Akeldama review by The Faceless

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.6 (17 votes)
The Faceless: Akeldama

Sound — 8
OK, I'm up to my second checkpoint in my mission to deepdelve into the scene of the kids, and this time I'm up for another surprise. The deja vu is not here! I am listening to technical death metal and the deja vu ain't here! As soon as I take a ride on the opener, "An autopsy" I am struck by its sheer power as the second guitar enters and slam me out of my seat. The cd looks promising so far. Actually, there is nothing bad to say about the first five tracks! The outstanding ones are "an autopsy" and the "horizons of chaos" songs, showcasing both difficult time signatures, expert musicians, and clever passages. But on "Leica", things start to cross from death to metalcore a bit too often, and even the faceless can`t pull off something worthwhile within the metalcore borders. It has it`s moments, but it`s way to generic. The title song is an instrumental (almost) with only some alien vocals now and then. The inclusion of keyboards shows to be a both clever and stupid idea, as sometimes it lifts the atmosphere very nice, and sometimes just f%k it up. The random climpering somewhere around two minutes into the song is unnecessary, but the ambient effects and the dual playing with the guitar is rather awesome. The song is pretty good at times and shows the world what it would have sounded like if dream theater went death metal. The last song, "Ghost of a stranger" is just above average, with some cool moments, but also the occational metalcore-ish moments. But overall, this album is more than worth a listen!

Lyrics — 7
This is death metal, so of course there is going to be lyrics about damnation and death. The lyrics are nothing special, just what I expected. The vocal performance is pretty well pulled off. The low growls and grunts, especially the grunts in the title song, are phenomenal, even though the higher pitched screams could have sounded more powerful. The vocal performance drag this shit over average.

Overall Impression — 8
This kind of music can be compared to a lot of other bands, but not many others does it this good. The opening song, the "Horizons of chaos" series and "Akeldama" is the most impressive songs, and they are certainly worth a couple of listens. The album is relatively short though, at 30 minutes, but that just means that they don`t tire you out. I want this CD pretty bad, and if I find it at a store, I will definetly buy it. Now the mission for you guys is to manage to play this difficult shit live!

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    lesken100 wrote: Why do every comment here have spelling mistakes??
    I know, right? And the grammar, sheesh! Is this really what "the kids" really listen to in Norway? Damn when I was 14 I was just getting into Green Day. Living in Scandinavia would have accelerated my musical progression so much... The review was decent though may I say that Leica was easily my favorite.
    Never start a sentence with and.
    I know, right? And the grammar, sheesh! Is this really what "the kids" really listen to in Norway?