Head For The Door Review

artist: The Exies date: 09/15/2005 category: compact discs
The Exies: Head For The Door
Released: Nov 30, 2004
Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 12
This is their second effort for Virgin, and it leaves that sound largely unchanged, even if some variety or experimentation beyond their middlebrow rock sound might've been more interesting.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Head For The Door Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 07, 2005
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Sound: After more than a year of touring in support of the previous 2003's release "Interia," LA based band The Exies returned to the hometown to start working on the follow-up. As says vocalist Scott Stevens: "We really wanted to get back to basics on this album. We had experimented quite a bit with programming, complex arrangements, and exorbitant amounts of tracks on "Inertia", and just felt like this one should be more stripped down, more organic." 12 tracks of "Head For The Door" are the most explosive and aggressive in the whole career of The Exies -- new album is imbued with the classic post-grunge sound of '90s with its deep depressive spirit of low tuned and loud guitar riffs, impressive and sometimes breaking vocals, crazy and crushing rhythm section. Though, "Head For The Door" went out of the post-grunge limits in some tunes -- there are some trendy features, such as pop-punk tunes on "F.S.O.S." and unexpectedly soft melodic ballad "Tired Of You." In a word, "Head For The Door" doesn't fill you with utter despair of a dead genre, but gives you a chance to dip into post-grunge of '90s with the short excursions to the present. Also, the collaboration with rock producer Nick Raskulinecz -- worked with Foo Fighters' last album and Velvet Revolver's debut -- helped to achieve this quality sounding. As said band's drummer Dennis Wolfe: "We're all huge Foo Fighters fans. He produced their last record, and that album was really blowing up big while we were out touring. We thought: "Man, that's the sound we want, big drums and punchy, tight guitars, and obviously this guy knows how to get." The Exies have got what they wanted and make it big and now we have really exiting product. // 8

Lyrics: Despite the fact that this album has enormous musical potential, there is also drastic and emotionally charged lyrics. The first track -- and the first single -- "Ugly" is about "feeling ugly yourself and being unsettled inside, but also about how we turn a blind eye to the unpleasant things we see every day, things that are disturbing yet so easy to ignore." The primary theme of "What You Deserve" is bitter self-loathing and karmic retribution. But lyrically The Exies doesn't propagate only self-torture and detestation -- there are also some positive and rousing notes, such as in "Tired Of You", which are making everything seem right, or "F.S.O.S." with its groove swagger. From start to finish "Head For The Door" furnished with sharp hooks and impassioned themes. // 8

Overall Impression: "Head For The Door" isn't a huge step in any way -- neither forward nor backward -- it's a quality album without any all-out innovations, though still interesting for its mainstream tunes' digression. It's commendable that the guys don't strive for modern tendencies giving us the chance to delight with bitter depressive "post-grunge" spirit. Although this album crafted mostly with growling guitars and crushing drums of the fast and energetic tracks, it gives us a chance to relax with semi-acoustic "Ugly," easy-tempered "Baptize Me" and melodic "Tired Of You." // 8

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overall: 8.7
Head For The Door Reviewed by: dandesmond, on september 15, 2005
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Sound: Well produced, but very raw at the same time. The aggression of the vocals and the hardcore riffs mix so well together. The CD is a journey of brilliant and emotional songs. It's not a CD of definitive highlight songs, but just brilliant music all the way through. I think the mixed influences perhaps are Nirvana and Trustcompany. It's quite grungy with a melodic side to it. Very good. // 10

Lyrics: I suppose the lyrics are okay. Their not anything eye catching. "Turn a blind eye, why do I deny, medicate me, so I die happy." The lyrics are not complicated, but they work. Give it a 3. // 6

Overall Impression: Alright, so here's the low down on the songs: 01. Slow Drain - it's quite a catchy little song. The intro isn't very powerful in this song though 3.5/5. 02. Splinter - great, very Kurt Cobain vocals (especially in the intro, when he goes "Hey") quick, fast and catchy song 5/5. 03. Ugly - the obvious first single from the album, but catchy song. Mellow, peaceful verse with an "in your face" chorus 5/5. 04. What You Deserve - another great song. Perhaps a more pop rock song compared to the others. Great, catchy chorus 5/5. 05. Hey You - raw bass line to introduce the song. Catchy chorus, raw guitar riff and good use of drums 5/5. 06. Baptize Me - another catchy, but perhaps single chorus. It works well. Give this baby a 4.5/5. 07. F.S.O.S - to me, probably the worst song on the CD. It really is not nessecary to swear as much as they did in the song. It's an ok song though 3/5. 08. My Opinion - very quick, aggressive song. Fast, quite heavy and actually quite Velvet Revolver based. I like it 4/5. 09. Dear Enemy - simple guitar riff to introduce the song, but an incredible chorus. Give it a classic 5/5. 10. Normal - good use of a bass intro, to go straight in your face. Awesome 4/5. 11. Don't Push The River - a classic way to finish this fantastic album. Upbeat, catchy and good use of guitar solos 5/5. Overall, a fantastic album, which perhaps brings grunge to another level. It is a worthy purchase, but probably makes The Exies one of todays most under-rated bands. Go check them out. // 10

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