasionally becomes annoying. But it's all worth it cause the power behind their music is incredible. // 8

Lyrics: Well his lyrics are quite good, but that's not were he faults. He has one scream, no range at all. Which makes for quite an upset. If they could find a vocalist with just a slight bit of range then this music would absolutely blow me away, but the way it is I find it almost annoying. // 6

Overall Impression: A much better experience from the end is their newer material, songs like "Dangerous" and "Animal" are quite good. The best songs on this CD are "These Walls", "Fetesque", and "Dear Martyr". I love the energy behind the music, but I hate the vocals. This CD I would call a beautiful tragedy, it has the potential to be groundbreaking and epic but instead it's almost boring. But that's just my opinion, yours could be totally different. // 7

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overall: 9.3
Within Dividia Reviewed by: Raptor45, on april 30, 2008
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Sound: A key release in anything hinting towards the genre of "Math-Core" and "Technical Metal", "Within Dividia" takes technicality into a chaotic dream of ecstasy. Every song reaches sporadic time signatures, crisp destruction, and instrumental panic. All the tracks have a high heart-attack rate of splitting-tempos in half, then rising them back up again out of nowhere, into utter original ballistics. There are no complaints within "these walls". Raw, Canadian talent, "The End" spew forth a neck-breaking landslide of 8 tracks, involving some of the heaviest riffing I have heard in years. "These Walls", a killer start to this masterpiece blasts the surrounding elements to mere dust when played. The amount of explosive distortion packed behind each slide of the fretboard is pure beauty, as the drums are pounded until broken, cymbals and skins littered with psychotic strokes/rolls. // 10

Lyrics: Another polished gold to the album is the vocal work, absolutely tearing the ears from your head with screams/growls/and shrieks to explode any blister on the skin. Mid track song "The Sense of Reverence", how the vocals & instruments flow perfectly into "The Scent Of Elegance", pumping the adrenaline through the speakers into the veins. Their lead vocalist promotes incredibly ferocious vocal disorder, enriching the album with a horrific sense of hell. Lyrics reach ocean depths surrounding inner struggles, asphyxiating, problematic love, and severe depression. // 8

Overall Impression: People may argue their opinions on a bit of a style change comparing this to their new album "Elementary", but "The End" still have a hold on their Tech-Core roots, putting forth some of the best of their genre. This is an absolute must if you are seeking massive waves of brutality, beautiful poetic lyrics, and to defy many musical boundaries. // 10

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