Nocturne review by The Human Abstract

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (131 votes)
The Human Abstract: Nocturne

Sound — 10
Well I've been a fan of this band for many years and I have to say that "Nocturne" was a great album. I feel that everything flowed nicely form start to end and I think the production was great as well. Definitely a great album to have if you like progressive metal. This band definitely stands out above the rest and is as skilled as the legendary "Between The Buried And Me" in my opinion. I really love the fusion this band uses with classical music as well because it is one of my favorite genres. So as far as the bands sound goes I give it a 10.

Lyrics — 10
This band also has some pretty haunting lyrics too. I often hear Nathan Ells voice being played on repeat inside my head. At first I didn't really like the singing at all but now I respect him a lot because I realize now that I probably wouldn't like this band at all if they had a different singer. Anyway my favorite lyrics from him are the ones in "Channel Detritus" (Song #8 on the album) and he sings in a whisper (sort of) "Fools regret until they die, forgive yourself back to life." Which I think is an amazing line. A lot of this bands lyrical themes are about personal hardships and such other times you can't really be sane to understand what he means when you see the lyrics. Which it think is really interesting.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this band when I first heard them was "WOW! I've never heard anything like this!" I would definitely recommend this album to anyone even if you don't like screaming. If you can look past that I think you'd love this album. Its a technically dazzling, awesome album to listen to. A quick rundown of the songs are as follows: 01. Harbinger: great intro song with an epic intro riff. Goes into some confusing guitar work that is pretty hard to follow. 02. Self Portraits Of The Instincts: another sweet song. I love the chorus in this song and some of the riffs are pretty crazy. 03. Nocturne: holy **** this song blows me away every time I hear it. Its one of my favorite songs and it never gets old to me. A first time listener might say: "What the hell is happening? I don't know but I like it." 04. Crossing The Rubicon: crazy song with some really technical parts. I love this song for the "Acoustic sounding interlude" because it has a nice mellow feel to it when i listen to it. This song has my favorite outro to any song I've ever heard. 05. Sotto Voce: amazing instrumental song done by A.J Don't skip this song! 06. Mea Culpa: wow is one word to describe it. I really don't know how in the world A.J comes up with this stuff really. Probably the holiest solo I've ever heard. 07. Movement From Discord: I LOVE the instrumental work on this song. the ending is truly epic. Listen to this song and you'll know what I mean. 08. Channel Detritus: awesome intro and outro in this song. Favorite lyrics from this band. Just a masterpiece. 09. Polaris: this is the first song I heard by The human abstract and I have to say it may be their easiest song to play but it definitely one of the best. Its a really catchy song and gets stuck in my head often. 10. Echelons To Molotovs: pretty sweet song. I love the pinch harmonics in this song because they compliment the mood of the song well. 11. Desiderata: awesome Instrumental song that leads into this bands most technically difficult song in my opinion. It has a cool Erie feel to it. 12. Vela, Together We Await The Storm: amazing way to end a great album. Pretty weird lyrics. I love the harmonies and intro sweeps to this song because they just add to the feel of this song. and the heavy guitar parts underneath the sweeping kind of give me this "doomsday" feeling or something along those lines. This album is truly a master piece in my opinion and shouldn't be missed out on. I think you know what I'd to to the person who stole it and I wouldn't be dumb enough to lose it. Seriously go pick this album up it wont disappoint.

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    xXChimairaXx wrote: Music is either good or bad. And all these people saying a band's music sucks before they even listen to them just because of the genre... Just sit your asses down and listen to an album all the way through, without a negative mindset before you start. Be open to all kinds of music. If you go into an album thinking this band sucks, most likely you'll think they still suck afterwards. Take the time to appreciate more than what your used to. After all, you can learn something from everyone. And one more thing, try not to read critics' reviews before you anything. Trust your own ears. And to Seither2k, well said.
    gonna have to agree with him on this one. i was really picky about music, so i wouldnt really pay attention when i listened to a song, thinking its all just the same. then i started just buying cds from bands id never heard and pop in the cd and listen all the way through. ive found several bands that i never would have found before if i had already made up my mind before i ever heard it. keep an open mind, and listen to a whole cd several times. just because the band might not be great, there could be a couple gems in there you like, and theres no shame in only liking those songs or riffs they have.
    gibsonLP68 wrote: MustangMan311 wrote: Terrible, terrible band. Horrible vocals, terrible song writing. I respect their playing ability, but nothing else. That didn't even make ****ing sense. Dumbass. Merkaba_46&2 wrote: They are fine, but Between The Buried and Me does it way way better. Nobody said they were better than BTBAM. Both of these bands, along with protest the hero, are keeping the music fresh and original
    Actually, it does make sense. It means that they are good musician individually but they suck as being a band (personally I don't think that - I think that they're pretty good).