Planetary Duality review by The Faceless

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  • Released: Nov 11, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (89 votes)
The Faceless: Planetary Duality

Sound — 9
The guitars on The Faceless's new album, tone wise are very nice. The drum mix is a little loud at times, and it blocks out the guitars but you can still hear them most of the time and solo's are always nice and clear. They still hold on to thier Technical Death Metal label with intense runs, blazing speed, and some very nice riffs that grab you and don't let go. I heard more Black Metal influence guitar, drum, and ambience wise later in the album. Drums on this album, are as on the last album; impressive. Super fast double bass, with some creative fills. Like mentioned before, it seems in some songs that the drums and snare are a little too loud. Vocal wise, the volume at times was a hair quiet, screaming was still very good. The robotic vocals, sounded a bit nasaly somehow. I prefer the Demo version of "The Ancient Covenant" robotic vocals. Overall sound production, at times I think there was too much production put into this album.

Lyrics — 9
I enjoyed the story to this album. Good use of language, they didn't throw in too many, what can be percieved to be "big words". The lyrics did a good job of painting the picture I think the band wanted people to see. In compliance with the music, everything fit together pretty well. The man's speaking introduction ("Planetary Duality" Part 1) was a good buildup to the 2nd part. Screaming skills, nothing different from "Akeldama". Nice layering in some areas. Singing wise, I didn't feel that some of the singing parts fit the album at times. Especially in "Sons of Belial" it just didn't sound like it fit in this genre of music. I appreciate the need for change although.

Overall Impression — 8
This album is too short! It lifts you up quickly and then lets you down as quickly as it brought you up! There are some very very nice moments on this album. The most impressive songs I would have to say are "The Ancient Covenant", the short "Prison Born" and "Legion of the Serpent". I like the slight Black Metal influence in some songs and the piano part in "Legion of the Serpent". Like mentioned before, I dislike the drum volume and the slight overproduced sound. But, other than that, the ambience, mood, tone, and everything else is very well structured and stands out well. As short as it is, I would buy it again if something were to happen to my copy.

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    the insanely sinister catch of the way "sons of belial" flows makes this one of my all time favorite metal albums. i have loved this band since i first heard pestilence and cant wait to see them in tampa.
    Too short but hella amzing....but if a band is going to add clean vocals then add more than 20 seconds worth, the vocoder is cool in the likeness of cynic. Amzing and brilliant and the lyrics a intelligent.
    Amazing, solid album. Brutal and melodic at times. The atmosphere is really intense througout the whole album. Freakin love the guitars in Legions of the Serpent.
    this album is absolutely amazing. Im not a big death metal fan. But this album and Bloodbaths newey are the 2 best albums of 2008. i love it!
    I still think "Akeldama" was a better album, but I mean don't get me wrong "Planetary Duality" was a good album but as I stated earlier "Akledama" all the way
    The Faceless are great this is by far my favorite cd of the year. if you like that then try all shall perish newest cd
    FUCKING BRUTAL!!!!! I can't listen to any other metal now without being like, "This is nothing to 'the Faceless!'" \m/
    Good album. Still not fully grown onto me yet, but then I think about how damn long "Akeldama" took before I absolutely loved it! "XenoChrist" is my favourite song.
    SatanicShredder wrote: This album is sweet. Reminds me a little TOO much of Psycroptic at times though...
    That kinda bugged me. I'm not one for Psycroptic. I listened through again, and I think this album is almost an ode to all Tech-death bands. I hear lots of Cynic, Arsis, Quo Vadis, Gorguts (I can't comprehend the riffing patterns at times), Anata, Necrophagist, Meshuggah, Spawn of Possession, Beneath the Massacre, Decapitated, and the like. But it's undeniably The Faceless.
    Yeah the vocalist sounds like Psycroptic sometimes but even tho they both have similar styles of playing guitar I don't think they're the same as Psycroptic.
    I agree with xenochrist as the best song. I don't think the singing in Sons of Belial fit very well either... great album tho!
    SatanicShredder wrote: This album is sweet. Reminds me a little TOO much of Psycroptic at times though...
    too much Psycroptic?! is there such as thing?!
    the best fuuhquin faceless album ever!!!! so only issue is to short!!!!! i neeed MORE!!!!! =)
    Yeah XenoChrist and Planetary Duality I are great. I couldnt believe the cd was only half an hour though.
    sons of belials clean powermetal vocals are my only complaint on this album, the rest is goddamn genius.