Modern Artillery review by The Living End

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  • Released: Oct 28, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (4 votes)
The Living End: Modern Artillery

Sound — 8
Although this album may be the worst out of the other Living End creations, it is still a terrific album. Each song has its own unique content and quality to make the album into a great listen. The new drummer Andy Stratchen enters the band when this album is recorded, and he fits in terrificly with the band, as a musician and a person. The bass and guitar mix together perfectly. 01. What Would You Do? - a little short and simple for the Living End. But lyrics are entertaining and humourous. 02. Tabloid Magazine - good song. pre-chorus is best bit of the song. 03. Whos Gonna Save Us? - extremly good song. Great solo and lyrics. 04. End Of The World - unbelievably good song. Lyrics and bass solo is best bits of the song. 05. Jimmy - probably the worst song on the album, even though it was Chris Cheney's favourite up until Nothing Lasts Forever. 06. One Said To The Other - pretty good song. Lyrics are very good and the solo is excellent. 07. In The End - fairly good. I haven't listened to this song much. 08. Maitland Street - excellent lyrics. Very good song. 09. Putting You Down - great guitar, but the lyrics are not as good in this song as in others. 10. Short Notice - the percussion part and vocals at the start piss me off, but real vocals, drums and guitar eventually kick in. Funny lyrics. 11. So What - lyrics are good, but instruments could be much better. 12. Rising Up From The Ashes - great song. Expecially good lyrics and great instruments. I love the chorus. 13. Hold Up - I love this song! Second favourite on the entire album. Excellent lyrics and fantastic guitar riffs. 14. The Room - best song on the entire album. It goes for eight minutes and there is several different sections in the song that sound completely different. The chorus is great and the lyrics are excellent. The best part is the huge solo near the end.

Lyrics — 10
the lyrics in modern artillery are unbelievably good. The best example of this is in "Hold Up" and "the room" and in some cases, "Short Notice" due to the funnyness. Chris Cheney sings every word perfectly except for at the beginnning of "Short Notice" where is sounds kinda weird. But apart from that, its great.

Overall Impression — 9
Modern Artillery is a highly underated album. It may not be the best Living End album, but it still kicks some serious ass. It is defenatly one of my favourite albums and if it was stolen or lost, I would go out and find the guy who took it. Firstly, I'd ask him nicely, and if he doesnt give it back, I will shoot him and take it back. It is an amazing album.

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    the living end is jst alright....the older albums kicked much more ass. i am the first one!!!!.
    wow... a review i agree with... aside from hold up.. and end of the world... but yeah, fuken AMAZING album... one of my faves.
    in my opinion u gave this a bad review no offence but id hafta say this is one of there best albums
    Great Review, I agree exactly what you said about every song except jimmy, i love that song. I think this is actually my favorite TLE Album.