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artist: The Killers date: 11/26/2008 category: compact discs
The Killers: Day & Age
Released: Nov 24, 2008
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Island
Number Of Tracks: 10
The unique thing about The Killers is that they are an indie band that sounds completely different to any other band on the musical market. And so do their latest outing, "Day & Age."
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.7
Day & Age Featured review by: UG Team, on november 26, 2008
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Sound: The unique thing about The Killers is that they are an indie band that sounds completely different to any other band on the musical market. Their latest outing, Day & Age, shows exactly what I mean. Within this album, there are still the echoes of Hot Fuss and Sam's Town, but there are some completely new writing directions on some of the tracks. The original instruments are still holding there, as ever, but they are joined by saxophone on some tracks, which adds a brand new twist to The Killers' music which would be welcomed by many (but maybe not by some people who loved their debut album more than anything).

The album opens with 'Losing Touch', which shows the band keeping heavily keyboard driven. For the most part, the instruments keep a similar sound to that of their previous work, whilst being joined by saxophone to create this completely fresh sounding production. The song is well written in the way that it opens with lone keyboards, but is worked up with the rest of the band towards, and maintained throughout, the verses. The choruses and the middle 8 etc., however, see them bringing the playing down to a different level in typical Killers style. This happens a lot in this album, which is pretty clever when considered from both a musical and consumer (listener) point of view.

They then go on to power through the would-be party anthem, 'Human'. Like a lot of their other singles, 'Human' captures you from the word go. It's also a nice song because I find that you can listen to it both casually and in a party atmosphere, which isn't always as easy to come by as some may think. The next single you come across is 'Spaceman' which, sadly, is nowhere near as good as the previous song. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it's standing in the shadow of the better single, and is easily forgettable. More dance-rock anthems then flow on from the Vertigo tap, in the form of the following:

04.'Joy Ride': a very funky, almost Spanish sounding track that blows you away from the word go. The choruses and such are a little predictable though, using the same technique to change it. A good song overall though. The sax is back in this one too, for the record.
05.'A Dustland Fairytale': starts slow - the sort of thing you would sway to at a gig - but turns into this beauty of a dance/rocker that will make the glummest of teenagers tap their feet. Again, the song is more keyboard driven than anything.
06.'This Is Your Life': starts off with an odd African-sounding chant which may be off-putting to some. It's a good song when it gets going, though. The drums, guitar links and rhythm all keep that African feel going throughout the song, even though it's really only a subtle thing.
07.'I Can't Stay': this song starts more bass driven than anything, but the rest of the instruments work their way in gradually. The array of instruments in this song include the use of acoustic guitar, (what sounds like) a harp, saxophone (again) and various percussion. To some listeners that spells over-produced. To me, that means a well written song that requires a precise selection of instruments and careful production - A good song overall.
08.'Neon Tiger': starts off a little odd, but turns into yet another cleverly written song. The guitar lines, unlike typical pop/rock music today, aren't over-powering and are kept to a minimum (as it should be with a song like this). It's a pretty nice song, though it feels as if it's there to fill space - as a result, it's easily forgettable once the next track comes on.
09.'The World We Live In': pretty different to the rest of the songs on here, this feels more drum-driven than anything. Everything is played when needed to and I not over-played at all, hence the drums aren't too up-front in the mix. This song is well written too.
10.'Goodnight, Travel Well': scary, to say the least; I wouldn't play this when saying farewell to someone, let's put it that way. Very creepy and very repetitive until near the end, is the best way to describe it. Not the best track on the album at all, though it could be appreciated more by different audiences, I don't know.
11.'A Crippling Blow': the bonus track on my release of the album; I don't know if it will be different, depending on the country. It's an alright song that is driven by acoustic guitar more than anything. The chorus is the catchiest part though. // 8

Lyrics: Some of Flowers' lyrics aren't incredibly inspired, as has been shown in a lot of Killers' songs (Are we human or are we dancers? isn't exactly heart-breaking). The main appeal when it comes to lyrics comes in the form of a particular line that hooks the listener. They do this a hell of a lot, on this album also. The key line in 'Human', which I already mentioned once, makes no sense but hooks the listener easily. The same goes for songs like 'A Crippling Blow', which gets into your head with the line I don't need time, I don't need time.

