Amputechture review by The Mars Volta

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (275 votes)
The Mars Volta: Amputechture

Sound — 10
The Mars Volta was created by Cedric and Omar in hopes of creating new and different music, separate from that of the regular, the norm, the mainstream. De-Loused was an incredible example of proving that they could accomplish this hefty task, along with their previous EP, Tremulant. And so on and so forth throughout the releases by The Mars Volta. Amputechture, their 6th official release (Live EP being one of the official releases), with a total of 8 tracks which hone lengths from 4 minutes to almost 17, continues this approach. On first listen, you may be wondering where TMV is going with this new record and believe me, Amputechture is a grower, you won't fully appreciate it until you've heard it over 20 times, not that it'll take that many times to like it, though. Anyways, Amputechture reaches forth with great intentions on increasing their ability to both play music, and separate themselves further from the rest of the bands out there. Rest assured, even though it uses elements from past releases, it sounds like a whole new record, brand new material. The horns/saxophone make a huge comeback, a huge comeback, included in 6 of the 8 tracks, and the two that don't include horns/saxophone are the shortest songs on the album, Vermicide (4:17) and Asilos Magdalena (6:36), which comes only to 10:53 of songs that do not carry this now necessary part of The Mars Volta. Bombastic drums are featured also, the best they've ever been on any record by them whatsoever. Some might say that they are quiet and I also thought this but listening to it clearly, it is really actually mixed incredibly well because if you were to increase the drumming volume, it'd block the ambiance and other instruments in the album. Speaking of ambiance, it is now inside of the music, not in chunks on the outside found on Frances the Mute. The whole album is music, something De-Loused in the Comatorium fans will enjoy. Guitar is as intricate as ever on this record with John Frusciante included on the album as rhythm guitarist and every song, he really does add a nice texture to each of the songs. Solos are cleverly written and in Day of the Baphomets, a real treat, there's a guitar/sax solo included within the song, and it sounds amazing. Cedric's voice is top notch on this album as well, not only on the high register this time around, but he also experiments with medium-upper medium tones, it sounds good... really boasts Cedric's range showing he can sing the lower notes as well as the higher ones. The vocals are also altered quite a bit of the time on Amputechture, just as much as, say, De-Loused but used in different manners. One listen at the beginning of Day of the Baphomets and you'll also realize that Juan plays a much larger place this time around on the album, as if The Mars Volta had just realized how awesome he was at bass. Ikey, you can actually hear this time around and it sounds enthralling adding a lot of emotion to the album to some of the most apocalyptic keyboards to even some of The Mars Volta's most cheerful attempts. Great improvements musically on this album indeed, being able to hear Ikey this time around, hearing Juan's bass attacks, John Frusicante on every track, Adrian on every song but two, they have really progressed. The music is more intricate than ever before, and also, to be mentioned, much, much, much more abrupt than before. No more slow transitions, it is more of a "See it? Go get it!" and less of a "I'll crawl there" type of album. That of which also adds to the insanity of this record. 01. Vicarious Atonement - the sound of a bell slides in from the right headphone and then retreats to the left side. Many will be reminded of Son Et Lumiere at the first couple of seconds of the song but that is when the comparisons will end. A guitar solos erupts from the quiet effects and continues for a while until Cedric starts singing. His voice is backed up with more guitar to alter it a bit but it remains very jazzy, bluesy even, as Cedric keeps on with his haunting voice. No drums are found on this song for artistic and atmospheric reasons and if they were in, they probably wouldn't have fit at all. Vicarious Atonement is a very mystical song, but later in the song, the music heats up for the last verse or so until the final last lines are sang over and over again. Keyboards sound marvelous on this song, and really help bring that jazz feel to the song and soon after the last line is over and done being sang, there is a sax solo which goes all the way til the last moments of the song, which create quite the build-up towards Tetragrammaton, the beast of The Mars Volta songs. 