In The Unlikely Event Review

artist: The Fall of Troy date: 10/23/2009 category: compact discs
The Fall of Troy: In The Unlikely Event
Released: Oct 6, 2009
Genre: Progressive Rock, Post-hardcore
Label: Equal Vision
Number Of Tracks: 12
This year The Fall of Troy churned out something completely new, completely original, completely... unexpected.
 Sound: 7.8
 Lyrics: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.7
In The Unlikely Event Reviewed by: GODhimself37, on october 07, 2009
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Sound: The Fall of Troy is not known to stick to one thing. 2005's Doppelganger was a huge hit with the post-hardcore fan base, and 2007's Manipulator, the follow up, was a smack in the face, most notably a good one, for people that hoped they stayed in one place. Expanding their horizon with songs Caught Up and Quarter Past, guitarist/vocalist Thomas Erak, bassist/vox Tim Ward, and Drummer Andrew Forsman all showed just a small taste of what they were capable of. The EP "Phantom on the Horizon" was also a hit with fans, mostly a rerecording of "The Ghostship Demo's". It was also the introductory album with the new bassist Frank Ene, after former bassist/vox Tim Ward departed from the band "mutually". This year The Fall of Troy churned out something completely new, completely original, completely.... unexpected. "In The Unlikely Event", The Fall of Troy's 2009 release, is in many cases different. From the screaming vocals of "Straight-Jacket Keelhauled" to the incredibly catchy and poppy "Single", The Fall of Troy has once again proved themselves as being outside of the box. Most of the bands screaming has also been toned down, a little too much to be exact. It sounds like Thomas's voice is in a box and has been mixed so much that it sounds fake. Or that his passion isn't even there anymore. In "Dirty Pillow Talk", it sounds like guest vocalist Rody Walker from Protest The Hero has more heart in it than the rest of what Thomas puts out. And where is Frank? The only song that really has him out there noticeably is "Straight-Jacket Keelhauled". I think everyone can agree that when Erak and Ward would trade off of each other vocally in the tracks it added more depth to the song. Now it's as if Thomas is alone out there, with exceptions to Ryann Donnelly. Speaking of Ryann, I also believe everyone can agree that she was good in "Phantom on the Horizon", but needs to STAY THERE. She completely off-puts any song on the album with an exception to "Panic Attack!". The female-ness of The Fall of Troy needs to get out. Despite being "different" and "new", it just plain sounds bad when you have demonly screams at the end of "Nobody's Perfect", mixed with some sort of opera crap going on in the background. If your going to be mean and "werewolfish", don't include the estrogen. It's a bad mix. Also, Thomas seems to like the same pinch harmonic alot on this album. Trust me, you'll notice it. Most noticeable on "A Classic Case of Transference" Overall, the sound is pretty good, but lacking what the other albums had partly because of Terry Date and partly because of the band's urge to change and their somewhat love of Ryann Donnelly. // 7

Lyrics: Lyrically, Thomas Erak has been vast and intelligent in his lyrics, From the creepyness of Macaulay McCulkin to the equally creepy yet interesting story of the EP "Phantom on the Horizon", Thomas Erak hasn't failed his fans with something dull. Same goes for "In The Unlikely Event". Here are some fine example's of Erak's ability to create something new and original, out of something old and boring or something that is just plain well written: 03. Battleship Graveyard: "I'm barely here, you're losing your touch my dear.... I'll be sincere, I simply can't hide my fear." 04. A Classic Case of Transference: "Get me off, then get off me. I've had enough of you. Your name, your frame, are nothing new. I don't know who you think you are, you've turned into a whore, we can take this to the floor again" 05. Single: "Dim a shadow of the overpass, (I can see everything is a mess...). If you're happy honey raise your glass, and throw is back, hear it snap, oh how you've fractured my heart once again." 06. Empty the Clip, the King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen! (whoo thats long)- "I've been stayin up all night to kill the pain. And you're the one to blame, it drives me insane. If you're seeking closure I can't help you babe. Despite what I might say, today is the day!" 07. People and Their Lives: "The setting sun, shall bring to pass the fun, for everyone, but i don't show anyone. First, I'm the worst, to believe is your real friend, I won't ever leave this bed again." 08. Dirty Pillow Talk: "Pull your hair back, speak in tongues, get what your asking for. You did this to me! You did this to me! And now you feel free!" 09. Nobody's Perfect: ""Well isn't this just odd? After all this shi t, I'm left here contradicting myself again. Everything you said to me, is dead and gone and now you'll see, that some things aren't meant to be. Some things aren't reality... Half the time your full of doubt, half the time you sleep around. And most the time you drink too much, and say things you don't mean, YOU SLUT! But nobody's perfect! Nobody's perfect, right?!" These are just a few examples of what can be heard on the album. It's more straightforward than the other albums, but Erak manages to pull it off. // 8