I think Flowers is a good singer on this record, as always. One of his problems is straying from the melody ever so slightly here and there. Maybe this is his vocal charm. Without it, he wouldn't attract the media attention/fans like he does, I guess, would he? Before I forget, there are some nice harmonies on here, though I get the feeling that a lot of them are handled by Flowers himself. Not a bad thing, but not a good thing when it comes to seeing them live, I don't think. // 7

Overall Impression: Trying to stand up to the acclaim and power of Hot Fuss and Sam's Town was never going to be an easy feat. The Killers have brought a nice selection of songs to the table with Day & Age, and they have paid off. I don't think that fans will like most of it when compared with the likes of early classics, 'Mr Brightside' and 'Somebody Told Me', but it links arms nicely with Sam's Town. Maybe on future albums/releases, they should try another approach like 'Somebody Told Me'? That rawness seems to be lacking in their latest material. // 8

- Anthony Bentley (c) 2008

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overall: 9.7
Day & Age Reviewed by: guitarboy48, on december 01, 2008
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Sound: After a great debut and follow-up album came a collection of b-sides and one new song. I thought, because they were a great band, their b-sides wouldn't be bad. I am a Killers fan but was not very impressed with Sawdust. Songs like Sweet Talk and Under The Gun I liked but Where The White Boys Dance? I mean that was bad. I was hoping for a sound like Hot Fuss's on the new album and the Killers delivered. Spaceman came in with a pop feel and a great bass part that made the song what it is. It had a good amount of bass and effects. The guitar could have shown more but it came out great. Human the first single had a similar feel to A Dustland Fairytale, starting of quiet then adding instruments like bass and drums, making the songs stick out from the rest of the album. Neon Tiger was is a great song with heavy bass and a quiet guitar solo, the song really deliverers when the guitar kicks up about half way into it making the song explode into your ears and letting your mind dance. Joyride, Losing Touch, and I Can't Stay brought something I thought I would never hear from the Killers, Saxaphone. It brought a little jazz fell to the alternative/pop songs making them feel warm and welcoming. The song Good Night Travel Well was a little scary it has the same riff going on in the back round the whole time basically, it was a little to weird and is easily the most disapointing track on the album. Also there was only one guitar solo, which was in Losing Touch. Overall the new albums sound and fell is excellent and surpasses the previous albums. // 10

Lyrics: The Killers always used interesting lyrics like in Andy Your A Star and Somebody Told Me from Hot Fuss, Bones and My List from Sam's Town. And they continued that on Day and Age. Neon Tiger, the name of the song is weird. At first i was worried to listen to it, but it was very good, its about a Tiger that doesn't like being caged. And Human, dancer? It doesn't make sense, "Are we Human or are we Dancer?" They always confused me with their lyrics but they always bring a smile to my face, and they never get old. // 9

Overall Impression: Day and Age is no doubt the best Killers album. The Killers classics: Mr.brightside, All These Things I've Done, Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young, Read My Mind, and Romeo Tranquilize, are now being joined by Human, Spaceman, and A Dustland Fairytale, in my opinion. It's sound is pop and rock mixed and the Killers have added a lot more bass making the songs have a different mood. If I bought all the songs on Itunes i would still go out and buy the album just to look at the cover and the pictures inside. It is an amazing album, Indie/Alternative lovers should go out and buy this godly album. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Day & Age Reviewed by: Big_4, on november 27, 2008
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Sound: The Killers are hands down the most dynamic group on the market today. On Hot Fuss, they demonstrated their paranoid, electro-rock. On Sam's Town, they went after the Springsteen themes of middle class struggles. Sawdust; a wacky and dark compilation album. And on Day and Age, the evolution continues. We see a less mysterious, more effect-laden style. D&A sounds more like Hot Fuss that Sam's Town, no doubt, but there are some entirely new elements here. The guitars are more atmospherical and overdriven when they emerge from the fray of background noise, and the synths are consuming and soft. As always, Vannucci and Stoermer keep the keep the bass and drums tight throughout the album, but when the guitar rises to the top and the synths melt into the background; that is when Day And Age really shines. Song by song: 01.Losing Touch: a song dominated by soft synths and sax. When the guitar takes the lead in the end, we are left in nothing short of awe. 02.Human: a club oriented track that excels due to thumping drums/bass as well some interesting effects from Flower's synthesisizer. The entire song could be done with out a guitar. 03.Spaceman: a throwback to the days of Mr. Brightside. Wall of sound, fast drums, multi-layered. The jangly acoustic guitar and funky bas breakdown make this song one of the best on the album. 04.Joy Ride: hands down the best on the album, although not for reasons the average killers fan would anticipate. Joy Ride is a dancey, jumpy disco song that is almost impossible to shake from your head. The Killers aren't trying that hard on this one, and that's why it rises to the top. No melting solos, no bizarre effects, just high treble guitar, some horns, a little funky bass, and a great vibe. 05.A Dustland Fairytale: they take yet another shot at Springsteen themed dominance. Being a huge fan of Sam's Town, and actually preferring it to Hot Fuss, A Dustland Fairytale is perfect overkill. Albiet annoying towards the end, a pretty good throwback to the epic moments on Sam's Town. 06.This Is Your Life: one of my least favorite. Melancholy, slightly irritating--this is in my opinion just a filler song. The african chants are interesting, but they get old. The lyrics realy tell just good enough of a story to keep this one afloat. 07.I Can't Stay: chill has never been a word used to descibe the killers music, until now. Nice mellow Carribbean vibes (steel drums, need I say more) and shakey acoustic guitar make this song a winner. 08.Neon Tiger: a slower version of a Spaceman style song--wall of sound, strait to the point. Lacks passion though; the middle eight recalls the "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" chants of All These Things That I've Done, but without the anger. Could have been great, but Flower's lack of believability drags it down a little. 09.The World We Live In: a weird, synth driven track. The most 80's-ish on the album. Very strong as far as passion goes, and Dave's guitar is taken back up to claim the throhe is a funky, trembeling solo. 10.Goodnight, Travel Well: miserable, miserable, miserable. Listening to this song infects the listener with sorrow. Is isn't the same 'down-on-their-luck" Killers we've gotten used to--its almost a scary, dare I say disturbed version of the Killers. Oddly enough, in a weird, creppy kind of way, it has it's moments of sheer beauty. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are crazy, crazy, crazy. Often making no sense ("The starmaker say's it aint so bad; the dreammaker 's gonna make you mad"), Flowers is here weird as well as the same man we've gotten used to, and therein predictable. The lyrics on "The World We Live In" are the sole reason the song is any good, and the lyrics on "I Can't Stay" are touching and heartfelt. But it's the lyrics on songs like "Joy RIde" and "A Duatland Fairytale" that show The Killers true lyrical strength. Singing about rattlesnakes and romance and bleeding candy-apple red dresses paint a vivid desert image for the listener. Not as good as Sam's Town, but much better than Hot Fuss, as far as lyrics go. // 8

