Colour It In review by The Maccabees

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  • Released: May 14, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.2 (22 votes)
The Maccabees: Colour It In

Sound — 6
When I finished the last review I went back online and checked some predidctions for the most popular indie acts of 2008, I was startled to see The Maccabees anywhere. And for a certain strange reason, I can't say they are. The strange reason being, that they have not really extended their range of music. Indie is very repetetive repetetive repe, you get the point. But this album really does blow them al out of the water. 19 times. The guitar is overly (and I do not want to say it)boring. The drumming is too complicated and messy and the synth? Where is it? It might not matter to most of you but without it it sounds as colourless as it's album cover. I'm judging that thier album is a sort of hint to others to not carry out thier mistakes. Colour it in? Yes good idea, try that next time.

Lyrics — 8
Boring Boring Boring Boring. If you like the Arctic Monkeys, The Editors and such. You might take a shine to this part. A gave a second look at the album while listening to some of the tracks. Here is a solution if your a regular iTunes shopper buy only these four tracks, Precious Time, Lego (has a nice opening riff), First Love (gets really good late on) and Toothpaste Kisses is quite a nice peaceful song compared to the rest of thier demeaning racket I mean unblissful racket.

Overall Impression — 7
This album is a sort of bridge between good indie and really good indie. however this is the sort of rickety, rotten, wooden bridge that they must cross to become indie prophets. I'm not majorly impressed but at the same time who cares! They got to where they are wherever that is and they have made some catchy riffs on the way. Once again, I would just say keep a look out for this group, they will be touring soon hopefully. But they aren't all bad news. They've made the short-list for X-fm album of the year. You decide!

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    I don't get this first review. It comes across that you like them as a band, but not really any of their music, which is odd. You said they have boring guitar in the Sound section, and then say they've come up with some catchy riffs in the Impression section. I think a 6 is a little harsh on the sound, they have some really good melodies and riffs (X Ray for guitar, O.A.V.I.P. for vocals, All In Your Rows for bass) making for great overall sound. The lyrics are at least 9 too, probably 10 when compared to other modern day bands (I completely disagree with comparing them to AM or Editors). The lyrics are actually really clever for the mostpart when you look at them.
    And if you count this for lyrics, Orlando has one of the best voices around today (just listen to First Love or O.A.V.I.P.) Sorry for double post.
    who wrote this review and what was he "expert" in exactly?.. i dont really like the double bass drumming in loads of metal stuff, but its part of the music... "indie is a very repetitive... " so's a double bass drum. im guessing your just not a fan of indie. .. perhaps someone with a more open mind should have written this review.
    This band, IMO, is just another indie-wannabe load jumping on the fat bandwagon. Reviewer, try actually talking about the music as opposed to the band, and not writing hideously contradictory sentences like this:
    I'm not majorly impressed but at the same time who cares!
    If you're not impressed, then it's a bad album. Move along.
    I think somebody really needs to listen to this album more than once - and with an open mind. This is one of the best indie albums I own and this review has totally missed the mark.