02. Tetragrammaton - a King Crimson-eque guitarplaying goes on for about a minute and a half which then quickly erodes into a softer guitar part with Cedric softly singing, "Tell me it's over" and his voice becomes more tense and then it calms down again for the verse and then after one more round of getting the energy up with faster singing, it goes into the chorus. "Glossolalia cures my skin!" Cedric shouts as vocal distortions echo beside the rampaging music. And then after the word, "Turbulance," the music is quickly distorted into the softer guitarwork, which is now the second verse. After the second chorus, the music goes reverse and the drums are pedaling faster and faster backward, and a couple seconds later, something else happens but I won't spoil it all for you. Also, everything I just described was only about the first four to five minutes of this colossal, almost seventeen minute song. To describe the song would be to say the word, Insanity, a couple hundred times. Abrupt, diverse, and just total-out strangeness. Tetragrammaton is also probably the most cheerful song on the album, let alone, any song they've ever made. The song is an absolute beast. I could easily write a 2 page essay on this song but I won't because that'd be too tiring, I'll just say that it's one of the album's best songs, but that's a matter of opinion. 03. Vermicide - starts out incredibly spacey, fuzzy noise from the guitar, and then Cedric's voice booms, There with them is error. They are sacrosanct. It sounds very out there until the chorus comes. Music stops and Cedric quickly sings the lines and the two loud instrumental pounds follow, the chorus lines are sang two times and then it comes to the verses again which are about the same as the first. During the bridge of the song, the sounds of instrumentation are set in the back while you hear other effects parallel to the atmospheric sounds. During the last chorus, Cedric sings incredibly high, even for his standards and then ends the way it started, with about 10-20 seconds of static. And a beep. 04. Meccamputechture - said beep you heard on Vermicide transfers over to this song which is immediately led by Cedric almost chanting, think of it as the beginning of We Will Rock You by Queen. After the first verse is over, it goes into a frenzy of music. Guitar screams as jazz (an incredibly hook) is played beside it along with rampaging drums. It stops and turns into a more industrial fix, dub, if you will, and Cedric wails in an extremely high voice next to the echoing effects in the beginning. There are several really good guitar solos in the song and not to mention, in the latter minutes of the song, there comes quite a large part that really shows how well Adrian is on the album. Besides the soloing saxophone, there are whispering effects in the back, ambiance, to be technical, that seem to rain in after each note the sax sings out. Also, Ikey really shines on this song, and he plays incredibly at the end along with Adrian and when you really listen in depth to it, you hear so many ideas and sounds going on, it seems almost too much for headphones, but it sounds amazing. Multiple layers including the industrial/dub-type feel in the verses, the sax, the keyboards, the multiple layers of ambiance, the rhythm and lead guitar, and soon it all comes at you at full speed. A siren sounding technique is added and everything gets louder, tension builds, and makes you think of what a guy hearing voices might feel, it really is that dramatic. And immediately, it stops and then there is a more structured feel to the sax and Cedric sings, It lacks a human pulse. 05. Asilos Magdalena - loud synths, almost backward-sounding guitar fill your senses when this starts and you hear about three layers of other noises in back too. Very dry, it sounds don't know how else I can explain it. At about 40 seconds into the song, the noises stop and then all you can hear is slow acoustic guitar playing by John Frusciante, written by Omar. Throughout the song, there are several tempo shifts, occurring when a verse ends and when a chorus starts, and where the bridge of the song is (which is the same tempo as the verses). Vocals sound haunting, especially in the beginning of the chorus where Ced whispers, En mi vida (In my life), just as the music start slowing down. No drums are in this song as they aren't for three songs on this album (Vicarious Atonement, this one, and El Ciervo Vulnerado), used for atmospheric and artsy reasoning. And it works. Some may thing that this is the most boring song on the album but you have to realize the ultimate progression on the song. When it comes to the bridge of the song, you can slightly hear a wind-sounding noise in the back of whenever Cedric starts singing. Said noise gets louder and louder and soon you start hearing Omar come in echoing from the back, and he does a pretty long solo too, that starts at being pretty slow for Omar's standards but generally increases in speed by time the song is over, as the ambiance gets louder and louder whereas you can hardly hear Cedric at all in the song, plainly spooky. Last guitar notes echo and then you hear a bit of mechanical drumming at the end which leads to Viscera Eyes. 06. Viscera Eyes - 40 seconds of mechanical drumming rev up the song along with subtle works of noise in the back. Out of nowhere, a cutting guitar riff rages out and goes along until you hear some of Cedric's highest voice ever. Like the other songs, the vocals are distorted well and sound almost static or fuzzy, but it helps in hearing how high he gets in this song. All the verses are in Spanish and the chorus is English along with the bridge much later in the song. I forgot to mention how catchy the song is, featuring such lines as, In your viscera eyes, cataracts close