Phantom On The Horizon review by The Fall of Troy

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (74 votes)
The Fall of Troy: Phantom On The Horizon

Sound — 9
Phantom on the Horizon is just yet another masterpiece by a truly masterful band, The Fall of Troy. It is the first 5 chapters of the ghostship series and re-mastered and re-awakened as the songs they always were destined to be. The quality is spectacular compared to the originals, and might even be the best to date from them, depending on what kind of sound you are looking for. A common theme to the sound is the eerie, creepy sound, which fits perfectly for the ghostships, specifically in part 1. Added keys truly add to the mix, and create a whole vibe for the listener to base their emotions of off. Each song is longer than the originals, with many effects after the songs, relating to The Mars Volta's Frances the Mute. Once again, The Fall of Troy combines everything good about various types of music into one, ranging from technical, to heavy, to catchy. This is truly a work of art. There is only one potential problem, and it's all based on your matter of opinion, in the new chapters, there is less screaming in parts that used to be such as chapter IV: Enter black demon. The old versions might be better in that respect, however it sounds great nonetheless.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are very good, and always fit perfectly with the instrumentals. They are quite weird and at times, maybe a little bit unnerving; however, the music is weird too, so it works out perfectly. Overall, the lyrics are something to add, not something to listen solely too, unlike many people's belief. Thomas just keeps on improving at vocals, and one great example is in the song chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerisms, it goes into a fear before-esque riff, and Thomas' voice soars and keeps on going higher, and it sounds great and is spine tingling. Also, let's not forget about Frank Black, his vocals are less in number, but noticeable and easily able to relate to.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this album is everything I could have asked for out of the ghostships. If compared to one other album, besides the ghostships obviously, it would be a cross between the self titled and doppelganger, which might be good for those who didn't enjoy Manipulator as much as the others. Although if you did enjoy Manipulator, as I did, this album is also for you. Every song is different and each has at least one part per song where everything is just too good to be true. I love everything about this album, from the vibe, to the sound, to the lyrics, everything. There is nothing bad about this album at all, only the fact that there is less screaming and more singing, which isn't bad or good, it's just there. If it were stolen or lost, I would probably cry for about 3 weeks, then after I realized that that doesn't help, I'd go buy a new one, even though it's on my computer. These cd's are special however, you can only buy them at one of the upcoming shows. If you are looking for a truly great record filled with suspense, technicality, and musical perfection, than this is the album for you. Enjoy!

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    the songs are longer than usual but I still would have liked a few more on there
    Just downloaded this from Fall of Troy's site 37 minutes ago... this album is absolutely epic. I've never heard the original demos and I'm sure I could look them up, but this is all-around amazing. The instrumentals on this album basically exceed everything I've ever heard from them, and the arrangements are so progged-out... It's not only an eargasm but a braingasm as well. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite track, unless I can pick "Phantom on the Horizon." Other bands should just give up. This really is unstoppably awesome in every way.
    Fatally Jon
    Wow, how did I miss the release of a Fall Of Troy album? I must get this IMMEDIATELY.
    Its Really, Really, Really, Really good. For everyone who wants to check it out, its all over Youtube. Search for it there.
    Its really. Really. Really. Really good. For you guys who want to hear it, its all over Youtube.
    rictazero wrote: I thought their last album was a disappointment, but I liked doppleganger, should I pick this up?
    Download a song, or listen to a sample, then decide if you want to buy it.
    I thought their last album was a disappointment, but I liked doppleganger, should I pick this up?
    It's almost sickeningly awesome. The only one that could touch it is the one in Whacko Jacko Steals the Elephant Man's Bones, or maybe the one at the end of Seattlantis. But right when it seems it's over, the cymbals of drums kick in as do the screams, and you realize it's the best breakdown you've heard. EVER. The only way to listen to it is loud. My ears about had an orgasm.
    hahaha +1
    this isn't any new direction. this was some of the first material they recorded. and i'm stoked that they rerecorded it, it was some of my favorite stuff. 10/10 for sure. great ep.
    Awesome, looking forward to the next LP if this is their new direction. I cried with joy when listening to Vomiting Winter, FoT just getting better and better!
    kill it
    cool, i love their previous work. getting this asap and i hope they do a canadian tour.