Overall Impression: There are two major problems with this album: 1.Passion. Throughout the entire thing, not once do we see Brandon flowers truely reach for those big notes he conquered on Sam's Town. He is relaxed and satisfyed--and that is the problem. I miss the anger and outrage that we used to be able to detect in those big notes, especially on "Sam's Town" and "This River Is Wild," as well as "When You Were Young." It seems that Flowers is taking it eary here, and that dissapoints me a little. 2.The Killers have made half of an incredible album - songs 1-5 are basically some of the best work they've put out so far. 6-10 are no where near as exciting. I would have rather waited until February and gotten 10 tracks like "Joy Ride" or "Spaceman" then a hand full of mind blowers and a handfull of fillers. All in all, however, this is still a great album. The Killers are once again headed in a new direction, and I will glady follow. // 9

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overall: 8
Day & Age Reviewed by: thekillers.patd, on december 08, 2008
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Sound: Glamour boy Brandon Flowers, lead singer for The Killers, said in a interview that this was the best album they have made... personally, I'm not too sure. This album is 1 of the biggest albums of 2008 but it really doesn't weigh up to 2004's 'HOT FUSS'. Dance hit 'Human' and soon to be hit 'Spaceman' are really the only songs that grab you on the album were Hot Fuss had 'Mr. Brightside', 'Smile like You Mean It', 'Somebody Told Me' and 'All These Things That I've Done'. The instrument use in this album is also a little bit of a worry but still works. A song that doesn't grab you but is one of the best tracks on the album by far is 'Joyride'. Yes, it may have a sax solo but the funky dance rhythm (mixed up with bongos and steel drums) and 10 out of 10 lyrics make it suburb, ('Pulled up to a motel, Vacancy was buzzing, Pink and dirty neon settled on the hood. Wrapped her arms around me, come a little closer. Stumbled in the twilight and fell onto the floor'). Another great track is 'I Can't Stay'. Hate it or love it, this song is nice, catchy tropical song and is well produced with sax, harp and a heavy acoustic bass line. Then there are the songs that aren't the best but aren't bad either like 'Neon Tiger'. It is a great listen with a heavy, catchy chorus but one of those songs that you skip on your CD. 'This Is Your Life' would be 1 of the best tracks on the album if it wasn't almost a strait rip off of Baltimora's 'Tarzan Boy'. Hear it for yourself. 'The World We Live In' which has a slick chorus, really is a dud song and 'Goodnight, Travel Well' which is really good the first few times you hear it becomes really boring going for almost 7 minutes. Overall, the sound is pretty different from other music around. Very 80's with a range of different instruments but really, deserves it's haters. // 7

