Sawdust review by The Killers

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.2 (87 votes)
The Killers: Sawdust

Sound — 6
Its The Killers so expect the same jangly, droning, cow boy esque, american sound. This may be a b sides collection but the quality of the recordings is excellent and anyone of the songs could have made it onto an album, well infact they all have, right now funnily enough. So yeh sound is nothing new or startling.

Lyrics — 7
Bit hit and miss really, some of the songs have great lyrics like the first part in the murder trilogy (Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf) but some aren't really that special (White Boys Dance). Also in some of these songs I just hate brandons voice, this is mostly more of the older stuff though and in songs like Sams Town (Abbey Road version) is voice is just amazing.

Overall Impression — 7
As most reviews are saying yes for a B sides collection this is pretty good, but at times you forget it's a B sides collection, and this is when you realise that some of the songs aren't really that strong, which is why they are B sides, and maybe should have been left that way (white boys, michael valentine), but the brand new songs more than make up for this, after hearing opener tranquilize you really can't wait to hear the killers next offering. The covers are also really good, with romeo and juliet being the stand out, as well as en excellent cover of Joy Divisions "Shawdow Play". To be honest I wouldn't actully buy this again giving the chance instead I would just download the cover songs and tranquilize as that's really all I got the album for with the hope there might be something else there, but even after a few weeks listen I find myself getting frustrated with it. This is no sams town or Hot fuss, but then again it was never meant to be, it's just a stop gag, and damn good one too, but it's not worth the money unless your a real fan, or it's going cheap (which it actually is at the moment in some online stores). So as a stop gag 9 out of ten but as an album a very low 7.

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    let me say that this album is by far the best... bash my opinion all you want. The killers other two albums were amazing as well but Sawdust seems to portray a side so different from the other albums. The guitar playing and flow of words give off such a new rock and roll sound and one that i believe to the best out there. Let me also add that with the dramatically horrible path the sound of rock and roll is taking(HINDER, BUCKCHERRY,FINGER 11, and NICKLEBACK.....)music like that of the killers is quite a relieving.
    Heard them a couple of years ago at a place called the ambassador in Dublin and they were really great live, then saw them at oxygen festival and they were really terrible... But I like that song with Lou Reed, it's pretty good
    Amroth wrote: If they have two cd's out.. Then why the hell release a compilation? This smells of greed like little else.
    it's b-sides, covers and unused songs. not a "best of" or anything. they had alot of music they felt was good enough for an album, but didnt fit in with their previous releases. THATS why they released sawdust. I and salute them for it!
    [quote]charco wrote: Heard them a couple of years ago at a place callKnow what you mean. Oxegen wasn't as great, but at Marlay Park recently, they were unbelievably great.
    Unborn Legend
    The songs aren't boring at all? What are you smoking. Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf, All the Pretty Faces, and Tranquilize are flat out amazing