Inside In Inside Out review by The Kooks

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  • Released: Feb 7, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (108 votes)
The Kooks: Inside In Inside Out

Sound — 8
The Kooks are the best new British band for, well, a very long time. All the hype at the moment is for the Arctic Monkeys, but there are in my opinion only one/two songs worth mentioning on Whatever People Say, while Inside In Inside Out is a rock album with true pedigree. From the beginning it plays like a greatest hits, and this clever young band from Brighton have finally started out-selling the Flunkeys. The influence is strange, which is possibly makes this record stand out; it is different. There are definitely elements of The Strokes, or more accurately great big chunks of them, but there is also influence from inside the British scene, with a few moments which wouldn't be amiss on a Zutons or Coral record, and possibly a few moments running right back to the mighty Zeppelin. But the music isn't in any way limited to these influences, as I said it is different. They've experimented with simple, catchy stuff and it's come off well with help from the addictive riffs and the ballsy, riotous lyrics.

Lyrics — 10
The album begins with the slow acoustic 'Seaside' quite a contrast to the rest of the album, but it's still definitely a sing-along and makes a good intro to the rest of the record. It's followed by the loud and proud 'See the World', an anthem by any standard this sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly, with big verses and bigger lyrics. This is a song from the heart and the lyrics show it. The repeating of 'What? What? What?' at the end shows how ballsy this band is, and they certainly have every right to be. The hits continue through to number 9, every one is releasable material. Each is memorable in it's own way and just will not get out of your head. More arrogance comes from 'We're going out tonight, we're gonna walk all over your cars' of 'Matchbox'. 'I Want You' unfortunately lets the side down a little, don't get me wrong it's still good, but in comparison with the rest of the album it is poor, too whiny and slow for me. 'If Only' is very much like a snapshot of the whole album, slow to start and then absolutely brilliant, but dies at the end. 'Jacky Big Tits' follows and is dire when first heard, but is actually a very good song, if rather different to the rest of the album. 'Time Awaits' is as good as any of the first nine hits, and the muted sections at the end, where the volume is basically turned off and then back on again twice, is just pure original brilliance. More ballsy lyrics really show the confidence in this band, which others might not dare show without reputation: 'She tore those panties down, to love me wetter'. Unfortunately they just couldn't finish the album on a high, and in my opinion the album should just be turned off before 'Got No Love' even begins. It lets the album down, again it's not that bad a song, but possibly the high standards set by the rest of the album are blurring my judgement. Singer skills, Luke Pritchard's voice goes fantastically with the acoustic/rock mix of the guitars and holds this together well, with a voice very similar to Julian Casablanca of the Strokes, but still with that British accent which seems to give the songs an even more catchy, almost rebellious edge.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a fantastic album, it trully is. It is better than anything out in the British market at the moment, and I can only see the Kooks going on the achieve great things. Sure it does get a bit lost at the end, but this album is well worth any money you spend on it. I'd happily pay 100 for a new one if some b*gger nicked it that's for sure. The Kooks show with this debut that big things are going to come from them, lets hope they don't take too much influence from The Strokes and wallow in their second album. Long live The Kooks.

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    the kooks are just a second rate razorlight. No one should pretend that they are anyway near as good as arctic monkeys. this album is a seven at best, and anyone who would pay 100 for it can speak to me about taking my copy of my hands.
    thomasnewman wrote: the kooks are just a second rate razorlight. No one should pretend that they are anyway near as good as arctic monkeys. this album is a seven at best, and anyone who would pay 100 for it can speak to me about taking my copy of my hands.
    don listen to the punk who wrote the above. ive watched one of their performances and i thot that they were great.their sound isn bad i was actually surprised by it and so were their lyrics. i dont know about them being a second rate razorlight but i think they are worth a listen
    The album is good, i'll admit the Kooks are probably better songwriters than Arctic Monkeys, but i still prefer the Monkeys because of the lyrics and their attitude, and after Naive, the Kooks album is pretty crap actually. But i dont think theyre a second rate Razorlight, they have a heavy reggae influence, and sound quite like the Police in places (which i'm surprised wasn't mentioned in this article).
    I like the kooks, and plan to see them live in may, but I must admit I also think the album sort of dies after Naive. Still quite fresh-sounding, but they do remind me of the Strokes, Hot Hot Heat, Razorlight...
    brought the album on saturday. and i'd say its good. the kooks dont sit behind razerlight, more alongside. Their songs have to be listened to in the right mood though, if i was in a pissed off mood id probably throw the CD across the room. but definately worth a listen to, although would take a few listens to notice the complexity of the songs and the wit around which they are written
    No, there's no point comparing these guys to Razorlight becuase they're obviously miles ahead. Also, although their lyrics may be ballsy, they are in no was arrogant. However, speaking of arrogance, anyoen heard the new Razorlight single? Not only arrogant but bad too. These guys get my vote - one of teh best albums I've bought this year.
    Sgt. Pepper
    I think if the album had less tracks it would be better, the acoustic-rock tracks are by far the superior tracks on this album. Great album though.