the blinds! Let me lend comfort, come cry by your side! Come on and give it to me, come on and die! just typing it makes me chant the lyrics aloud. About midway through the song, there is a pretty long instrumental where Omar shows more of his soloing skills, and I might have to listen again, but it actually sometimes sounds like John is playing also alongside him. Bit iffy to say that right now though, too many things going on. And during the instrumentation, you can hear separate effects that fly by your right and left speakers. Another thing on the instrumental side note, the horns on the song feel very natural to the song, much more than they did on Frances the Mute, they sound like they should be there, they fit with the music. I'll wait until I get the real album to tell my experience with the transition because like anyone who has the leak, it cuts of about 2 seconds off of each song before you can tell if they really were translated like that. 07. Day Of The Baphomets - almost tribal drumming comes on instantaneously as you press the play button. And, holy shardes, there is an amazing bass solo in the intro of the song, Juan's best playing ever. Ever. He buzzes by for about 50 seconds playing solo (not many instances in music where you actually hear a bass solo), and then the music vigorously screams dramatically changing the music. But not altering how good the bass is. During the first verse of the song, you hear Cedric singing something you've heard before, yes, lyrics to a past song, A Plague by Your Hissing, officially featured on A Missing Chromosome. Then appears the chorus which starts with Cedric singing, Ah-aye-ayeey-aheey-I've got a plan that'll make you theirs now, a beautifully written melody. The second verse also features lyrics on A Plague, which is pretty cool to say the least, that they acknowledged a previously, very underrated song by them. Like Tetragrammaton, this song also has all the bells and whistles for you all, which does equal insanity, right? Anyways, just to comment on some of them because it would be damn near impossible to do so in such a small space. There is a saxophone/guitar solo in the song that, although lasting only about 20-30 seconds, is nonetheless amazing. Fast guitar wisps by in the left speaker as the saxophone follows suit the notes of the guitar in the right speaker. Brilliant. Along with that, there is a Congo-type solo in the later part of the song, but I'm wondering if it really was soloed on Congas and not pots and pans or garbage cans previously done by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sounds very cool. Right afterward, Cedric's voice relieves the work of drumming and percussion, unaltered and sung rather high. Everything on this song is top-notch. Some of the sang lyrics on this song are chanted almost using altered vocals to sound like there is a group of people singing, and not just one. Wow, this already is a lot of writing, so I'll stop right here for this song, but let me tell you, it's all about surprises. 08. El Ciervo Vulnerado - static ambiance begins the song and soon saxophone follows, sounding very much like the Pink Panther theme song for me at least. Haha. But I liked it, adds a really nice hook to the song. More haunting vocals appear on this track, they really do sound quite frightening. Especially the deeper voice at the end that appears while Cedric sings backwards, haha, it's all good. During the beginning, though, there is a sectioned guitar solo. Some say that there's sitar in the song so I'll have to listen a bit more the next time I listen to the song. It definitely is an incredibly new approach from The Mars Volta, that definitely is for sure. Another thing to mention, it ends on the same not that Vicarious Atonement starts on, so I'm guessing the whole album is a circle another thing, it ends on the right speaker, where Vicarious Atonement starts pretty awesome. El Ciervo is an all-out atmospheric song, tons of ambiance, but none of it by itself to make the song boring in any way. Although it's not boring, it will need quite a few listens before you can gradually come to understand it's style. I have to say, I wasn't impressed at all with Frances the Mute, so this album definitely increased how much respect I held for The Mars Volta. Amputechture is an incredible feat for The Mars Volta, let alone, the music world, and definitely something for prog fans. Give it a few listens and let it all sink in. The best way I can describe it is saying that it is colder water than what you expect, meaning, rather than just putting your toes in the colder-than-usual (different) water, just jump in and get used to it. This isn't your average album.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are definitely telling a story and Shelly from the Coma has helped decipher what they mean and it really is quite the thing to read. Here's the system of how the lyrics are told in Amputechture. Songs 1-7 are the whole story of Amputechture told in extreme detail. Song 8, the last song, tells the story from start to end. As I can tell, Ced's vocabulary has been growing incredibly. Perhaps the most detailed lyrics he's ever written but he manages to keep it sounding poetic. The lyrics have always been good, and this just maintains that.

