Static/Crash Review

artist: The Mark Inside date: 07/28/2006 category: compact discs
The Mark Inside: Static/Crash
Release Date: Jun 13, 2005
Label: Universal
Genres: Rock/Pop, Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
You would?ve thought the loud-quiet thing played out during the grunge era but the Mark Inside put a fresh spin on the ideal with static/crash, resulting in one of the top local indie releases of 2005 so far.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Static/Crash Reviewed by: Wiped_out, on july 28, 2006
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Sound: The Mark Inside is a Canadian band that hails from Whitby Ontario, just outside of Toronto. They formed the band in high school and later moved to Toronto so they could play more shows. They are currently signed to the Maple Music label. Static/Crash is the bands first album and what an album it is. From drive hard fast punk songs to soft bluesy tunes whith a touch of late-sixties and British Invasion. There are a lot of slower songs on this album then I expected but that ends up being a good thing. Not slow boring or slow dance or anything like that. Just slow tempos. There are also some great medium tempo songs and blistering fast ones. The guitar it self sounds great. The guitar work is good. Nothing innovating, nothing to blow the mind but they do pull out some very catchy riffs. Not every song is amazing but I rarely find myself skipping a track. The album is very good and it's a shame it has not seen more success. // 8

Lyrics: I'm not a lyiric master or anything. I myself can't write but I find the lyrics well done. The singer really gives it in some of the songs and has a lot of passion and yells a bit (not screamo though). He handles the songs beautifully and I couldn't ask for better. // 8

Overall Impression: The Mark Inside are a great new band with a fresh sound compared to stuff being released today. They are not something that will change the world and they aren't something that everyone will like. I suggest you go to your local store and listen to it first. If you like it, then certainly buy it. After a couple of listens throughs you will love it. The first two songs on the album are very catchy though once past that you get into a more aquired taste that may not be for everybody. All in all it is a great album and I can't wait for the follow up which they are currently working on. // 8

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