Digital Veil Review

artist: The Human Abstract date: 03/09/2011 category: compact discs
The Human Abstract: Digital Veil
Released: Mar 8, 2011
Genre: Progressive metal, metalcore
Label: E1
Number Of Tracks: 8
This disk impresses on almost every level, from the precise drumming, to the technical shredding, to the stellar vocals.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8.7
Digital Veil Reviewed by: TheBDanAbstract, on march 09, 2011
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Sound: As a fan of The Human Abstract's first 2 albums(yes, even Midheaven), I have been anticipating this since the band announced they had hired Travis Richter(ex-From First To Last, The Color of Violence) as their vocalist. A couple of album delays later, and we are graced with Digital Veil. 01. Elegiac - An instrumental intro, but definitely doesn't need to be overlooked. A.J. Minette is back, after quitting the band while writing Midheaven, and as strong as ever. His refined classical guitar playing is shown in full force here. 9.5/10 02. Complex Terms - This song is one of the best vocally on the album. Richter shows off his variety of screams and his great singing in the chorus and outro. 9/10 03. Digital Veil - A music video was recently released for the song. The breakdown/intro/outro are legendary. The structure is a bit lackluster, but the tango breakdown almost completely makes up for it. A bit too deathcore for my tastes. 8.5/10 04. Faust - This song has been on the internet for a while, being released in November of last year, I believe. This is probably the song that showcases the best of every member of the band. Great riffing through out. 9/10 05. Antebellum - Wow... just wow. Honestly the best song on the album, coming it at 7 and a half minutes. Once again, great classical work by Minette, and solid work by Herrera. The chorus is also insanely good. 9.5/10 06. Holographic Sight - Following the best song on the album is easily the worst. Structure is very off, but the opening to the song is a great hook. But by the time the random stop start breakdown starts, you're confused. The lead guitar lines are what really what saves the song. 8/10 07.Horizon to Zenith - This song really reminds me of Nocturne. The vocal lines in this song(the only song on the record with all singing)sound like those of which Nathan Ells would have sang. The piano chorus that leads into the lead guitar line is bone-chilling. 9/10 08. Patterns - A great song. Plenty of good things going on here. The arpeggiated riffs are a great foundation. The solo is probably only rivaled by the one on Holographic Sight. The screams at the end are also superb. 9/10 // 9

Lyrics: With a band as instrumentally talented as The Human Abstract, it is very hard to pay attention to the lyrics. I am not one really to judge lyrics, but they seem to be decent. Nothing I can complain about. The song who's lyrics stand out the most to me is Patterns. Richter has proven to be the exact opposite of Ells(probably the way the band wanted it to be). He showcases a wide variety of deep and high screams. While not showing quite the versatility in the singing sections, having never been a singer before, he does a great job on this album. // 8

Overall Impression: I think this album shows a gigantic step for The Human Abstract. People who were disappointed Midheaven wasn't Nocturne pt. II will still be disappointed, as this album shows little to no resemblance to the groups debut album. And that's what I love about the band. They have put out 3 totally different sounding albums, but they have always been grade A material. Trademark amazing guitar work and progressive song structures, mixed with a new vocalist and a new found heaviness, Digital Veil is an impressive album from start to finish. Some die hard fans will be left wanting more(there's only 8 songs, 1 being instrumental), but they should have nothing to complain about with the content included. I would replace my autographed copy of this album in a heartbeat. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Digital Veil Reviewed by: ninjagayden777, on march 09, 2011
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Sound: Since the recording of their last (and poorly recieved) album, Midheaven, The Human Abstract have gone through quite a few changes. From almost constant member replacements to the true departure of vocalist Nathan Ells, I speculated what a new THA album would sound like after so much personal turmoil. The result is mixed, but overall splended. Musically, they are sounding much more like a true progressive metal band than a metalcore group, though some elements of metalcore are still visible in the music. In numbers like Faust or Patterns, the true technical skill of guitarists Andrew Tapley and A.J. Minette shines beautifully, like a polished jemstone. Other songs, like Complex Terms or the title cut are just plain fun to listen to. // 8

Lyrics: New vocalist Travis Richter (formerly guitarist for Post-Hardcore outfit From First To Last) has most obviously taken a page from the BTBAM vocal delivery manual. Travis' voice so strongly resembles Tommy Rogers' at points they're almost indestiguishable. This isn't to say his delivery isn't impressive though. Unlike their first vocalist, whose range was basically a hardcore punk scream and emo-esque singing, Travis hits low bellows with a few high screams thrown in, as well as singing midrange. That being said, I believe his voice fits the music far better than Nathan's ever did. Lyrically, this album is a stellar triumph. Very well written, some of the lines come off rather literally ("I know what you are thinking how could he take apart my safety"-Faust) to the, well, abstract (The tailor's shop has closed and we don't dress for miracles anymore-Complex Terms). It's this lyrical variety, combined with Travis' voice, that make the songs more than just average prog pieces, but something worth listening to over and over. // 9

Overall Impression: While some will undoubtedly compare Digital Veil to any post-Alaska BTBAM, The Human Abstract have enough originality in their music to make them more than just a carbon copy band. This disk impresses on almost every level, from the precise drumming, to the technical shredding, to the stellar vocals. The only flaw with the album for me was that near the end the songs tended to blend together rather than flow naturally. Otherwise, in my view, Digital Veil is nothing short of a modern Prog/Metalcore masterpiece. For fans of Between The Buried And Me, The Faceless, Rush, Coheed & Cambria. // 8

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