Day & Age review by The Killers

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  • Released: Nov 24, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (149 votes)
The Killers: Day & Age

Sound — 7
Glamour boy Brandon Flowers, lead singer for The Killers, said in a interview that this was the best album they have made... personally, I'm not too sure. This album is 1 of the biggest albums of 2008 but it really doesn't weigh up to 2004's 'HOT FUSS'. Dance hit 'Human' and soon to be hit 'Spaceman' are really the only songs that grab you on the album were Hot Fuss had 'Mr. Brightside', 'Smile like You Mean It', 'Somebody Told Me' and 'All These Things That I've Done'. The instrument use in this album is also a little bit of a worry but still works. A song that doesn't grab you but is one of the best tracks on the album by far is 'Joyride'. Yes, it may have a sax solo but the funky dance rhythm (mixed up with bongos and steel drums) and 10 out of 10 lyrics make it suburb, ('Pulled up to a motel, Vacancy was buzzing, Pink and dirty neon settled on the hood. Wrapped her arms around me, come a little closer. Stumbled in the twilight and fell onto the floor'). Another great track is 'I Can't Stay'. Hate it or love it, this song is nice, catchy tropical song and is well produced with sax, harp and a heavy acoustic bass line. Then there are the songs that aren't the best but aren't bad either like 'Neon Tiger'. It is a great listen with a heavy, catchy chorus but one of those songs that you skip on your CD. 'This Is Your Life' would be 1 of the best tracks on the album if it wasn't almost a strait rip off of Baltimora's 'Tarzan Boy'. Hear it for yourself. 'The World We Live In' which has a slick chorus, really is a dud song and 'Goodnight, Travel Well' which is really good the first few times you hear it becomes really boring going for almost 7 minutes. Overall, the sound is pretty different from other music around. Very 80's with a range of different instruments but really, deserves it's haters.

Lyrics — 9
Ohk. It's The Killers so you expect funky lyrics from 'em. The worst lyrics from the album come from the opening track 'Losing Touch' which has the sentences Caress me in your velvet chair (which personally is cheesy and annoying) and You sold your soul like a Roman vagabond which also annoys me. Your also got the confusing lyrics of 'Human', Are we human / Are we dancer? . Hearing other people sing ARE WE DANCERS! really pisses me off. The good lyrics clearly come from 'Joyride' as I mentioned before. Over sang, but suits 100%. Also 'I Can't Stay', clear, simple and terrific. The 'great' lyrics come from 'A Dustland Fairytale'. I don't need to say anything about it; just listen to the song and you'll know what I mean. Blue Jean serenade / Moon river what you do to me... I don't believe you! Overall the lyrics are confusing and weird making them great. Fit in nicely but really the same old, same old Killers stuff.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, this is a great album. 10 track (not including bonus tracks) is not long enough. Album flys by too quickly but it's clearly one of the best of 2008. Yes, it's not as good as 'Hot Fuss' and it does have sax solos and African chants but hey!, it does welcome new Killers classics 'Human' and 'Spaceman' and another dimension to 21st century pop music. Must Listen Too: Human, Spaceman, Joyride, A Dustland Fairytale, I Can't Stay, A Crippling Blow (bonus Track). Worth A Look: Neon Tiger, This Is Your Life, Losing Touch, Tidal Wave (bonus Track). Forget About: Goodnight, Travel Well.

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    This is the biggest comment board/lifeless cluster **** I've ever seen. I like the album, but Hot Fuss and Sam's Town are much better. I didn't have to argue with anyone. See? It's called having a life.
    My 0.02: album well worth the $13. Spaceman sucks bigtime, I can't believe this is a single. Goodnight, travel well probably my favourite track on the disc - no it isn't and should not be a radio release, but this is the song that sticks in my head the most.
    Oh I forgot to mention, the only song on the album I absolutely cannot stand is Joy ride. This song is horrid, absolutely horrid.
    Great album. Loved the lyrics, sound, and everything about it. I could listen to this album over and over again. Overall a great move by the Killers
    Ha Ha... They're so far from being an Indie band dude. They're Pop/Rock.
    quazitron wrote: Sawdust was a total train-wreck. I will add this to my collection enthusiastically, but it'll take some doing to undo the disappointment I felt with Sawdust.
    Sawdust WAS NOT a real album. Fan's has requested a CD of b-sides and remixes of killer's songs and they delivered. It was not supposed to be a big hit. It was meant to satisfy die-hard fans. As for Day and Age, "Human" and "Spaceman" are the only great songs but are still not nearly as good as Hot Fuss
    Yeah i agree Hot fuss was way better however this album is also worth listening to. Losing touch, Spaceman, a crippling blow, Neon Tiger and A Dustland fairytale are mentionable tracks in the album.