Overall Impression — 10
To other albums, this is something brilliantly crafted. Most albums around 75 minutes actually sound like they're 75 minutes but this sounds like a 30 minute record. Song progression goes through at rapid speeds and sometimes it feels I've only been listening to the album for 10 minutes and I'm already at Viscera Eyes. There are just so many "WOW" moments on the album, like the expression of time flying by when you're having fun. I mean, The Dark Side of the Moon (40 some minutes) actually seems longer than this record, yet it's 30 minutes shorter. I love the progression on the album. The way it sounds so precariously odd but has the vibe The Mars Volta generally always shows. The album is just full of excitement and sounds like it was a lot of fun to record, and maybe even more fun to listen to. I hate how quickly it seems to end, haha. Definitely get a new one.

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    it consumes me
    ToBeAGooner wrote: Listen folks, the album is done. The version you can get on the net right now is the exact same version you will hear in about a month, there is no more post production to be done before it hits the presses. And please, spare the sermons about stealing music- NO ONE CARES That being said, I find the Mars Volta have lost focus as their careers have progressed. Deloused was a statement, an album that blew the doors off of your perceptions, Frances the Mute had high points, but Amputechture just seems like drawn out nonsense. Ive listened to it 5 times, and I still cant recall one melody or one solo that stuck in my head the way Eriatarka or L'via L'Vasquez. I try to judge music as objectivly as I can, I do not have a favorite band, just favorite genres. They are a talented guys, but they completely missed the mark this time around.
    What are you talking about? The riff in Viscera Eyes is incredibly catchy. What about the sax in Meccamputechture? The verse guitar riff in Tetragrammaton or the saxophone at the 8 minute mark of Tetra? The chanting lines in Day of the Baphomets? Sax in El Ciervo Vulnerado? The guitarplaying in Asilos Magdalena? Chorus in Vermicide. Please, you've listen to the album 5 ****ing times, that is no where near the amount of times it takes to get used to the album. The vocal harmonies on this album are their best to date and probably the most catchy. The drums are the best they've ever been and we can now finally hear Ikey. Meccamputechture is probably the most melodically catchy song they've ever made. Please, before you go saying a TMV album sucks, listen to it more than five ****ing times. Hahahahaha.
    Since everyone is not qualified enough to give their opinions on an album that hasn't been released yet. Cough, BullSh*t!!! What's everyone's favorite De-Loused songs? Since thats really the only songs worth talking about in great detail as of yet.
    I don't see why people have to be *****s on here. We are just giving opinions now let's juts put this all in the past and move and yeah. I just don't give a fahk anymore. Go download the music I mean no reason to argue if you want to listen to then go download it. But I can't even have a say with everyone on my back. SO why try giving my opinion. So everyone stop fighting about it and let people just have opinions. If you live by teh sword you'll die from the sword. but it consumes me is still cool. YEAHHHHH!
    because it may deter some people from wanting to buy it if it has already been givin a bad review. I don't think it's fair to the artists.
    see now that's what I thought at first and i agree with you... FtM was very impressive it shown their more progressive experimental side. DeLoused was what made people want more. It was so good. and I think it consumes me gave it a good review. It's just that Ted Zeppelin dude didn't make it sound sa good and taht's what really ticked me off in the first place but it consumes me review really brought my attention and he added it with such detail. anyways youre right, steezy. a bad review will make others lose anticipation and this whole review should've never happened but it's already happened so yeah. i'm still gonna wait for the album.
