Nocturne review by The Human Abstract

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (131 votes)
The Human Abstract: Nocturne

Sound — 10
The sound is f--kin awesome. It's a mix of classical music and metalcore which is one mean mix! The guitars are awesome the bass is awesome the drums are awesome and the vocals are awesome. Stand out songs are Mea Culpa, Sotto Voce and Desiderata. The guitar work in all of these songs really really kick ass. The guitarists in this band are definately guitar heroes of the next generation!

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are pretty good and the song titles are in latin like mea culpa. The vocals along with the lyrics make the songs very catchy so the songs don't sound like music lessons are a pig shitting they are actually fun to listen to. The singer is pretty good but his voice doesn't really stand out from other singers but it's still really good.

Overall Impression — 10
This band is better than all of the other metalcore bands out there. They can play their insturments really well and the songs are still songs. So the songs aren't destroyed by the insturmentalists needs to show off. I love the album very much the only thing I hate is nobody really knows about it. If this album was lost or stolen I would definately buy it again and if I found the f--ker who stole it I would give him thumbsup for his ood taste in music.

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    Me, I don't the acquired taste for hardcore or anything. These guys are good, I respect the talent, I respect the genre, but it's not really me. I'm a really bad guitarist when it comes to writing songs, and my hat's off to these guys from songwriter to songwriter. It's mind-blowing to me that they could write this kinda stuff. Ever sit down, listen to a really complex song and think "How the hell did the WRITE that??" It is truly amazing. HOWEVER! Anybody complaining about simple-scale-based riffs are gonna have to listen to more Black Sabbath. They didn't play especially difficult riffs or play really fast. It was all about the FEEL, not the presentation of talent. I don't like the idea of playing fast with a cool melody lick just for the sake of showing people "Hey, I am an awesome bassist/guitarist/drummer!" Too show-offy for me. My original compositions are usually basic riffs that just feel good and evil. Just because a band doesn't play with break-neck speed and solos doesn't mean that they are any less of a band. Consider the first heavy metal song ever: Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. The intro, chorus, verse...Three notes. Just three. But those three notes put together make one of the most evil and badass sounding riffs of all time. Not the mention the solo is not especially difficult. Don't believe me? Look up the Power Tab for it and watch. Big shocker: I like KoRn. They don't play solos or complex melody lines. They play what feels cool to them. Another shocker: I like Pantera. I like Metallica. I like Megadeth. I like Death. I like Black Label Society. I like Judas Priest. I like Iron Maiden. I like Hatebreed. I like Aquefrigide (look him up on myspace, awesome musician!). I like a little Three Days Grace. I like Mushroomhead. Stop ****in' complaining about "Oh, they have no talent because they don't play face-melting solos or high-speed melody lines or use sweep-picking." Music is art. The Mona Lisa and that picture you painted in kindergarten are the same damned thing: Art.
    THIS BAND IS A RIP OFF! everyone check out Between the buried and me, and mainly their cd "the silent circus. COMEON GUYS they're good guitarists and musicians but this sound has been done too many damn times.
    really good band. i saw them last night at the All That Remains show.
    detailsoniceman wrote: THIS BAND IS A RIP OFF! everyone check out Between the buried and me, and mainly their cd "the silent circus. COMEON GUYS they're good guitarists and musicians but this sound has been done too many damn times.
    Too many times? Who else sounds like this? I'm interested. I know BTBAM does but that's only the melodic parts that they do in some songs.
    I first heard this band on the "Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 6" CD. The song on there was "Crossing The Rubicon" , and after hearing that I bought the CD. The CD turned out to be GREAT. I haven't heard shit like that so I'm hoping for more! And I'm pretty sure these guys are set to stun!
    good album BUT HORRIBLE BAND. i saw them live and was really dissapointed. i love their music but jeez they need to practice a bit more. theyre singer cant pull off the vocals at all. the guitars were about an 7/10 mostly because of their setup but yea. buy the album but dont go to their show.