The Trick To Life review by The Hoosiers

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  • Released: Oct 22, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (36 votes)
The Hoosiers: The Trick To Life

Sound — 8
Overall, The Hoosiers' sound could be described as 'indie', although, they do have a unique style of music which is different to many indie-pop bands in the UK today. The bright, up-beat songs "Worried About Ray" and "Goodbye Mr A" were instant hits, followed by yet another fast track "Worst Case Scenario". Their guitar playing isn't mind-blowing, and they don't seem to take themselves too seriously with their music, but they definetly bring something new, fresh and different to the music industry.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics, strangely, they reveal a darker, much deeper side to the band's overall bright and cheerful sound; the songwords occasionally refering to sadness, despair and death. They're very simple, not over the top or melodramatic, so it takes a few listens to discover the darker edge to the lyrics. The lead singer, Irwin Sparkes, no doubt has amazing range, switching from low, soft notes to powerful high ones easily. Both these elements make each song powerful and memorable in it's own unique sense, which really boosts the quality of the album.

Overall Impression — 9
"The Trick To Life", with a combination of lively, poppy tracks, darker-edged songs, great vocals, and an original sound, is a must have album for alternative-indie lovers. My favourite numbers are "Goodbye Mr A", "Clinging On For Life" and "Money To Be Made; all varied in style, but really stand out for me personally. However, I wouldn't recommend it to death-metal, incredible guitar solo-lovers, for The Hoosiers lack that aspect of music, their strength being not in how complicated the guitar playing is, but the simplicty of the songs and lyrics. I think The Trick To Life is a classic album, and a great start to this talented band's future career, for I hope there is loads more to come!

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    zapatista89 wrote: sorry for the double post, but if anyones ever heard of a 70's/80's band ELO, you can see ther just trying to carry on a style
    i totally agree with this. and that's why i bought their album. i heard mr.a in a mall, and immediately turned on my ipod and searched through my electric light orchestra songs, because i couldn't remember the name. then i realised it wasn't elo, and came home and found on the net that it was a band named the hoosiers. then i found out that they're on the fifa 08 soundtrack, and that i'd already heard them anyway, they sound a lot like elo, and that's a pretty good thing imo.
    great stuff in my opinion. Sure, they sound like some other bands, but their new - and some of their songs are really great. Clinging on for life for instance is a great track that really shows off irwin sparkes (real name) fabulous voice. Run rabbit run, worried about ray, everything goes dark and a sadness runs through him disappointed me first time round - but now i cant turn on my ipod without listening to them! Some of the hoosiers newer unrealesed tracks - ruby blue, rules, sister sister, sarajevo - are absolutely fantastic. Dont give up on the hoosiers just yet, even if you dont like THIS album
    unclemontezuma wrote: ze monsta wrote: I know 14 year old boys who like The Hoosiers... And I'm one of them
    You know what? , I loved them when the album first came out 3 years ago... I was just 12 then and 14 now and I started listening to them and I still like them Imo , you can like whatever music you want (as long as it's not Justin Beiber). I also LOVE Lamb of God , Disturbed and Fall Out Boy. I don't see the problem with them