    Now that I have listened to Amputechture many many times, I do agree with most of the people here. It is a very well put together, and this time around they actually use harmonies, and Cedric uses his voice in a lot more melodic way and he has really improved it is extremely apparent. It seems as if every member of the band has fine tuned their playing and crapped out this album, and it is very very good. You can tell right from the get go that they have improved immensly as artists from their previous albums. All that said, I still feel that deloused in the comatorium has a much different feel than this album, and is much more creative in the ways that it was written and in the way that it sounds. It is a great album none the less AND YOU SHOULD ALL GO BUY IT LAWL!
    Listen up you automatons. There is nothing wrong with downloading music. I don't owe the Mars Volta anything; especially a month's honorary waiting period. I have the full album leaked, listened to it repeatedly, and will not buy the album, what's the point? I have it for free. I will not put money in Sam Goodies pocket or their investors. Personally I love the Mars Volta. I love De-Loused like no other, drooling over it since it's came out. I appreciate what their doing and their "work" into the album. But a man works hard for his money he doesn't always have to give it away. So lighten up and all of you out there that said "I'll still buy it when it comes out," out of 12 of you 3 will maybe buy it. So lighten up, we are the fans, we dont owe anybody anything. We buy their Tshirts albums, stickers and other nonsense that fills out our styles and lives, so utilize this powerful weapon called the internet and save a buck, and instead buy your children something, or get new guitar strings. Peace
    oh jeeze. i can already tell that laudanumgaze's comment is going to spawn twenty more bitch and moan comments of people trying to get the last word on the ethics of downloading music. but, i've listened to the cd at least 10 times now, and it has officially grown on me. when i'm trying to decide what music to listen to, i now get the craving for those heavy metal-esque riffs that amputechture's full of. de-loused is still better by far though.
    OK LIKE I SAID! I really don't care about the downloading shit now it's just the first review pissed me off for several reasons. And Yes Deloused is fahking awesome, anyone who disagrees with that is a fag. And Amputechture sounds really good accounting I've just listen to half the cd but I'm still waiting. God it's just opinion and how I feel. So you lighten up I was just using my freedom of speech. Good grief
    it consumes me
    steezy wrote: I don't see what everyone has against 'Frances the Mute',I considered what they were doing with the random noise in between songs to be considered music too ha,I enjoyed it. Also, this review isn't very good, the album isn't even out yet. I'll wait 'til it's out to form an opinion, you should too.
    What's wrong with reviewing it if you have the album already?
    I liked Frances the Mute better, but, my favorite song on De-loused was Drunkenship of Lanterns.
    For those who are going to buy this album, whether you have it (like me) or not, the new release date is September 12th. Bummer. Having to listen to those terrible cuts on the leaked version is really bugging me. No TMV song should ever be cut short. ~Roulette Dares is my personal favorite De-Loused song. ~Cassandra Gemini is my personal favorite FTM song. ~Amputechture is my PERSONAL favorite TMV album.
    I don't know about you guys, but the bass solo at the start of Day of the Baphomets sounded a shit load like Flea. With all respect to Juan as an awesome bassist, but I have heard a lot of Flea bass solos and this one screamed Flea to me. But I could easily be wrong, and if I am, then Juan has truly earned his rite to **** shit up along with his other compadres in The Mars Volta. By the way, Amputechture kicks ass. Can't wait to get the legitimate package.
