Konk review by The Kooks

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (89 votes)
The Kooks: Konk

Sound — 10
I don't think you can define The Kooks sound. It is a big mixture of everything they like. I can defiently see their big influence (The Kinks) which comes out strongly in their lyrics. Other reviews may say their isn't as much punch as inside out/inside in, that's a lie. The lyrics are better and have a grappling effect. Hugh is one of the best lead guitarist I've heard, almost like he took a step up from George Harrison. Luke's combination of chords and strum patterns are as original as it gets.

Lyrics — 10
The whole CD has great lyrics, my opinion. There are a couple songs where it doesn't truly define The Kooks, but none the less bang up job. I feel a lot of Ray Davies coming out of Luke's mouth. Not a bad thing, we defiently need more crazy mother f--kers like Ray.

Overall Impression — 10
This is hands down my favorite album. I can only think of legendary 60 bands matching up with these guys, everyone else, like RHCP, Raconteurs, Sublime, Nirvana and so on. Do not have the fire that's in these guys. Americans can make good music, but it's pretty rare for them to make something sad or depressing into something joyful. U.S. did invent rock 'n' roll, but the god damn British def made it better.

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    Agree totally with first review. Kooks have swayed abit too much into Pop for my liking in this new album. They seem to have compromised alot of their songs to make them more "radio friendly" as the first review said. The Acoustic version of "always where I need to be" they did in a session at lowlands ago was so much better. Hugh is a great guitarist btw.
    btw a cd is only promotion for a band joining their concerts...so I love this cd, "sway" "see the sun" and "gap" pretty much...but the sound of a song like "sofa song" is a bit missing
    mallen i am
    hugh is amazingly amazing i wish i could play as well as him **hangs head in shame**
    theyre not too bad there are some pretty good songs in there but yeah i guess its not as good as the first one.
    I don't know why so many people hate it, I think it's fantastic. I got it for free and was reluctant to listen to it, me being a metal head since I was a wee lad. However, I thought it was just awesome, though the first review was right, Hugh is the highlight to the record. Nevertheless, it's a real good record to put on and just relax, whether with drink etc.
    always where i need to be can be a tad addictive. see the sun, gap, down to the market, tick of time is nice too. inside in/out is still mah favorite tho.
    why do people dislike Do You Wanna so much? I think it's a great song, yeah a bit cocky and sleazy. but history has millions of great cocky and sleazy songs and bands. The Fratellis, The Stones, Oasis, Chili's, Hendrix, Guns N' Roses etc, and in a lot of ways that's what make them great. favorite songs on new album "Do You Wanna", "Sway", "Stormy Weather" and "Gap"
    jason white
    this album is good on cd but amazing live i saw em the other day in melbourne and the songs off konk went off just as much as the 'classics' keep it up boys
    So what kind of style would the lead guitar fall in See the Sun: Love it All: and Sway? I mean I know its a couple of mixtures of styles but i cant figure it out!