Twelve Stops And Home Review

artist: The Feeling date: 01/09/2008 category: compact discs
The Feeling: Twelve Stops And Home
Release Date: Jul 4, 2006
Label: Cherry Tree/Interscope
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
Overall it is a good album, especially if you like the current "indie" scene in the UK.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.7
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overall: 8
Twelve Stops And Home Reviewed by: Cadj, on february 20, 2007
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Sound: The Feeling are an English alternative/pop/modern indie rock band who are currently riding high with success due to the huge surge of modern indie rock bands dominating the British music scene. Their debut album "Twelve Stops and Home" has a slightly different sound compared to bands such as "The Fratellis", "The Kooks", "The View" etc and it's a rather refreshing sound aswell. The singer (Dan Gillespie Sells) has a more poppish voice but you can hear early '90s influences in his voice and in certain songs. Once the album kicks off with "I Want You Now" you may think "hmmm abit too pop for my taste" although the album does get much better as it gradually goes on. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are the basic relationship stuff. There's nothing to exceptional although the song "Rose" is a great song, very romantic and has sweet lyrics that could be sung for someone. The lyrics fit in very well with the style of music they play although there is nothing really out of the ordinary or spectacular about them. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, this album is a really good debut although it won't suit everybodys taste and a lot of the songs will have you singing along due to the sheer catchiness of them. The songs on this album are: 01. I Want You Now - reasonable song, nothing to fantastic although it's a nice way to start off the album, although it is rather poppish. 02. Never Be Lonely - starts like some cheesy '80s pop song until the pre-chorus/chorus area when it comes off very pop, but the song is rather good for a drunken sing-along at this area. 03. Fill My Little World - most probably their biggest hit, it's been featured everywhere and it truly is a fantastic song, great to song along to and fun to play. 04. Kettle's On - didn't like this song very much, lacked the hit quality it could have had, although it may please others. 05. Sewn - sounds like something else that I can't remember currently, it is a nice song though, again it is more slow and maybe more for easy-listeners. 06. Anyone - sounds more like a pop/boyband sort of song although it doesn't at the same time, it is a good song although it leans more towards pop than alternative. 07. Strange - another slow ballad type song, very nice and it's in a good place on the album. 08. Love It When You Call - when a song starts like the Pacman tune, it can't go wrong can it? Nope, excellent indie/pop song, very catchy at the chorus aswell, guaranteed for big sing-alongs at one of their concerts. 09. Rose - my personal favourite song on the album. It's melodically brilliant, it has a sweet piano intro and the lyrics sound like he is meaning what he is saying, plus it's a good song to play for a girl. 10. Same Old Stuff - sounds a lot like early '90s indie, at around the 3min mark, also sounds similar to Muse, plus they fit a nice solo in at around 3:25. 11. Helicopter - great song, starts off well, develops into a standard indie/pop song. Plus there is a great impressive solo right near the end. 12. Blue Piccadilly - technically 2 songs, wasn't rather keen on either. Overall it is a good album, especially if you like the current "indie" scene in the UK. If it were stolen, I would probably wait a while before re-purchasing, although I definitely would buy it again. // 8

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overall: 8
Twelve Stops And Home Reviewed by: alxtheexpert, on october 18, 2007
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Sound: Normaly, after listening non-stop to an indie album you suddenly realise it gets a bit repetetive, and too many have album fillers. But, after a few weeks of listening to this on your ipod or CD player you can't help but singing along to a song. This is because The Feeling vary which songs have which emotion. Okay, turn away in disgust at my feeble attempts to tell you about soul moving music but the tracks vary in extreme ways. There are cheery, happy songs like " I Love It When You Call" or "Never Be Lonely" But also the slow piano-y (excuse my french) sad songs, especially like "Ros" or "Blue Piccadilly". So they have ways of changing emotions with music. however if you are a cheery, happy, sing-a-long person this is an album you need and also for the sad, lonely, hum-a-long person. Although some of you may disagree (strongly) this album bares extreme resemblance to Keane's first Album Hopes and Fears. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics are easily remembered and fun to sing along with. However in this album, Dan Gillespie Sells, uses his dramatic bold vocal chords to be leader of a 3 part harmony which on many of the tracks sound perfectly timed and pitched. Many songs work on a "find words that rhyme" basis, which involves making a sentence and spending a year to make it rhyme with another and when listening to them you can almost hear how they would write the song. However in these songs it is plainly obvious that no rhyming words were fixed into place and the song was written freely. // 8

Overall Impression: With many variations of tracks on this album, you can only compare certain parts to certain other aspects of other artists work. It has to be said that many of these tunes have riffs or voice work which is unforgettable. So as reccomended early I finish the article by saying it is a well made well structured album and has variations for a lot of different tastes. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Twelve Stops And Home Reviewed by: iamaguitarfish, on january 09, 2008
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Sound: WOW! in a word, this is the greatest pop/rock sound I have heard all my short little life, song has it's own merits and has a striking tune that is guarenteed to get you dancing, singing and, in some more serious cases, screaming from the roof tops. I, presonally, am not really into catchy pop music but for some reason I find myself drawn to these songs and they sit proudly as an oasis of pop in the middle of my indie/alternative ridden ipod waiting to brighten up my day. // 9

Lyrics: If you don't like love songs and songs about broken hearts I suggest you drop the CD and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction as this is basically the theme for the whole album. The lyrics are what can only be described as "sweet", they are not witty, they are not intelligent, they are not even that origional but they grab you by the heart and you can really identify with them and this is what gives this album such wonderful charecter and it's lyrics 8 stars. // 8

Overall Impression: This album was partially mixed in a she'd and it proudly displays this and uses it to the best of it's ability. It is not heavily mixed or over synthed it is not pretentious or overbearing it is just good british pop music and this is where it truly shines. My only complain is the fact that every single song on the CD is a love song. Would it kill them to be a bit creative? But apart from this the album is one of the best I have ever heard. It is also a great album to play as a band as it has so many different parts that all stand out so everyone can be involved. // 9

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