Sam's Town review by The Killers

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (175 votes)
The Killers: Sam's Town

Sound — 10
It took me about a year listening to this album to finally feel able to review it. I first got into the killers with the now famous single "Somebody told me". I soon got Hot Fuss and absolutely loved it. About a month later I picked up Sam's Town. After much thought, I believe this to be one of the greatest albums of the year. However, I believe that there will be limited commercial sucess due to the complete change in sound. Sam's Town takes you on a literal tour of Las Vegas, and the Southwest area. It is filled with stories of hope, heartbreak, redemption, revenge, and salvation. It almost feels as if you know the characters in the songs. The synthesizers have been placed in the background somewhat, being replaced by distorted guitar, bass, saxophones, and other more organic instruments. Amazing drum solos scatterd throughout the album. THe whole album carries a casino theme and is filled with orchestral flourishes. "Bones" sounds like an elvis song with a killers twist. When you were young is pure joy and adrenaline, sounding like U2's" where the streets have no name" and Bruce Springsteens "born to run". "Read my mind" is a Synthy anthem filled with huge choruses and hooks ala U2. "For reasons unknown" could be ono the soundtrack to a western!

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are very good here. On "Uncle Jonny" Flowers tells the story of an unlcle( no guessing there! ) addicted to cocaine. "Read My Mind" is almost an inspirational break-up song. When you were young is a gem read some of these lyrics "we're burning down the highway skyline one the back of a hurricane/that started turnin' when you/ were young." much better than hot fuss. Brandons voice has cahnged too. With less of a British voice, and more of a western drawl, he almost crrons over "Bones".

Overall Impression — 10
Overall much better songwriting(while I do hope they get back to they're old sound)though it will not do as well as Hot Fuss. Critics will bash this album due to comments Brandon made prior to it's release, and accuse it of being unoriginal. Pop charts will reject it with it's lack of a new "Somebody Told Me". But this album will be loved in the hearts of all true killers fan's(like me). iI give props to the kilers, while most of their peers will become much more commercial friendly while sacrificing their artistic integrity, the killers seem to be doing the opposite. If you wan't to find a true killers fan ask them what they think of this album. You'll sooon find the difference between teenyboppers and true fans of this band.

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    foxeyvolume wrote: im not trying to sound like an ***** or anything, but all of these band are just taking what bands like joy division/new order did and making it more poppy, and thats nothing to be proud of nor is it a reason to praise them also on a side not: i would just like to say that indie is NOT a genre, it is the type of label you are on and dont bother changing the meaning, the genre is called brit-pop (and yes i know the killers are from vegas, but they are still making brit-pop) when you call bands like hot hot heat or the arctic monkeys indie as the genre you sound like an ignorant deouche lol
    Thank you, Indie confuses me so much, like the whole genre is defined by the vocals, but yeah it shouldnt be a genre. anyways, sorry everyone i never have been a killers fan, they kinda creep me out or something, kinda like when you get that vibe that someone you meet is a pedafile, probably a bad example but i get that kinda weird, "ok you shouldnt be listening to these guys cause their pedafiles" vibe. haha but i do like the song when you were young, thats just a straight up catchy good tune.