    I think Eriatarka is perhaps one of the greatest rock songs ever. Also Cicatriz ESP is great.
    i mean, pablo haha. because I think he left sparta to join the mars volta.
    it consumes me
    From De-Loused, best songs: Son Et Lumiere + Inertiatic ESP, Roulette Dares, Tira Me + Drunkship of Lanterns, Eriatarka, Cicatriz ESP, and Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt. 6/8 of the songs are pure perfection. Televators and This Apparatus are good but they aren't as good. From Frances the Mute, best song: L' Via L' Viaquez 1/5 of the songs are pure perfection. Cassandra is okay, sometimes boring in spots and too many bleepy noises. Cygnus is 9 minutes of good music, 4 minutes of crap. The Widow is lackluster, nuff said. Miranda is 9 minutes of music, 4 minutes of crap. From Amputechture, best songs: Vicarious Atonement, Tetragrammaton, Vermicide, Meccamputechture, Asilos Magdalena, Day of the Baphomets, and El Ciervo Vulnerado. 7/8 of the songs are pure perfection. Viscera Eyes just sometimes seems not "out there" like the other songs on the album. Good song, nonetheless. 1. Amputechture 2. De-Loused in the Comatorium 3. Frances the Mute
    it consumes me
    steezy wrote: I'm looking forward to this new record...but unlike the last one, I'm listening to it all the way through before I buy it; any of that "nothingness" that dominated Frances the Mute and there's no way i'm buying this one.
    you're an idiot who wouldn't know music if it smacked you across the face. [/quote]Actually, the ambient was just uninteresting in Frances the Mute. I listen to many industrial ambient groups, and they manage to keep the ambient in their music interesting for me to listen to. You know, it's possible to make ambiance rhythmatic.
    it consumes me wrote: I love how these things always turn into childish arguments, it is what it is, and opinions have no place in music because everyone's taste is different. All you bitches pissing and moaning about "your favorite band" isn't doing anyone any good, like somehow through your whiny paragraphs your going to change someone's opinion. TMV doesn't need you to defend them, they are doing just fine, they continue to put themselves out there because that's how they want it, not because anyone told them to be like that. You on the other hand need to be spoon-fed your opinions and taste in music. So why don't you sit down and shut up, put your headphones on and listen to the album 200 f-ing more times so we can be spared your pathetic cries for a life.
    Use some common sense... exaggeration is still existent, no? I've listened to the album a lot... okay? More than 5 times, haha.
    I don't see what everyone has against 'Frances the Mute',I considered what they were doing with the random noise in between songs to be considered music too ha,I enjoyed it. Also, this review isn't very good, the album isn't even out yet. I'll wait 'til it's out to form an opinion, you should too.
    I don't see any prob. with downloading a leaked copy (other than the breaks in the music which don't really do The Volta justice) Im gonna buy the album when it comes out anyway (and cant wait). (but I wish i was less impatient) And if you are gonna complain about the ambience go and listen to aqua and spice girls, you might like them. The ambience (which admittedly slow) is 100% necessary in the progression of the song. Its like telling a story which drags a bit at the beginning so you skip straight to the punchline '...back up a bit, the Irishman was wearing a suit!...' All Im trying to say is that you can get alot more out of the music if you wait through these supposedly 'boring' or 'dragging' ambient bits as it sets the tone of the music. If you cant apprieciate this, GET OUT OF MY BURGER SHOP!
    i think that it is really dumb to post a review for an album that is about a month away from being released. however, i just can't understand all of this sanctimonious crap about how listening to the leaked album is stealing. when i had the chance to listen to the album i took it because i could not possibly wait one second longer than i had to in order to here new mars volta songs. my pulse quickened. my palms got sweaty. the mars volta are my favorite band ever and i will not listen to a sermon on morality in art by some kid who loves the mars volta because they are "so original". no guff, chet. they are the best musicians making the best music right now, the music necessarily is going to be "original". anyway, i did the same thing before frances came out and i bought two when the album finally went on sale. of course i am going to buy this one when it comes out. it is not disrespectful to listen to the music that you practically worship. by the way, the album is incredible. if you are a fan, you have to hear it.
    yeah, I wasn't really sure haha, thanks for clearifying. and The Bible and the Breathalyzer is a good chill song if you're in the mood of course. and in response to the ambience deal. uh, I'm not sure of the genre, but is that like explosions in the sky or godspeed you! black emperor? and I'm glad Mandible knows what they're talking about haha, it's deeper than I took it, and I totally agree.
    no prob, steezy. I'll have to listen to the bible and the breathalyzer sometime when I get the single. isn't it on a missing chromosome as well? if it is then I'll get that instead.
    one song I would still like to hear is The Bible and The Breathalyzer from the L'via single everyon i know saiid it sucked but I reda the lyrics and it was like really good poetry
    yeah man, that's definitely my least favorite song by the mars volta. i don't even consider it a song. i listened to it once and i don't think i've ever listened to it again.
