White Noise review by The Living End

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  • Released: Jul 21, 2008
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.4 (55 votes)
The Living End: White Noise

Sound — 4
The Living End have always been, since I first got into them in 2003, in my top 5 favourite bands of all time. But after listening to "White Noise", I was truly disappointed. It was sad to see these rockabilly boys from Melbourne, Australia had become another industry sellout. I thought they'd snap out of it after their previous work, "State of Emergency," but no, it wasn't to be. Chris Cheney, I was disappointed to see, has begun to dabble in modulation effects. I never thought I'd see the day where a Living End song was based on a riff with a heavy chorus over it.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are of the usual high standard that the Living End pulls out album after album. As they always have, the intelligence of their lyrics has progressed from the last album, but their growth seems to be slowing. The music and lyrics fit together well, with Chris Cheney's powerful lyrics and voice floating over the top of the newly buzz-cut Scott Owen's masterful double bass and Andy Strachan's skillful drums.

Overall Impression — 5
It compares badly to all previous albums, I must say. The only tracks that truly stand out are the title track "White Noise," and "How Do We know?" Which is the first track on the album. I won't pay $20 for a record with 2 good tracks on it. But The Living End can only go up from this stage of doing this pop punk bullshit.

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    Are you ****in' serious! This is The Living End 's greatest, most powerfull and mature record ever! If you had nothing but bullshit to say about them, why did you bother...
    They are industry sellouts, yet they have intelligent lyrics? Don't quit your day job dude. What are you talking about Adarsh. Read the other comments, look at all the people talking about the songs they think are sick, that they think are absolute killers. And you're saying there aren't ANY memorable songs? Personally I loved Moment in the Sun the most, followed closely by Loaded Gun, Kid and Listen Up Suzie. Hell I love the whole album
    anybody who was expecting a rockabilly album should take a look at the last 3 albums and see whether or not the influence is still there. aside from a few covers; "rising sun" released in 2007 and a few acoustic covers, the band hasn't recorded anything even close to "rockabilly" since the late nineties maybe roll on era. even their early stuff wasn't really "rockabilly" music, it just had some 50's influences and rhythms. the album is great in my opinion, people should recognize great playing and songwriting when they hear it. my two cents.
    I never thought I'd see the day where a Living End song was based on a riff with a heavy chorus over it. i hope your not talking about How Do We Know? cos that is an octave pedal not chorus. alos that review was terrible
    This seems like a shit review, there are obvious contradictions. I still need to get the album, though.
    Awful review. There's a couple of songs that I don't love (Sum of Us being the biggest offender) but for the most part, the songs are hugely catchy and still retain the great guitar work we've come to expect from Chris. If I had to pick an absolute favourite song, it might be Waiting for the Silence...but it's tough. Almost all of them are awesome.
    i agree with the review i got the album expecting great things, and was greatly disappointed. chris's guitar work is amazing as always, but the songs just arent the same theyve changed too much, and not for the better, as everyone would agree. but, it might grow on me, i got the new alkaline trio cd, thuoght it sucked at first, but now i love it, lets hope the same happens with this, because i love this band, but dont see it happening...
    I really enjoyed the album, Although I felt it needed 2-3 tracks more, but well. My favorites are "Kid" "Loaded Gun" "How Do We Know" and "Raise The Alarm"
    how do we know riff is real white stripish,but gotta admit its a ****in killa riff.
    That was a pathetic assessment. I DID buy the album because of those two songs "White Noise" and "How Do We Know". Some sterling guitar work from Chris on this album especially How do we know, has to be up for riff of the year. These two absolute pearlers will easily make the top 20 in the triple J Hottest 100.
    ok, so its not perfect, but it is not terrible either. it has a few poppy songs, but it more than makes up for the 'less than average' songs with a number of stand outs that more than live up to the living ends style and quality as a band.
    Eamon Fethers
    seriously they can't always put out an album like the frist one were al the songs were just so rocking! the last 3 albums have just been them progressing and tryin new angles and sounds.. this isn't a bad album but i wudn't call it an excellent one, but i just think the next one needs to be back to the old living end cos they've explored so many different soudns over 5 albums
    Sadly I agree with the review. Incredibly mediocre album; there honestly weren't ANY memorable songs. I'm honestly really disappointed, I loved the stuff on their first two EPs and the self-titled.
    that was a ridiculous review. whoever wrote this obvious has no idea about anything, this is their best album to date and deserves so much better then the rating it's been given.
    This album is a fantastic album. The only downside is SUM OF US but all of the other songs are terrific. I don't know how this person could have misjudged this album so much. RAISE THE ALARM and MAKE THE CALL are absolute rippers.
    Bands change their sound... sometimes the old fans like it more, sometimes they get new fans and sometimes the old fans hate it. well actually it's usually a mix of those three things. and that's what is happening with this. i'm still to buy it but i'm sure it will be excellent.
    "White Noise" is the most consistently brilliant collection of songs The Living End has released to date.
    Well it sure didn't look like that was his opinion judging by the review...
    Definitely better than their two previous installments, but it still is terrible in comparison to their self-titled and Roll on.
    everyone reckons white noise and how do we know are the best but i reckon make the call and loaded gun are the best by far!
    hat a sad review! this is the best thing the band has done! and is miles better than modern artillery, i was scared they couldnt top soe but they sure did! 11 perfect living end songs, couldnt ask for anything more, i may put on a review for this if i have time. plus i would love to see a tab for 'make the call' im trying to figure it out by ear as i write this...
    no way man cheney is one of the greatest guitarists of our geneeration and his early lead work over self titled and roll on are wha made me listen to punk music. this soft cocked bullshit is not the living end that i grew up loving its like the took all the skill and testosterone out of it then cut its balls off no face maelting solos no super fast heavy riffs. pathetic.