Other Voices, Other Rooms Review

artist: The Getaway Plan date: 03/25/2008 category: compact discs
The Getaway Plan: Other Voices, Other Rooms
Release Date: 2008
Label: Boomtown
Genres: Emo, Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
Other Voices, Other Rooms dispels these misconceptions as The Getaway Plan unleash a forward thinking, innovative rock record.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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overall: 8.3
Other Voices, Other Rooms Reviewed by: hayz_182, on march 14, 2008
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Sound: The Getaway Plan are a rock outfit from Melbourne Australia. Their debut album "Other Voices, Other Rooms" has just been released and it's evident with the immediate success of their single "Where The City Meets The Sea" that the only way to go is up. The album kicks straight into gear with the track "Streetlight". Probably the song most alike The Getaway Plan of old, although it has a much more epic feel about it, with the tapping solo the icing on the cake. Next there's the new single "Where The City Meets The sea". This song is a sign of a band bound for greatness. With layers of clean guitar and piano during the verses, and a melodic chorus with crisp vocals this will definatly get the butterflies going at one point or another. "Sleep Spindles" is next on the record, which along with Streetlight it's probably most hard hitting song. Will please older fans, as well as add a bit of variety for those new to the band. The next stand out track for mine is "Red Flag". Starts with piano, creepy feel to the verse, and gets big. Then there's "A Rhapsody On A Windy Night". A simple yet effective riff catches your attention from the start, then musically it's not as layered as some of the other songs, but the vocals will keep you listening right to the end, the vocal harmonies when everything comes to a hault is definatly a stand out on the album, before it kicks back in hard! // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically this record is quite brilliant. It's clear they've gone for quality rather than quantity, but there's definatly some thought and meaning behind every word. Vocally stunning, Matthew Wright is a quality quality singer. Really good range on his vocals, very original. What more can you ask for? // 9

Overall Impression: In terms of the Australian music scene, this will be hard to beat for album of the year. Standout tracks would have to be "Where The City Meets The Sea", "Redflag" and "Streetlight". My only criticism, too short. Other voices, other rooms is 11 tracks with one being a 10 second intro and another a minute or so long intstrumental so ultimately it becomes a 9 track record. Another 2 or 3 songs would stop it feeling like it comes to an abrupt end. But, like I said quality record. Pure Aussie talent. // 8

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overall: 7.7
Other Voices, Other Rooms Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 25, 2008
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Sound: To many people, it is evident how much a band has developed, when their new album gets airplay, often digressing from the process up to which this album has risen. The Getaway Plan, from Australia's own punk/rock/hardcore scene, as you may call it, were often at the forefront of punk, diving into an era where "emotionally charged punk" was at it's height, with Other Voices finding it's place towards the end of this era. Once sharing stages with such bands as The Used, The Getaway Plan have gladly moved away from the typical heavy guitars and scream filled songs, to a more aesthetic and ambient sound. You can quite clearly feel the cold aspect of each song, especially in the two headliners "Streetlight" and "Where The City Meets The Sea" showing how a band can sound when they get support on the monetary side to record a half-decently produced album (thanks Boomtown for keeping it so late). Looking at the music itself, the tone of the guitars, not heavily distorted just emphasises a growth in the bands expectations of what they are looking for. Without being to complicated, guitar duties are the perfect compliment to the vocals, with melodic lines spread throughout plan harmony. However, the drums, alongside Barnett's musical ideas is perfect. With a mix between flourishing, and developing, the drums aren't over exaggerated with kick, but have enough attack on heavier songs to keep fans moving. Not trying to keep up with the Prom Queen's and Parkway's of Australian heavy music, breaking away from the constant repitition of badly sung screams in "Hold Conversation" it is clear that they've found a niche, and Other Voices has definetely found an aspect that will surely please fans and radio listeners. // 9

Lyrics: The single-most annoying problem with bands of this genre is the amount of cliche metaphors used in regular rotation from band to band. "Burnt Bridges", "Cut Ties" and "Falling Skies", unfortunately peppering Other Voices, between the nonsensical metaphorical connotations that fill the rest of the lyrics "Have you ever felt/Ever felt like this? /It feels almost like holding a wolf by it's ears (seems like a FATA reference)/It's not finding the door, it's finding a resolution" (Red Flag). However, the lyrics aren't half bad, able to engage the ears enough to realise the melodic capabilities of Matthew Wright, the band's frontman. "Where The City Meets the Sea" the obvious album focus, is just perfect melodically, and lyrically sound, with the metaphor of being lost resounding throughout the song, an obvious pick for a single. Sure the lyrics aren't bad. it's no Fall Out Boy in terms of creativity, no Prom Queen or Parkway in terms of story, but it is simple, which one feels adds to the listener being able to just concentrate on the melody, gravitating the listener from song to song, which can only be attributed to the singer. // 7

Overall Impression: Although the genre is way too full with bands trying to create that same, wintery punk sound (think AFI's decemberunderground or metal bands such as caliban or even in flames' come clarity), with ambience and simplicity intertwined, The Getaway Plan have been able to sustain support from the Australian people, jumping ahead of the queue with tours with bigger and better artists (not worth naming but they have had a great time in tour support), initially getting them a second dig at recording something solid, which Other voices is. When you look at other bands, that have started up in the same time, and their releases, such as In Fiction and even Horsell Common, they are miles away (teehee.rep'em) from the others, with this album, creating a real, complete composition. Most impressive? Definetely the way melody is intertwined with the the harmonius guitars, and definetely the production love = songs feel hate= cliche lyrics. If it were to be stolen, I would be content to have it on my ipod, but I wouldn't buy it again, I know that in 6 months time, it may start to get a bit old, leaving only songs like "where the city" to listen to. // 7

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