Up The Bracket review by The Libertines

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  • Released: Oct 14, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (93 votes)
The Libertines: Up The Bracket

Sound — 10
Upbeat indie rock, that is what this album is and sounds like. Every song on this album has a certain energy that I have not found in other bands of the same genre. Each song is carried by innovative guitar riffs and lairy vocals, caused by Pete and Carl's powerful singing, listen to the intro of 'Up the Bracket'. The two guitars blend well at the appropriate times, 'Good Old Days' but can also clearly separate, 'Death on the Stairs'.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics throughout the album are deep and deal with more issues than just love and the general banter that is sung about nowadays. A lot of the lyrics are about the strife of being destitute and coming from the lower classes. I get the impression that a lot of the lyrics come about by living and looking at London life a little deeper than the ordinary citizen. Some of the lyrics one can only understand by living the colourful London life that The Libertines lived. Pete and Carl are both talented, unique singers who have no trouble projecting their voice; the projection that gives this album such emotion.

Overall Impression — 10
Its very hard to say which album I prefer 'Up the Bracket' or 'The Libertines' each album has some stunning tracks, I couldn't live without both the albums. From 'Up the Bracket' I adore: Death on the Stairs, Time for Heroes, Up the bracket, Tell the king, Begging and Good Old Days. The other omitted songs are still very good. I have heard several times from several people in the past the arguement that they should put more time into the recording process and fine tuning various parts of the album. I however I disagree with these people on the grounds that imperfections truly show the attitude and personality of The Libertines as a band and individuals. They weren't perfect, they were high most of the time and when they weren't they were drunk and they all had various other serious issues besides the drugs and drink. I don't think there is a single thing I hate about this album, it's a pity they only did two (well three but the third soesn't count), it's a pity that their individual problems couldn't be dealt with so the band could continue. I am praying for a reunion in light of the 'Best of' album being released. What a reunion it would be, one which I would happily skip school for and pay an extortionate amount of money for!

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