The Sound Of The Jam [DVD] review by The Jam

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  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 6
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (3 votes)
The Jam: The Sound Of The Jam [DVD]

Sound — 10
You can only get this DVD if you buy the two-disc and DVD version of 'The Sound Of The Jam'. All of the tracks are in order of when The Jam turned from a punk band into a pop group. The sound of this DVD is perfect, you would normally expect a 70's video to not sound good, but every video on this album sounds great. However, most of The Jam's videos were boring, because you only see them performing with their instruments, apart from 'The Bitterist Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)'. But that really doesn't matter, because if you listen to the DVD by surround speakers, it actually sounds better than the sound of a Jam CD. The opening scene is The Jam's first hit, 'In The City'. At that time, they were involved in the 'New Wave' scene after success of the punk scene in the mid '70s. There isn't too many songs that contain orchestral backing, which is good news if a alternative British rocker was interested in buying it. Most of it was punk-rock Jam.

Content — 9
11 videos feature on this DVD, but 11 videos is really not enough, because The Jam have released 18 hits in their career and should include all of them on this DVD. Also, the DVD is approximately 25 minutes long. This DVD is a 'Best Of' collection, but it's a pity that they haven't included some of their other greater work, such as 'The Modern World' and 'The Eton Rifles'. But the tracks that do feature on this DVD are: 01. In The City - a great debut hit from The Jam that contains a blazing guitar riff to start of this DVD. 02. News Of The World - another decent hit from The Jam, it was written by bassist Bruce Foxton and it contained an awesome solo. 03. Strange Town - more of a pop song, contained another wicked solo from Paul Weller which made this song outstanding. 04. When You're Young - another sensational pop song, this time the bass was more louder and made this song impressive. 05. Going Underground - despite the strange video, this is The Jam's finest hit and it reached to no.1. Another stunning guitar riff made this song the best one on this DVD. 06. Start! - this song is remembered for Bruce Foxton's incredible, smooth bass-lines that made this song reach to no.1. 2nd best song on this DVD. 07. That's Entertainment - we see Paul Weller play on his acoustic guitar for the first time, and he is joined with Bruce Foxton. Although the drummer, Rick Buckler, does feature on this hit, he only uses the snare drum now and again. 08. Funeral Pyre - this song is remembered for Rick Buckler's machine-gun drums. Also, the blazing guitar riff and trebly bass made this song the most excitable video on this DVD. 09. Absolute Beginners - the first video on this DVD to have orchestral backing. This time, there was psychedelic guitar. The video is the most strangest video on this DVD. 10. Town Called Malice - the Jam's third no.1 hit contained a bass-line and piano, but there is no guitar in this song at all (apart from the bass). It was a great achievement by The Jam as they just turned from a punk-rock band into the most successful pop group in the UK. 11. The Bitterist Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow) - the last video was the poorest Jam hit without a doubt. There was hardly any guitar in it at all, and the orchestral backing was extremely loud and awful. Oh well, at least the previous videos were decent. I am satisfied with that song list, but they should have included all of The Jam's hits on it. This DVD does not contain extra stuff, you can either select the track or automatically set the Dolby Digital Speakers to either 2:1 or 5:1.

Production Quality — 6
The production quality is not particulary that impressive, despite the videos were recorded in the late 70's. The photographers don't move at all, they only zoom in/out. And the picture for some of the videos like 'In The City' looks like this DVD is a copy. However, videos like 'Start!' and 'That's Entertainment' had a good quality picture, because the videos looked like The Jam were playing live. Also, the videos were completely dull, but then again, videos from the 70's were dull as well. To be honest, who actually cares about the production quality?!

Overall Impression — 10
'The Sound Of The Jam' is a great DVD despite the poor production quality. The most impressive thing on this DVD is that the sound quality is phenomenal if you listen to the hits by surround speakers. What I like about this DVD is that it sounded brilliant. What I hate about this DVD is that it was only 25 minutes, it should at least last about an hour or so. If it was stolen/lost, I would probably buy this DVD again. To end this review, 'The Sound Of The Jam' is a great and an enjoyable DVD to watch and hear.

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