You Can't Stop Me review by The Joe Davis Band

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (9 votes)
The Joe Davis Band: You Can't Stop Me

Sound — 10
This band creates a musical style unlike anything that I've ever heard before. Screaming guitars, rumbling bass, and thunderous drums combine to make this album a must have for any heavy metal and/or southern rock fan. Lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Davis uses elements of his favorite musicians and molds them into his own unique sound. Slide guitar played over heavy, southern styled riffs coupled with shred guitar solos represent the genre of "Swamp Metal" very well.

Lyrics — 9
The vocals on this record are fantastic. Davis' loud and crunchy timbre drives each and every song, while still allowing the soulful feel of Piece of Mind (and others) to shine through. Hailing from Kannapolis, NC, some songs represent life in the south, a must for any southern rock band. Aside from a few phrases here and there, the lyrics are well written and easily understood. The power-packed vocals and lyrics are sure to hit home.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this is an excellent album. Unlike a lot of bands and records out nowadays, this CD feels "complete." The presence and power of songs like "Last Man Standing" leaves you on the edge of your seat, while the swamp anthem "Swamp Woman" and acoustic "Piece of Mind" blur the lines between "mainstream" and pure rock'n'roll. I bought this album as part the 3 CD package deal off the band's website ( and I can't stop listening to it, and the others. If you like Lynyrd Skynrd, Ozzy, Blackfoot, Black Label Society, etc. then you have to pick up this record.

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    I saw their ad in guitar world and somebody from the band promoting on the guitar world facebook page...listened to them...didnt like it too much. I'm all for the southern metal sound. but joe davis gets an "eh" from me.
    JBailey23 wrote: I saw their ad in guitar world and somebody from the band promoting on the guitar world facebook page...listened to them...didnt like it too much. I'm all for the southern metal sound. but joe davis gets an "eh" from me.
    Although 'eh' sounds kinda like 'A', don't confuse the two. These guys really only deserve the first one.
    These guys rock, and actually have talent unlike some other bands out there.
    The Joe Davis Band totally rocks..if you see them live..thats what the fuss is about....
    Jbailey and Reisgar..have never seen The JDB live. They are one of the best hard rock bands in the south. They are also some of the nicest, hard working guys around...they totally kick ass,
    There is no band like The Joe Davis Band!! I am lucky I have seen then live so many times and I crave more JDB!! They are Southern Swamp Heavy Metal Rockin Roll at its best!!! I will forever be a Joe Davis Band Fan and Follower for eternity!!!! Noone compares to The Joe Davis Band!! Noone!!!
    I have been thinking about this.. JBailey23 needs to come on out to NC and see what Southern Metal Swamp Music really is.. There is a major difference between what he is used to in Texas then what we ROCK to in NC!!! Noone Compares to The Joe Davis Band!!!
    Are you a fan of American Idol? Cookie-cutter main stream or cover bands? If you are, then look elsewhere. The Joe Davis Band embodies what rock and roll bands used to be, should be, and could be again. You can't deny or hide talent, and these guys are heavily blessed with it. "You Can't Stop Me" represents years of hard work, dedication, and paying dues as their best project to date. From the title track to Mulenium, you are strapped into a nitro-methane powered musclecar joyride. Make sure you take time to soak in "Lil Piece of Mind" and my personal favorite "Test The Line" along the way. Show me another band where the screaming lead vocalist is also the smoking lead guitarist and talent-laden song writer. As I've previously stated, you can't hide or deny talent; and the time has come for the JDB. Hey, big record labels! Producers! Gene Simmons and others who think they can spot real talent! Here's a big Las Vegas sized neon sign pointing you to the Joe Davis Band! Give "Can't Stop Me" a thorough and unbiased listen. When you realize their true talent and MARKETABLE potential, the course of action should be clear. For fans like myself, the decision is even the album, crank the volume to maximum, and enjoy the hell out of it!
    The Joe Davis Band are what Kick Ass Rockin Heavy Metal Music is.. They give all the have for their music and they are no sell outs.. They are not a commercial cover band like alot that is out there and they do not rely on working for a radio station to get their name out to the public. Their Fans know what to expect from them at an event pure excitement electrified!! Noone Compares to Joe Davis!! Noone Compares to Wes Johnson and Noone Compares to Patrick Daniel Trombly.. Forget the Cover Bands!! The only band you will ever need is The Joe Davis Band!! JDB crushes all the rest!!!
    I've heard their music and love it!!!! Can't wait to see them live!!!!
    My Dad is a booking agent in the Charlotte, NC area and he highly recommends the Joe Davis Band. They are the epitome of Southern Rock and what rock is supposed to be! If you havent heard them or given them a chance, you are missing out! Most bands these days are unoriginal and boring but the Joe Davis Band is unique and sure to have you on your feet!