Dear Youth review by The Ghost Inside

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  • Released: Nov 17, 2014
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.9 (20 votes)
The Ghost Inside: Dear Youth

Sound — 6
Most melodic hardcore fans will agree that The Ghost Inside shaped up this scene quite well within the last few years. The LA five-piece consists of Jonathan Vigil on lead vocals, Aaron Brooks on lead guitar/backing vocals, Zach Johnson on rhythm guitar, Jim Riley on bass/backing vocals, and Andrew Tkaczyk on drums/percussion. While "Get What You Give" broke new grounds to most fans, such as myself, there was still much left to wonder about. The new direction certainly rose a new path that could engage or disengage old fans, and also bring in new ones. The breakdown-fest is still alive and breathing on the new album. While I don't listen to this genre for the sole purpose of wanting just that, TGI seems to be the key leader of the pack for that purpose. But TGI isn't only known for that. They are known for crunchy riffs to quick speed drumming to the usual vocal beatdown of Jonathan Vigil. This album features even more solid uncleans, as well as more choruses and cleans that was rarely heard ever in this band before. We got that idea in the song "Engine 45" on the last album, but now the band became more open to the idea. Now that that's out of the way, here comes the bad news. The drums are mixed a little to low to hear on every single track. I really don't think it's YouTube's quality either. Not only that but there seems to be a bit too much of borrowing riffs that other bands already did before. From the opening track, "Avalanche," this song received a lot of criticism regarding the first few seconds sounding exactly like Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon. That's not the only song I noticed that sounds like BMTH. "With the Wolves" sounds overly alike to "It Never Ends." It all changes once Jonathan's vocals appear, and the drumming speeds, and well as crunchy riffs. And I'm not even done comparing bands here. "Out of Control" also received a bit of criticism in which the first few seconds sounds like "The Depths" by Of Mice & Men. Last, but not least, I can't think of the name of the song for some reason, but "Mercy"'s lead riffs sound exactly like something that The Devil Wears Prada wrote.

Lyrics — 7
I do really enjoy the lyrics to "Out of Control":

"It appears that we can't rely on common sense.
Let's act our age and turn the page on this intolerance.
Because we're not meant to live like this. By-products of ignorance."

"My Endnote" would happen to have some of my other favorite lines as well:

"We won't compete. I won't fight for a throne that doesn't exist.
We won't compete. Everything we have is lost through arrogance.
We won't compete. I won't fight for a throne that doesn't exist.
We won't compete. It's only us who feel the consequence.
I choose to start today because I'm longing for a life less plagued.
Where we both know, that if we both go, then we leave behind an empty page.
Why would I fight a war when I've lost everything I'm fighting for?
Why do you turn your head when together we could wake the dead?"

Overall Impression — 6
The Ghost Inside may have been a good gateway band for me, but I feel like some of the originality is lost on most of this album. A few songs here and there were cool, but the most memorable tracks in my opinion were "Wide Eyed," which actually features a stellar verse from Jason Butler of letlive. He just made the song that much more upbeat. I love the harmony he brings in. Another favorite is "The Other Half." For some reason, I could definitely see this song as a crowd favorite. Overall, the album did not necessarily let me down entirely. I just expected a bit more from them. I know that they have the potential. I'll spin a few of the songs every now and then, especially my two favorite tracks, but other than that, I can already tell that this album has gotten a bit boring to me to keep my ears pleased.

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    The Ghost inside is is this album...the voice of the singer is superb...this rview makes them sound bad but the Ghost inside is an all in all great band...
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