A Clear Perception review by The Eyes Of The Traitor

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  • Released: Mar 10, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (37 votes)
The Eyes Of The Traitor: A Clear Perception

Sound — 8
A Clear Perception, the first debut album by British metal band The Eyes Of A Traitor, has taken the bands career in an entirely new direction. Where they once played straight up death metal, they took their musical prowess into an entirely new direction with melodic riffs, intricit drum beats, and powerful singing. I'll take the time to lay out each song specifically to help review and describe their sound. 01. Under Siege: truth be told this song is best described as an okay album opener. The song seems to be taking a harcore direction, heavy riffs cover the song from beginning to end. They make a good use of treble in this song but it still seems lacking in a way. Though the singer does an interesting pattern along with the guitars in the beginning, to scream at a speed like caught my attention. /6 02. Like Clockwork: this is one of my favorites from the album, it sounds much different from the album opener. They take a much more melodic feel here, opening the song with notes and using all sorts of melodies throughout the song while still keeping a heavy rhythm. The last minute of the song is a great contrast between one guitar on rhythm and one on lead. A very memorable ending. /10 03. With Different Eyes: this is the lead in song from the end of Like Clockwork and they pull it off well. You still hear the echo of the synth when the faint sound of a melody slowly grows louder as if in a bubble. The song is relatively well put together, they keep it heavy throughout the song with minor melodies and echos every now and then. The drums absolutely wreak havok in this track, every beat is on time and the fills will leave you breathless. They used a piano to end the song with a nice calm touch to escape the sound of the guitars. /7 04. Escape These Walls: from the first second of the song you are thrown into a succession of chords and drums. This song is a bit more energetic than their previous tracks and the chorus fits well, you'd want to sing along. Less melody and more rhythm dominates this song but the drums and blinding riffs make up for it. Brief solos dot this song every now and then, a nice add to an otherwise completely rhythmic song. The ending is abrupt and explosive leaving you thinking "did the song really just end?". /8 05. Decorus: the first half of the album is over and the next song was an excellent idea. To make a nice change of pace and keep the album interesting why not put in a slower, piano based song? Well like other bands this is indeed what they did. Decorus is a lead in from the abrupt end of the previous song and fits extremely well. A soft piano sounds and seconds later the low hum of the guitars can be heard. The song takes a turn ultimately making it alot heavier, but they keep the piano going throughout the song. The piano, drum, vocal succession near the end of the song make a great lead into the absolutely face melting solo at the last few seconds of the song. /8 06. Misconceptions: one word describes this song. Technical. Theres a melody/solo playing at almost all times throughout this track. The singer does go a little overboard at some parts, screaming louder and longer than you think he should. The drums are very energetic in this song and compliment the guitars very well. Personally this song isn't one I could listen to over and over, but it is a nicely composed piece to their otherwise rhythm based songs. /9 07. Echoes: there really isn't anything special about this song. It sounds much like misconceptions, a lot of notes and fast energetic rhythm/drums. Even while the setup is much like misconceptions, it is still a well made song and will keep you listening. Though at this point most people would get bored. /7 08. Hands Of Time: this song is much like Decorus, slower paced, lots of echoes. There is no piano but this song is a bit heavier and a bit more melodic. It makes a nice change of pace to keep the album interesting, though you would probably need to have a certain ear to appreciate this song. The songs melodies and bridge give a nice epic feel and the clean interlude fits perfectly. The singer uses harsh singing, not quite singing but not quite screaming, to help finish the song in its entirety. /8 09. The Impact of Two Hearts: you'll have notes flying at you the second this song starts. The riffs are interesting since they are played like nothing else on the album, which helps to keep it melodic throughout the song. Its a very fast paced song, going from one riff to the next in the blink of an eye. They play the heaviest breakdown I've heard from these guys half way through the song, makes you want to get up and start swinging you arms. Overall, they keep the song going nicely and end it just as abruptly as it started. /9 10. A Clear Perception: finally, we get to the album song. Most bands would put their title songs in the middle of their record but these guys chose to put it dead last. Personally I think it was a great move, especially considering what they play. The song is yet another of those slow paced, echoing songs that we've heard throughout the album, completely intrumental, and ends this album perfectly. Mutliple guitars dub the track, like other songs in this album, and just throw out chords and notes that will stay with you forever. /9

Lyrics — 8
Jack Delany, the singer for The Eyes of a Traitor, throws out deathly growls, high pitched screams, and just about anything else throughout the record, including good old standard singing. For someone so young he sure can use his voice well, somtimes using a godly scream and other times a meaningful lyric. His singing goes well with every song on the album, though at times his voice can get a bit annoying. Few lyrics have been released for this album since they originate from England, but the few that are available clearly show he writes about death, friends, love and other such things. Overall I would say that Delany had done a nice job with this album.

Overall Impression — 9
The Eyes of a Traitor is a fantastic experiment for new metal heads of this time. They had taken a leap of faith from the hardcore/death metal scene around them and came out with a bang up album and lots of new fans. I believe the most impressive songs from the album would be Like Clockwork, Decorus, Misconceptions, and Hands of Time, each creating a new aspect for the album. For a small band from the UK, I would have to say they are doing pretty damn well for themselves. It will be interesting to hear what they come out with next.

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    I will get this album when i have the money, I've heard Misconceptions and i'm hooked xD
    If you don't like Under Siege because it's a bit hardcore, you're not going to like the new album. Also, Jack doesn't sing, it's actually Sam (the drummer) that recorded them, and Paul (the bassist) does them live. The old demo version of Echoes was much better than the album version too, go track it down and you'll see it's alot better!
    bad review. He compliments all the bad songs and talks shit about the good ones.
    bad review. no criticism at all. all i know is that they have melodies and they play notes. they have fast riffs and an on beat drummer. but i'll still check em out...
    I tried listening to this album and all I could say about it is that it is a step behind their first EP. The EP actually caught my ears, but this album is just a blank show of hardcore riffage with no hooks involved. The sound just didn't catch to me, and I think they are joining the new trend of bands trying to get a really dirty and "heavy" sound out of their guitars with crappy distortion and overdrive at 11 or some shit like that. It was just totally unlistenible.
    I like the modern ultra-heavy guitar tone in this album. Does anyone else hear a melody of some kind of a classic song in Hands of Time , maybe? I have definately heard it but i can't remember where.