Nocturne review by The Human Abstract

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (131 votes)
The Human Abstract: Nocturne

Sound — 10
I thought very highly of this CD when I heard it. My cousin bought it and we were listening to it in his car on the way home from best buy. I was like, "Woah, these guys are pretty damn good." So when I got home I downloaded the CD and put it in my iPod. Now, I listen to it all the time. A.J. Minette (lead guitar) is virtuoso material. He's simply and complexly an amazing guitarist. When he came in on Harbinger (the opening track of the CD) with his amazing sweeping skills, it just blew me away. And the vocals, which were a mixture of screaming and Nathan Ells' unique singing voice were pretty much awesome. The drums = simply awesome, although I really don't know enough about drums to know if their drummer was incredible or not. But definatly overall, this album sounding amazing to me, and I would definatly recommend it to someone in search of a new, unique, and extremely talented band.

Lyrics — 9
Although the guitar playing somewhat distracted me from the vocals and Nathan Ells' lyrics, I did look up some of the lyrics and thought they were, in my mind, very good. Nathan Ells' voice is amazing, and he is a great lyricist as well. There are some things he could do to make his lyrics a little somewhat better, but I think his voice makes up for that. His skills as a singer maybe not be "the best" but he is definatly unique in his own way and that's what helps shape The Human Abstract's wonderful sound.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this album kicked my ass. I thought it was amazing, and even though at first I sort of thought, oh it's just another new band and is nothing special. Then boom, these grew on me in 2 seconds flat, and now I love listening to this CD. Hopefully they come out with a new CD sometime soon, because I would love to hear these guys' new material. Perhaps it will even be more amazing.

