How to Save a Life review by The Fray

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  • Released: Jul 22, 2005
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (92 votes)
The Fray: How to Save a Life

Sound — 7
The sound of this album is quite hard to describe, the songs are slow and the genre is probably something in the indie zone but that's really all I can say. This is all good, I do however have one problem with the sound of this album and that is that all the tracks have a very simlar sound and, if you do not listen very carefully they all merge into one big song, namely "Oh you know, that one by the fray" In a follow up album I would like to see more variety to display different aspects of the band's talents. Finally this is a must have CD for anybody intrested in the piano as it displays excellent piano riffs however it does tend to neglect the other instruments somewhat.

Lyrics — 10
When I first listened to this album what imidiatly struck me was the singer's voice, it has a very unusual quality which to me makes him sound permamently drunk however for some strange reason this actually works. The lyrics are exceptional, they are very moving and very inteligently written. There is not much that I can suggest in the way of improvments except that possibly I would like to see some backing vocals in the next album to give it more depth and sound quality but over all this albums lyrics thoroughly deserve a 10 if not 11!

Overall Impression — 8
This album is quite hard to compare to any other as it has a very indervidual sound but it does come quite close to indie bands such as Grace or Blind Pew. It is not very exciting and would certainly not be a floor filler at a disco (apart from possibly a slow dance but, being single, I steer well clear of the dance floor at these times) however it is a very good album to listen to by yourself while relaxing or reading and I would definatly recomend it to a friend just don't bother learning to play it on the guitar and don't recomend playing it in your band unless you are a pianist as you may fade into the background.

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    Battery Chicken
    This album plays well for the first listen but goes downhill from there. It's not bad but it's not particularly good either.
    when i first heard their carrier single over my head, i immediately bought the was an awesome track, and some of my favorites are all at once and how to save a life...though their sound may be repetitive throughout the entire album...