Day & Age review by The Killers

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  • Released: Nov 24, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.9 (150 votes)
The Killers: Day & Age

Sound — 7
I always loved the Killers and how they sound, simply because their "new style" Indie Rock that is different from any other Indie Band I ever heard make them a very original band. They changed a lot their style since their first album. The difference from Day & Age and any of the two other records is basicly this... Brandon Flowers is using his keyboard way more than any other time in his life, and this can be something good... Or not necesarily.

Lyrics — 6
Listening to Brandon Flower's lyrics were always one of the thing I enjoyed, his lyrics were like the second best ride of the amusement park, but... When I was listening for the first time the songs in the new record I simply... Knew something changed, you just cannot compare the lyrics from any other albums with the third album. Lyrics like Uncle Johnny or On Top are lyrics that stayed in my mind and probably will like... Forever. But simply, and this is really simple, Human, Neon Tiger or Losing Touch, even though great songs, I am almost sure, that this third album is like the leftovers of their creativity... It hurts me deep to say this but... I am pretty sure that they were obblied to make the third album and the first thing they actually put on a paper they went to the studio and record it...

Overall Impression — 7
Definitely doesnt compare to any other work this great artist ever made. The first four songs were the ones I liked the most, and not because they have videos or anything, but because they are actually the best songs. I still listen to the killers almost every day on the PC and on the stereo, but Day & Age I have only listened to completely this means all the songs from the album once, after I bought the album... A mistake I'll never make once again. If I lost this album, I would buy it back again, because I respect and like The Killers, only because of that.

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    Whats with all the flaming? i know this is a guitar forum, but just because the album isnt guitar-driven, everybody automatically hates it? There seems to be a hate campaign against Human in particluar, simply because its a pop song I suggest you all grow up and stop being so close-minded, all the best rock/metal artists draw influence from music that isnt guitar-dominated...
    belavista man
    rockinrors wrote: quazitron wrote: Sawdust was a total train-wreck. I will add this to my collection enthusiastically, but it'll take some doing to undo the disappointment I felt with Sawdust. Sawdust was just a remix album with a few tracks they werent planing on releasing.
    I'm glad somebody noticed. Why else would it have not been promoted?
    Don't know about you but after many listens I've found this album amazing (I Can't Stay, The World We Live In, and the masterpiece Goodnight Travel Well capture me every time).