Overall Impression: Each song will be rated on a scale of 1-10 and have 3+ words to get a small taste of what the track is like. I will also note that the song may not be immediately liked, but will be labeled as a "grower". (I might also put down a small lyric that can actually make a song fantastic) 01. Panic Attack!: 8.5 (repetitive, catchy, "wtf" delay break, grower) 02. Straight-Jacket Keelhauled: 9 (angry, fast, "f--king ridiculous", weird sirens, screaming song) 03. Battleship Graveyard: 9 (fast, true "TFoTness", catchy) 04. A Classic Case of Transference: 8 (poppy, catchy, fast, very radio friendly) 05. Single: 8.5 (catchy as HELL, upbeat, nice bridge) 06. Empty the Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen: 7.5 (very poppy, upbeat, good song for a happy day, grower) 07. People and Their Lives: 7 (boring in the beginning, great guitarwork in middle, kinda... electronic) 08. Dirty Pillow Talk: 9.5 (awesome whammy'd riff, RODY WALKER, great song, grower) 09. Nobody's Perfect: 9 (great shift from poppy to hardcore, "wtf" opera singing Ryann Donnelly, extremely engaging) 10. Webs: 8 (mellow, Black Crowes kinda feel in the chorus, nostalgia inducing, grower) 11. Walk of Fame: 8 (good falsetto, great ending rant, sorta copy paste "BUM BUM, doodly doo" feel) 12. Nature Vs. Nurture: 6 (boring riff, good spoken word part, probably biggest grower on album) Overall, the album is great. I'm almost positive that every time I hear a song, it will only grow on me even more, just like every other song by The Fall of Troy. That is the magic that they somehow pull off every single album. The more you listen, the more you are hooked. // 8

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overall: 8
In The Unlikely Event Reviewed by: hugh20, on october 07, 2009
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Sound: Fall Of Troy have always had different sounds on all their CDs. Their debut put them on the radar and the follow-up, Doppelganger, impressed fans and critics alike with it's virtuoso guitar skills and great song-writing. Manipulator, the trio's third album, was a change in direction and incorporated more progressive elements, and even included a blues song. Fan who had loved the screamo madness of doppelganger felt betrayed and looked anxiously to their fourth for a return to the screaming. In the unlikely event is another change in direction, and has a poppy element amongst the post-hardcore songs. The opening track, and song released first, is 'Panic Attack!', beginning with a wah filled riff and launching into a catchy chorus, this is definitely a strong starter to the album. 'Straight Jacket Kneehauled' is an all out attack on the senses with the bassist's, Frank Black, beastly scream yelling 'recover'. This song is reminiscent of 'Rockstar nailbomb' and shows that FoT can still do fast paced screamo. 'Battleship Graveyard' is pure Fall Of Troy, beginning with great singing by Erak and a punishing breakdown in the middle. 'A classic case of transference', despite it's catchy chorus, is the first weak song on ItUE with some cringeworthy lyrics, and one of the more poppier songs of the album. 'Single' is amazingly catchy and begins with a catchy riff and chorus before going into another breakdown, and returning to the chorus. 'Empty the clip, the king has been slain, long live the queen' and 'People and their lives' are pretty mediocre, with odd chants and choruses making the songs feel odd to listen to. 'Dirty Pillow Talk' is one of the best songs on the album, with an effect-ridden riff and Rody Walker lending his vocal talents to the track. Both the band and Walker shine on this track, with tight playing and great vocals. 'Nobodies Perfect' is definitely pop, but at the same time still has the catchiness and great guitar playing that make FoT shine. 'Webs' is a very bluesy song that has is relaxed and has lyrics similar to 'Caught up'. Great guitar playing also helps this track go into 'Walk of Fame', a song that is definitely FoT. The singing is pretty good and the drummer, Andrew Forsman, is great on this. The album finishes on 'Nature vs Nurture', a pretty good song, with a spoken part in the middle by Erak that works pretty well. It's a departure from the 7ish minute long gems found at the end of the other Fall of Troy albums. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album are a bit hit and miss, they fit in with the music fine, as do most Fall of Troy songs, but the actual words in the lyrics are decent at best apart from 1 or 2 exceptions. The lyrics in past albums were great, but in this album they are not so much. The singing is basically spot on all the way through, Thomas Erak is a great vocalist/screamer and can hit the right note almost all the time. 'Single', 'Battleship Graveyard' and 'Nobody's perfect' have great vocal moments. // 7

Overall Impression: This album is difficult to compare to Fall Of Troy's past efforts. It definitely has more developed and mature song-writing than 'Doppelganger' and their debut, yet lacks the kick that 'Manipulator' had in lyrics and musicianship. I love Erak's vocals on this album yet some of the lyrics undermine that. The guitar playing is still great and shows Erak's impressive mastery of singing whilst shredding away on guitar. The rest of the band are tight and the production of the album is pretty awesome. All the instruments come out clearly to me and it sounds great. This is a strong album from The Fall Of Troy, albeit some weak points. It definitely lives up to expectations, despite some concerns about where the Fall of Troy were heading musically. I look forward to seeing how this performed live and what they will produce next. // 9

