The Very Best Of The Jam Review

artist: The Jam date: 06/20/2006 category: compact discs
The Jam: The Very Best Of The Jam
Release Date: 1997
Label: Polydor
Genres: Punk, New Wave, Mod Revival, British Punk
Number Of Tracks: 21
Hardly a necessity for collectors or passionate followers of the group's career, this CD does serve its purpose as a nicely packaged, full-sounding quick study.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
The Very Best Of The Jam Reviewed by: Crash91, on june 20, 2006
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Sound: 'The Very Best Of The Jam' is a typical 'Best Of' album, all of The Jam's hits and no unreleased songs that were poor. An even better album than 'Compact SNAP!', 'The Very Best Of The Jam' is everything a Jam fan would want. The opening track was their debut hit 'In The City', a great song to start off with. Because 'In The City' is addictable, it will get you to listen to the rest of this album to hear the quality of The Jam's music. It contained a brilliant guitar riff from Paul Weller (lead guitarist). The last track was their last hit 'Beat Surrender', a great song to end with. This time it contained orchestral backing and hardly any guitar, but the sensational drum beat from Rick Buckler (drummer) made this song a great song to listen to. Other popular Jam hits that feature on this album are 'Down In The Tube Station At Midnight', 'The Eton Rifles', 'Going Underground', 'Start! ' and 'Town Called Malice'. Both 'Down In The Tube Station At Midnight' and 'Start! ' contained Bruce Foxton's (bassist) greatest bass-lines, while 'The Eton Rifles' and 'Going Underground' contained more blazing guitar riffs from Paul Weller. 'Town Called Malice' was The Jam's best pop song. If you are interested in buying this album, buy it - there is no better Jam album than this and prepare to be amazed by their music. // 10

Lyrics: What can you say about Paul Weller? Not only he's a great guitarist, but he is also a sensational song writer, and his singing skills ain't bad either. He has composed most of these songs, and they were of the highest quality. But credit to Bruce Foxton for composing 'News Of The World', it was one of many great Jam songs. But everyone knows that The Jam produced one of the greatest song writers in the UK - Paul Weller. // 10

Overall Impression: I will guarantee that you will love this album. It's an ideal gift for a Jam fan at an affordable price as well. The most stupidiest question about this album is 'What are the most impressive songs from the album?' - every song, well apart from 'The Bitterist Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)'. Anyway, what I love about this album is that it's a typical 'Best Of' album, because it has all Jam hits and it's also in time order. What is there to hate about it? If it were stolen/lost, I would definitely buy it again. To end this review, 'The Very Best Of The Jam' is the best Jam album you'll ever find in the shops, go ahead and buy it. // 10

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