In The Unlikely Event review by The Fall of Troy

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  • Released: Oct 6, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.9 (59 votes)
The Fall of Troy: In The Unlikely Event

Sound — 8
Okie doke to Start out The Fall Of Troy is a prog rock band rfom Seattl(antis)e. To any listen to TFOT you'll hear sounds like: At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, Tera Melos, Protest The Hero, etc.. I first bought The Self Titled Album by TFOT and thought What the heck is this. But as I listened in more I realized their greatness. I heard LOUD FAST AND TECHINCAL. TFOT has sticked to that altough changing the style up a bit in every album in this album we see a majour change from the self titled era... In "In The Unlikely Event" we hear softer side to TFOT, most notably the vocals. Thomas Erak has dropped this album down to like 85% singing if not more... BUT a change in singing does not neccesarily mean a change in total sound... We hear a lot of poppy catchy songs blended in with the fast techy stuff Erak has in store for us. He even brought some nice blues to this album (webs) which brought nice memories of Caught Up (manipulator)... but Its still fast and technical. and still pretty awesome. I like the sound a respectfully amount but it is not my favourite album (TFOT)

Lyrics — 7
When you think about the lyrics and really listen to them and since this album is mostly singing you can you'll be listening to a story that can definitely tell you what exactly is going on in Erak's mind.. (Alot of people didn't really like the fact that Thom's screaming significantly dropped in this album. Just because you do it once doesn't mean you have to do it again... Isn't that what prog is about ??? being different ? constanlty changing pace(but sounding good at the same time) in this album the lyrics changed like it or it happened.)Erak's voice isn't perfect singing, but when you listen you'll hear him pour his heart out doing what he loves and telling stories that mean something to him... Good but not great a for effort b for skills. I like the vocals because to me its a nice change of pace...not everything needs to be angry... But it's pretty awesome when it's is... Listen to the second track Straight Jacket Keel Hauled and you'll hear the angry agressive fast screaming vocals and screaming guitars you grew up to love with TFOT.

Overall Impression — 8
To me this album compares to all of the other albums by them because it is different. if it were place in a specific genre it'd be Progressive/Pop/Post-Hardcore/Rock... but not all Virgin megastores have that genre lol Tracks 1(Panic Attack!),2(Straight Jacket Keel-Hauled),3(Battle Ship Graveyard),7(People and Their Lives),8(Dirty Pillow Talk),10(Webs) and at last the Amazing Epic conclusion track 12(Nature Vs. Nuture) are definite listeners... What I love is that ONE its TFOT TWO its different a nice change of pace and 3 Mr. Erak just keeps throwing amazing guitar stuff in our faces... What I hate is there is nt as much screams as before :? :/ If it were lost or stolen I'd be pretty PO'ed cause I gotta restock my collection of TFOt. I would definitely get it again its a pretty good album overall. Judge it yourself and buy the album get if off iTunes or listen to the tracks on youtube. Peace out.

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    I don't really this see this as being on level of being better or worse than their previous albums. Which means they've plateaued. That has me worried about their next step. Psyopus is to mathcore/"avant-garde" as Brain Drill is to tech-death. Although Our Puzzling Encounters Considered is nice. As for recycling riffs, I agree with jtaylor. It is the same band, so of course you're gunna hear some similarities.
    Lohnanmilitia wrote: I enjoy this band, but TERRIBLE live.
    Haven't seen them live, but from what I've seen on Youtube, I'm inclined to agree.
    its a good listen but i like doppelganger and phantom are much better, more unpredictable and original. this one is a bit too poppy. i agree with the review that said thomas doesnt sound like he puts his heart into singing in this one.
    Bottom line is this album is f**king ear candy. Im a huge fan of the Fall of Troy since the beginning and I love this album too. Who cares if he doesn't scream every second of every song? This band rocks and it's because they make music that THEY wanna make. They're not trying to conform to just one genre, they're branching out. The music is original, catchy, heavy, and amazing.