Costello Music review by The Fratellis

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  • Released: Sep 11, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (89 votes)
The Fratellis: Costello Music

Sound — 9
This is the kind of music which is impossible not to nod your head to. Don't listen to it in an important meeting with the boss, incase you find yourself dancing on the table, singing 'Flathead' at the top of your voice in a Fratellian euphoria. Reminiscent of The Mavericks, Franz Ferdinand, Forward, Russia!

Lyrics — 8
The singer's emphasised British accent adds to the feel of the music. His five-word-a-second philosophy also makes it impossible to learn the lyrics and sing them exactly the same way as him. Very clever lyrics, lots of alliteration, also help you to understand his point of view on life.

Overall Impression — 10
One of the few albums in the current age with not one dud song. Infectious rhythms coupled with mind-bending modulation (timing changes) make for an extremely upbeat and fun album. Comparable to Franz's first album only with an Indie twist. Great album. Most impressive song would have to be the famous Flathead, with it's crazy volume changes and 7-beat chorus. But that's not to say that Creeping Up The Backstairs, Everybody Knows, and Whistle For The Choir aren't quality either. Definitely a keeper. A 2007 gem, one could say. Then again, it's only April.

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    I love the fratellis. Better than bloody slit your wrists screaming "bands" that have as much vocal talent as a mouse with tonsilitis in a blender...
    the amount of indie bands just repeating what the other just said clogging up most of the UK's music scene, it's a freakin relief to hear something as original as the fratellis. miles better than razorlight's debut. i didn't need to say that, it's just that the frontman is an arrogant (insert noun here)
    Godbe wrote: +1 That was the most accurate summary of indie music I've ever heard...
    What this guy said... I HATE indie music.
    Thanks to those 4 guys who wrote reviews on this record. I'm not into this record that much but I really like it's spirit. Some people out there label anything not produced either by a computer or by a virtuoso musician as 'indie'. Music is made for everyone to hear, not just other musicians! It doesn't have to be perfect!
    "So what, we've had the libertines, franz ferdinand, the kaiser chiefs, the arctic monkeys and now the fratellis? How much longer are the NME brigade gonna keep shoving these scarf-in-summer-wearing indy bands down our throats? And they have the nerve to call each of them "the biggest band of the decade" every 6 months. They are NOT innovative. They are just derrivative of the last annoying indy bands, who were derrivative themselves. Same old formula; songs with jerky guitars and lots of "woahs" to be sung by drunken idiots in some club. Give me a break." yeah nme don't like the fratellis cos they never pushed them...they appeared out of nowhere. even says on the album cover they did it without hype...or maybe that's just the uk version i dunno
    fratellis are brilliant. i saw them in a free mini concert in a virgin megastore, and they come from budhill in glasgow, scotland...which is like a few streets away from me, i like to think that lol. its great music to get drunk too...and believe me i have many times.
    peter von chaps
    Shimmus wrote: I love the fratellis. Better than bloody slit your wrists screaming "bands" that have as much vocal talent as a mouse with tonsilitis in a blender...
    well yes the fratellis kick ass, and theyre doing a tribute to the beatles with hella other bands this summer. and i happen to like them. BUT, i also like screamo bands. and not all screamo bands are pitiful guys who cut theyre wrists and whine all the time. if you actually take the time to listen to the damn lyrics youll see that they actually have some meaning. dumnbass. yet again, the fratellis are brilliant. theyre music is simple yet complex/amazing at the same time. dont hate.