005 To 008 review by The Good The Bad

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  • Released: Feb 22, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 0 (0 votes)
The Good The Bad: 005 To 008

Sound — 7
Denmark's The Good The Bad take 60s rockabilly into the 21st century with their 4-track EP, 005 To 008. They play raunchy rock weaving together smoky blues tones with country rock riffs and surfer punk grit. Their sound is reminiscent of their Denmark compadres The Raveonettes with braiding liken to the UK pub rockers Brakes Brakes Brakes. Rooted in crushing rhythmic thrusts and reverb-generated guitar chords that explode and flare with the gunslinger flexing of Johnny Cash's popular 60s tune Ghost Riders In The Sky, the album is a rockabilly fan's dream. The Good The Bad's track 005 embraces nostalgic country western intonations with a rock edge and molten punk roasting. The heady guitar flange in 006 has a bluesy indentation that segues into the surfer rock knots of 007 which harbor an old school punk ridging relatable to the theme song from the 60s/70s popular TV show Hawaii 5-0 penned by The Ventures, and the dark guitar tones of 008 have a gritty rock echo that is synonymous with American spaghetti western films. The compositions are rooted in 60s rockabilly grooves, and the band does a fine job of refreshing its wild ways.

Lyrics — 7
All of the songs are instrumentals with Adam Olsson on lead guitar, Johan Lei Gellett on drums, and Manoj Ramdas on baritone guitar. Even without lyrics, the songs are emotive and pulse with a fleshy beat and rollicking pub-rock chains. The absence of lyrics does not hurt the songs, but it makes the listener really pay attention to the different nuances that the band puts into the songs.

Overall Impression — 7
The album revives old school rock ruffling, which at times seem like The Good And The Bad are recycling music steep in nostalgic themes. Though much of 005 To 008 seems like it came from another era, the band makes it sound attractive, and their guitar work is impressive. Every composition sounds like it was inspired by a movie, which gives the tracks a visual look that jumps out at the listener and holds their attention even if they can't relate to the songs.

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