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    protest the hero and the human abstract! the most talented creatures in the universe. bon_harrington probably is a guy that doesnt have a penis because he ate it when he was a kid.
    ZeRoGuY wrote: when will hardcore die? it sure needs too... god all these guys do live is stick their crotches in the faces of the people in the front row showing off sweeps in EVERY SONG! I didn't hear any structure to a song just SWEEPS! SOLOS! MELODIES! that's IT god it was annoying they just grab attention cause they can play fast. they are so out of place on tour with God Forbid, Goat*****, and Mnemic... they are frickin emo kids trying to play metal, or better known as "hardcore"
    Excuse me? They are not hardcore at all, it's a different genre. They're progressive metal, with "weird" time signatures and fast riffs. The "all they can do is SWEEP" really made me laugh, i mean, seeing how most bands these days that are mainstream don't even know what a sweep is. You need to respect the band because obviously they have a lot of talent and aren't fully recognized for it like they should be. If you don't like this genre why the **** are you listening to it and reading reviews about it? Sounds like a "troll" to me. Anyway, I really love these guys, it's sad AJ left, he is a great influence to me (Dean is also great it's just the sweeps in Vela really get to me). I highly recommend this band to any technical metal band. I love all of the acoustic parts, sweeps, melodies, lyrics, sound, everything is just perfect. My greatest inspiration.
    i ****ing love this band its amazing and everytime it leaves my CD player i miss it
    I'd love these guys to tour the uk with protest the hero, both amazing bands
    Yeah...they are ridiculously good live. I'm not sure why people are saying the opposite.
    Yeah these guys are like my second favorite band but out of complexity I would put them first...I dont really think I could ever play like they do.
    ch1pmnk wrote: good album BUT HORRIBLE BAND. i saw them live and was really dissapointed. i love their music but jeez they need to practice a bit more. theyre singer cant pull off the vocals at all. the guitars were about an 7/10 mostly because of their setup but yea. buy the album but dont go to their show.
    it isnt that their terrible, their sound guy is reallllly bad. but otherwise, i cant wait to see these guys... and this album is great too
    I could go on forever on how much i Love these guys but one thing i really like is that these guys can most definatly deliver live. you know how you hear a bands cd but then see them live and they suck well, this isnt the case both times i;ve seen the human abstract Aj and dean were always warming up before hand. Maybe the Best live band Ive ever seen and you can quote that
    I agree totally with Seither2k and kornkid...Everyone forgets nowadays that music isn't about how cool the guitar is or how good the vocals are, it's about the music in general. I listen to everything from As I Lay Dying to freakin Paramore all because I simply enjoy their music. I u don't like the band, then u don't like them. But instead of just saying they suck, boohoo: compare them to other things u like and see what u like and don't like. People just need to grow up and learn to use words instead of "dude, this band sucks hairy ****sacks" Get a vocabulary people.
    bon_harrington. you're retarded. there's a technique to actual good screaming and its not nearly as easy as everybody thinks. especially when you can sing as well as this guy can, as well. i just bought this CD today and I am already hooked, these guys are amazing.
    When i first bought heard of these guys i thought they were goin to be just another metalcore but then i actually heard them they were simply amazing. The vocals are awesome the guitars are extraordinary and the music is just un beleivable if ur a fan of any proggresive or metalcore bands buy this album!!!
    bon_harrington is a dumbass this c.d. is amazing the lead singers singing voice sounds like a pissed off lenny kravitz best song is crossing the rubicon.
    Yo these guys are ****ing amazing. I saw them with God Forbid on the Chains of Humanity tour and the guitars were amazing. You can definitely tell that Yngwie Malmsteen is an influence on the band.
    bon_harrington wrote: THese guys SUCK! THey are horrible, how they got a record deal is beyond me..... I can sit and scream into a microphone too, maybe i should send there record company my demo... Horrible band
    and thats why youre on this website complaining like a 2 year old. theyre doing somthing right if theyve got a record deal, and until i hear you play their stuff, you suck to me just as much. so stop whining. i like these guys alot. i like how they have really mellow-type stuff in between all the madness going on. Best song on the album: Crossing The Rubicon...i just dont understand the title...could someone explain what it means?
    jumpmanhat wrote: The singer was the worst part, hes like friken deaf or something, he kept telling the sound guy to make the vocals louder!!
    He needed more ego in his monitor.
    You guys are focusing way too much on genres and throwing labels on bands. I don't seperate bands with labels like, "metal," or, "emo." I seperate them with, "They suck," or , "They don't." You guys throw around the word emo and expect everyone to automatically connect the word "crappy" with it. Just say what it is if you don't like it, don't give it stupid labels with predispoed connotations that "we should all know." On another note...when people focus too much on the technical side of a band, they are missing out on the music. Just sit down and listen to a damn CD the first time...enjoy it. Take it all in. Don't try to think what makes it good or bad. You'll kill so many great CDs that way. Go crazy tearing it apart, but try to take it all in first. I've heard some pretty simple guitar riffs sound amazing. It is all about if it gets my head rockin', or my foot thumpin', not if the scale is creative and amazingly hard, or amazingly easy. Maybe after I've listened to a song a few times I'll get technical on it, but dear God, give it a chance. Also! Is it just me, or does this CD have an Avenged Sevenfold "Unholy Confessions," feel to it? Not really the vocals, but more the guitars, and some of the effects. Maybe it is just me...
    arggh i hate this band. I saw them for free and it was just torture. The singer was the worst part, hes like friken deaf or something, he kept telling the sound guy to make the vocals louder!! and he kept messing up, nonethe less, the vocalist sucks ass. The constant sweeping made me want to throw up... Terrible, Dream Theatre/Fall out Boy wanna be band
    The Silence
    This band Frickin rocks man!!!!!Awesome Album!!!!!Overall i'll give this band an 10!!!
    The Silence
    This band Frickin rocks man!!!!!Awesome Album!!!!!Overall i'll give tha band an 10!!!
    Crunch Monkey
    AWESOME ALBUM! bought it over the x_mas sease! best one i bought all year IMO. These guys are the new kids on the block, Protest the Hero and Between the Buried and Me have all be been doin it for longer, but these guys have a definite feel that sets them apart! unconfimed for warped tour
    wow they are getting big. i first heard them on myspace i think they sent me a friend request. i dunno it was a long time ago but they are good
    detailsoniceman wrote: THIS BAND IS A RIP OFF! everyone check out Between the buried and me, and mainly their cd "the silent circus. COMEON GUYS they're good guitarists and musicians but this sound has been done too many damn times.
    Actually to be honest, there are only under 70 ( or something like that) technical metal bands out there that are I guess above ground (not saying mainstream but, out of their town). So it hasn't been done too many times, Between the buried and me is a great band, yes, and it one of The Human Abstracts main influences.