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overall: 8
In The Unlikely Event Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 09, 2009
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Sound: Look, I know everyone is going to treat this album with a pretty bias opinion or two because they don't stick with their old style, but I say neigh. This album is everything I had hoped for, but still with some disappointing setbacks. The first thing I was angered with was the fact that the breakdown from the live version of "Single" was not included in the album. Also, how the song "The Vomiting Winter" did not show up on the album. Though there were some of these depressing faults, there was also many upsides. The solos that appeared on In the Unlikely Event were magical, and according to Thomas they were made up while he was just freestyling. There were also some pleasant surprises with songs like "Empty the Clip, The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen" and "Dirty Pillow Talk" this album officially became a Fall of Troy album. With the amazing vocals, beautiful guitar sounds and improving drum sounds this album is a very moving album. // 8

Lyrics: Some of the problems I had with Doppelganger was how it was filled with previous tracks that were just altered to sound better. The problem was the parts of the album you wish never happened like the parts that were so crazy it didn't feel like music. With tracks like "You Got a Deathwish Johnny Truant?" and some of "Tom Waits". Another mediocre part was the lyrics which in some parts were great and in others could have been better. As far as In the Unlikely Event goes, the lyrics are more down the earth and agreeable rather than telling a 100% fictional story (not saying that it's a bad thing). Overall the vocals and lyrics on this album kick ass. // 7

Overall Impression: This album I'd have to say is a very crazy ride and has many fun surprises along the way. It never gets boring and it matches up to the standard of The Fall of Troy's innovative style. They're also not afraid to stick up for their beliefs in songs like "Walk of Fame". I think this album is definitely worth getting if you don't already have it and it's very creative as a matured form of The Fall of Troy. // 9

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overall: 7.7
In The Unlikely Event Reviewed by: koheedkitty, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Okie doke to Start out The Fall Of Troy is a prog rock band rfom Seattl(antis)e. To any listen to TFOT you'll hear sounds like: At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, Tera Melos, Protest The Hero, etc.. I first bought The Self Titled Album by TFOT and thought What the heck is this. But as I listened in more I realized their greatness. I heard LOUD FAST AND TECHINCAL. TFOT has sticked to that altough changing the style up a bit in every album in this album we see a majour change from the self titled era... In "In The Unlikely Event" we hear softer side to TFOT, most notably the vocals. Thomas Erak has dropped this album down to like 85% singing if not more... BUT a change in singing does not neccesarily mean a change in total sound... We hear a lot of poppy catchy songs blended in with the fast techy stuff Erak has in store for us. He even brought some nice blues to this album (webs) which brought nice memories of Caught Up (manipulator)... but Its still fast and technical. and still pretty awesome. I like the sound a respectfully amount but it is not my favourite album (TFOT) // 8

Lyrics: When you think about the lyrics and really listen to them and since this album is mostly singing you can you'll be listening to a story that can definitely tell you what exactly is going on in Erak's mind.. (Alot of people didn't really like the fact that Thom's screaming significantly dropped in this album. Just because you do it once doesn't mean you have to do it again... Isn't that what prog is about ??? being different ? constanlty changing pace(but sounding good at the same time) in this album the lyrics changed like it or it happened.)Erak's voice isn't perfect singing, but when you listen you'll hear him pour his heart out doing what he loves and telling stories that mean something to him... Good but not great a for effort b for skills. I like the vocals because to me its a nice change of pace...not everything needs to be angry... But it's pretty awesome when it's is... Listen to the second track Straight Jacket Keel Hauled and you'll hear the angry agressive fast screaming vocals and screaming guitars you grew up to love with TFOT. // 7

Overall Impression: To me this album compares to all of the other albums by them because it is different. if it were place in a specific genre it'd be Progressive/Pop/Post-Hardcore/Rock... but not all Virgin megastores have that genre lol Tracks 1(Panic Attack!),2(Straight Jacket Keel-Hauled),3(Battle Ship Graveyard),7(People and Their Lives),8(Dirty Pillow Talk),10(Webs) and at last the Amazing Epic conclusion track 12(Nature Vs. Nuture) are definite listeners... What I love is that ONE its TFOT TWO its different a nice change of pace and 3 Mr. Erak just keeps throwing amazing guitar stuff in our faces... What I hate is there is nt as much screams as before :? :/ If it were lost or stolen I'd be pretty PO'ed cause I gotta restock my collection of TFOt. I would definitely get it again its a pretty good album overall. Judge it yourself and buy the album get if off iTunes or listen to the tracks on youtube. Peace out. // 8

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