Love Death Immortality Review

artist: The Glitch Mob date: 02/18/2014 category: compact discs
The Glitch Mob: Love Death Immortality
Released: Feb 11, 2014
Genre: Glitch-Hop, Electronic, Dubstep
Label: edIT
Number Of Tracks: 10
With their second full length release, The Glitch Mob manages to combine elements of rock music into their particular brand of EDM in a way that really pushes the envelope for their sound.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Love Death Immortality Featured review by: UG Team, on february 18, 2014
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Sound: The Glitch Mob formed in 2006 as part of the L.A. "beat" scene as a 5 piece EDM act, but since that time they've hemorrhaged two members for creative differences and are down to three members since before their first album released. On "Love Death Immortality" they use several guest musicians and vocalists, including Aja Volkman (from Nico Vega), Sister Crayon and Metal Mother. There are 10 tracks on the album and it clocks in at a little over 52 minutes. 

The album opens with "Mind of a Beast," which starts up with the sound of guitar feedback and uses guitars and piano as well as synths to build the main melody of the track. There are no vocals on this track and it makes creative use of dynamics such as volume, panning, and compression. "Our Demons" is the second track from the album, and features Aja Volkman on vocals, who is better known as the lead vocalist for Nico Vega. The song really does play to Aja's strengths as a vocalist and uses more processing on her vocals than you would hear on her work with Nico Vega. "Skullclub" is up next and has a piano intro and heavily processed vocals provided by an uncredited vocalist. Next up is "Becoming Harmonious" which features Metal Mother, who is another EDM musician (and artist) from California. "Can't Kill Us" is a seriously vibe-heavy track that got me feeling pumped. It features some heavily processed vocals, as well. "I Need My Memory Back" is another track featuring Aja from Nico Vega. "Skytoucher" has an interesting beat going on, and has an almost sci-fi vibe mixed in. "Fly by Night Only" features Yaarrohs on vocals, who it has been difficult for me to find out any information about. This is probably my favorite track, in large part thanks to the vocals provided by Yaarrohs. "Carry the Sun" is another fist-pumping high-energy track. The album closes out with "Beauty of the Unhidden Heart," which features the indie rock band, Sister Crayon, as guests on the track. The track really sounds like a remixed version of an indie rock song and is one of my favorite tracks from the album. // 8

Lyrics: The vocals on the album are very minimal and are mostly provided by guest vocalists. When the vocals aren't guest vocalists they are heavily processed or synthesizer produced. The standout guest vocalists from the album would be Aja Volkman and Yaarrohs (who is essentially an unknown at this point). Of course, don't let that take away from the performance by Metal Mother or the vocalist from Sister Crayon. Here are a sample of the lyrics from the track "Fly by Night Only": "Take a ride outside with me just for a little while/ feel the wind brush back the road and clean you of your lies/ there's a tone I tend to touch/ a deepened lust from which I fall/ and the racing heart will beat endlessly into the dark/ in darkness ascend/ I take to the night again." The lyrics are suitably abstract for good EDM. // 7

Overall Impression: Of the music genres I like, EDM probably takes up the least amount of space on my mp3 player, but this album will probably be going on there. My favorite tracks are "Mind of a Beast," "Our Demons," "Fly by Night Only" and "Becoming Harmonious." The Glitch Mob did an excellent job in choosing guest vocalists. Their other main strength on this release, is that they spent the time mixing the album right - using dynamics in the music to great effect and not going too far out on tangents. // 7

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