Lyrics: Ohk. It's The Killers so you expect funky lyrics from 'em. The worst lyrics from the album come from the opening track 'Losing Touch' which has the sentences Caress me in your velvet chair (which personally is cheesy and annoying) and You sold your soul like a Roman vagabond which also annoys me. Your also got the confusing lyrics of 'Human', Are we human / Are we dancer? . Hearing other people sing ARE WE DANCERS! really pisses me off. The good lyrics clearly come from 'Joyride' as I mentioned before. Over sang, but suits 100%. Also 'I Can't Stay', clear, simple and terrific. The 'great' lyrics come from 'A Dustland Fairytale'. I don't need to say anything about it; just listen to the song and you'll know what I mean. Blue Jean serenade / Moon river what you do to me... I don't believe you! Overall the lyrics are confusing and weird making them great. Fit in nicely but really the same old, same old Killers stuff. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a great album. 10 track (not including bonus tracks) is not long enough. Album flys by too quickly but it's clearly one of the best of 2008. Yes, it's not as good as 'Hot Fuss' and it does have sax solos and African chants but hey!, it does welcome new Killers classics 'Human' and 'Spaceman' and another dimension to 21st century pop music. Must Listen Too: Human, Spaceman, Joyride, A Dustland Fairytale, I Can't Stay, A Crippling Blow (bonus Track). Worth A Look: Neon Tiger, This Is Your Life, Losing Touch, Tidal Wave (bonus Track). Forget About: Goodnight, Travel Well. // 8

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overall: 6.7
Day & Age Reviewed by: armarco, on february 12, 2010
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Sound: I always loved the Killers and how they sound, simply because their "new style" Indie Rock that is different from any other Indie Band I ever heard make them a very original band. They changed a lot their style since their first album. The difference from Day & Age and any of the two other records is basicly this... Brandon Flowers is using his keyboard way more than any other time in his life, and this can be something good... Or not necesarily. // 7

Lyrics: Listening to Brandon Flower's lyrics were always one of the thing I enjoyed, his lyrics were like the second best ride of the amusement park, but... When I was listening for the first time the songs in the new record I simply... Knew something changed, you just cannot compare the lyrics from any other albums with the third album. Lyrics like Uncle Johnny or On Top are lyrics that stayed in my mind and probably will like... Forever. But simply, and this is really simple, Human, Neon Tiger or Losing Touch, even though great songs, I am almost sure, that this third album is like the leftovers of their creativity... It hurts me deep to say this but... I am pretty sure that they were obblied to make the third album and the first thing they actually put on a paper they went to the studio and record it... // 6

Overall Impression: Definitely doesnt compare to any other work this great artist ever made. The first four songs were the ones I liked the most, and not because they have videos or anything, but because they are actually the best songs. I still listen to the killers almost every day on the PC and on the stereo, but Day & Age I have only listened to completely this means all the songs from the album once, after I bought the album... A mistake I'll never make once again. If I lost this album, I would buy it back again, because I respect and like The Killers, only because of that. // 7

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overall: 8.7
Day & Age Reviewed by: alexharris96, on august 25, 2014
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Sound: The Killers "Day & Age" album, for me, took a very different approach to their previous albums firstly for the fact that the lead guitar seems to be hidden well away in the shadows and is overcast by the bass guitar and drums, which allows the album to be considered one of a more modern age. Brandon Flower' vocals are exceptionally brilliant as always and the album is yet another amazing masterpiece from the four piece indie rock band. The instruments blend well together throughout every track and create a modern but yet still very classic sound. // 9

Lyrics: Flowers' songwriting skills are effortless once again, with songs such as "Human" and "Spaceman" showing off his magnificent storytelling method which he is renowned for. Songs such as "Joy Ride" create a sound that will never go out of style and bring the old sixties style instruments back to create a new, very funky sound. The lyrics and music gel very well together as do all of The Killers' songs, they use their instruments wisely to set the meanings and messages alight and lift them off their feet. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, "Day & Age" is a fantastic compilation from The Killers once again. It has shown that they can take risks within their genre but they do this well especially by sticking to the same techniques, usually with the synths and overpowering bass guitars in tracks such as "The World We Live In" (my personal favourite track) this album is definitely worth a listen and does not need to be compared to their previous records due to the fact it is so different and unique. 

However, I feel that tracks such as "This Is Your Life" and "I Can't Stay" are too much alike to exist on the same album, so if I was to criticise one thing, I would have demanded a little bit of a turning point track. Having said that, The Killers are masters of music and they continue to show it within every record that they release. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of indie rock because it checks every box that is desired to succeed in this field. // 9

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