The Jam Collection Review

artist: The Jam date: 06/15/2006 category: compact discs
The Jam: The Jam Collection
Release Date: Oct 22, 1996
Label: Polydor
Genres: Punk, New Wave, Mod Revival, British Punk
Number Of Tracks: 25
The Jam Collection is basically a purposeless compilation.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9
The Jam Collection Reviewed by: Crash91, on june 15, 2006
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Sound: 'The Jam Collection' is a collection of the best Jam songs that featured on their original albums. It is also a collection of great Jam songs that never got released. For example, 'Away From The Numbers', 'The Butterfly Collector' and 'Pretty Green' never got released. However, only one song on this album that did get released was 'Just Who Is The 5 O' Clock Hero? ', maybe because it was not one of The Jam's best hits. This album starts off heroically with the two best songs from The Jam's first album 'In The City', which were the brilliant 'Away From The Numbers' and the more punkier 'I Got By In Time'. The Jam's second album, 'This Is The Modern World', never really succeeded and was voted the worst Jam album in their career. However, one song named 'I Need You (For Someone)' contained a great bass-line at the start and was the highlight of 'This Is The Modern World'. The next five songs featured on The Jam's third album 'All Mod Cons'. They were 'To Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time? )', 'Mr. Clean', the beautiful 'English Rose', 'In The Crowd' and 'It's Too Bad'. All 5 songs were amazing, and the album itself turned out to be a seminal album. Then the next few tracks featured on The Jam's fourth album 'Setting Sons'. They were all brilliant songs as well. Four of the tracks featured on The Jam's fifth and most challenging album 'Sound Affects'. They were 'Pretty Green', which contained a thunderous one-note bass-line, 'Monday', which featured on a lottery advert in 2006, 'Man In The Corner Shop' and the abrasive 'Boy About Town'. Three songs feature on The Jam's sixth and only no.1 album 'The Gift'. They were 'Ghosts', 'Carnation' and 'Just Who Is The 5 O' Clock Hero? '. 'Just Who Is The 5 O' Clock Hero? ' is the only song on this album that did get released, maybe because it was not the best Jam hit. The other songs on this album were 'b' sides, such as 'Tales From The Riverbank' and the poor 'Shopping'. 'Shopping', which was the 'b' side to The Jam's fourth no.1 hit 'Beat Surrender', ended this album badly. But overall, this album contained great Jam songs that no one might've never heard before. // 9

Lyrics: Paul Weller wrote many classic Jam hits, they were all of the highest quality. But this album contained more brilliant lyrics from Weller himself. Also, his singing skills were superb. Whenever Paul Weller makes his own lyrics up, you will expect them to be sensational. How many times have we heard that before? // 10

Overall Impression: 'The Jam Collection' is an ideal gift for any Jam fan across Britain, because it's at an affordable price. The most impressive songs on this album were 'Mr. Clean', 'Pretty Green' and 'Ghosts'. What I love about this album was that the choices of songs were great. What I hate about this album was that it ended poorly. 'Shopping' spoiled the album, but a few songs on this album were quite bad as well. If this album got stolen/lost, I might buy this album again. To end this review, 'The Jam Collection' contains great Jam songs that you might never heard of before. If you buy this album, you're in for a treat. // 8

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