Stacked Rubbish review by the GazettE

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  • Released: Jul 4, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (5 votes)
the GazettE: Stacked Rubbish

Sound — 8
"Stacked Rubbish" is the J-Rock band The GazettE's 3rd studio album, and is a follow up to the highly successful "NIL". This album is The GazettE's most experimental album to date, and provides lots of varying styles to suit for a wide taste. The album opens with a Hard Hitting Hip Hop track that will throw anyone who's listened to previous GazettE songs off guard, and continues to shake things up throughout the whole album. "Stacked Rubbish" offers the listeners a taste of some Heavy Rock, Funk, Ballad, tracks as well as the opening Hip Hop number. The recording on the album is tight, making it an easy album to enjoy. The varying musical styles of the album can also be a let down at times as there isn't a clear flow from one track to the next and you may find yourself skipping alot of tracks if you've gotten into the mood for some Heavy Alt Rock such as Hyena, but then find yourself listen to the melodic guitar lines of Calm Envy. Overall, the sound is tight and there are some great compositional pieces on "Stacked Rubbish" that show The GazettE's versatiltiy as musicians.

Lyrics — 7
Being of a Japanse background, "Stacked Rubbish" tends to be predominantly sung in Japanese, but The GazettE do love experimenting with english vocals throughout there songs. This does restrict my capability of discussng lyrics as I speak english as a primary language. though this does not detract from the musical ability of The GazettE. I do know of a lot of people who find that the vocals being in another langauge limits their ability to listen to the album, I however do not find this. One of the songs I have looked up the lyrics for however is the penultimate track, "Chizuru (A Thousand Cranes)" which tells the tale of the girl who became sick after the hiroshima bombings and began crafting 1000 paper cranes in order to bring her health. But for all those english speakers out there it can be quite fun listening to a foreign band using google translator to right their english lyrics for them.

The vocalist, Ruki realy shows off his range throughout this album, but at the same time does outline some of his weaker points. Due to the versatile musical styles there is lots of varying vocals, from screamo screeching to deep soothing melodies. The GazettE have also recruited several female R&B singers to sing back-up for some of the tracks, namely "Filth In The Beauty" and "Art Drawn By Vomi".

Overall Impression — 9
"Stacked Rubbish" shines for me as being one of the strongest albums by The GazettE, mainly due to it's musical versatility, however it does not have the solidity as a whole album that came from "NIL". This album is quite strong within the J-Rock scene compared to many of the others I have heard, however this is mainly due to The GazettE's very western sound as opposed to many other J-Rock groups.

Some of the must listen to songs on this track are:
"Filth In The Beauty" - Easily the best track on the album, and one of the best singles ever released by The GazettE. An upbeat pop intro that immediatley is ripped away by heavy distorted guitars in drop B tuning for the chorus and a great bridge that must be seen live.

"Art Drawn By Vomit" - The opening track to the album, "Art Drawn By Vomit" is a great Hip Hop anthem, Simple lyrics that contain just "Jesus" and "Art Drawn By Vomit" repeated throughout the song, with some great female backing vocals. Short and sweet with a groovy DJ part and some nice Electric Beats.

and Finally
"Chizuru" followed by "People Error" - "Chizuru" is a great rock ballad with lots of musical elements, great guitar tones, and a haunting atmosphere. Powerful and emotional, and as the final chords ring out the silence is filled with a moving piano instrumental piece that acts as a nice closer to the album as well as a reflection on the raw emotion in "Chizuru".

If this album was lost or stolen, I wouldn't buy another copy because I would already make sure I had a second one spare incase such a thing happened.

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    The presence of Bass reminds me of Maximum the Hormone though the rest of the music is just more, nice find.