    I'm worried about Frusciante... because frankly the guitar work in Stadium Arcadium had very little variety as far as tones and dynamics went. Maybe we'll see something completely different here, but...
    Job well done, it consumes me! I like how you explained how everyone in the band has really progressed and that's what a progressive band really does. they take what they have and they go further with that music hence the name of the genre. makes me really wanna listen to the other songs that I haven't heard. it's a good thing that you went in depth with the music on every song. Everyone on this album shows true colors and that may sound gay but it's true according to this review. Very detailed and it really wanna makes me listen to it. It caufght my interest and you had made it very clear that TMV is one of the few greatest bands still out there. Very good review... this helped a lot!
    um i posted this on july 25th. but... the album comes out in august... um. yah i think theres something wrong with that. mars volta is awesome by the way.
    Wonka wrote: GuitarGod610 wrote: You're referring to Cassandra Geminni and Miranda, aren't you? That's nothingness to you? Cassandra Geminni takes a while to get through, but once you do it, it feels like the album is complete. Dont start with that dumb "It feels like the album is complete" stuff. The point is the long intros is irritating and almost no one wants ot hear it 30 seconds at most is the intor I want to hear of random sounds
    The Mars Volta is not a mainstream and will never be one. If you don't like what they're producing, then listen to your 3 and 1/2 minute pop rock songs, or whatever other garbage. They aren't writing the music for the audience, they're writing it for themselves, which is why it's sometimes unlistenable to most people. Most people don't want to listen to long intro and extended ambience jams. They'd rather hear something brief and catchy that they can tap their foot to. The Mars Volta is not what they OR you are looking for.
    man sounds like a good album cant going to catch them with RHCP the 21 of august!!
    i personally think that mars volta is one of the most talented bands out there. i dont listen to them much because some of their stuff is too wierd for me but i gotta hand it to them, televators is one hell of a song. i will definitally buy this cd hoping that it may appeal to me more because they always have a new sound to throw at you
    Listen folks, the album is done. The version you can get on the net right now is the exact same version you will hear in about a month, there is no more post production to be done before it hits the presses. And please, spare the sermons about stealing music- NO ONE CARES That being said, I find the Mars Volta have lost focus as their careers have progressed. Deloused was a statement, an album that blew the doors off of your perceptions, Frances the Mute had high points, but Amputechture just seems like drawn out nonsense. Ive listened to it 5 times, and I still cant recall one melody or one solo that stuck in my head the way Eriatarka or L'via L'Vasquez. I try to judge music as objectivly as I can, I do not have a favorite band, just favorite genres. They are a talented guys, but they completely missed the mark this time around.
    Ok I see where you guys come from... but it's disrespectful they pretty much ask you to wait til it comes out and you just go download it and listen to it. I mean it's not about the money but it probably dissapoints the band and with some guy giving it a review and he makes it not sound like it's good and people will lose anticipation. It's not the whole stealing thing that gets me it's just that the review should wait until it comes out. Who gives a fahk if Guitar World or some dumb magazine that reviews an album before it's release. Those magazines are kinda bs at times like i think the latest one was about how Kurt Cobain the last rock legend. Are you serious. I mean I love Nirvana but Kurt Cobain isn't the ****ing last rock legend. There are gonna be more people down the line gonna keep true rock it's place in the music industry. back to reviewing, yeah I don't appreciate it but It Consumes Me is an exception because he actually got my attention. I mean I bet a lot of people would have a good opinion about this album but most people haven't heard it and it kinda gives them the wrong impression and it might be something they like but now they are reluctant about getting it. Like I said before in my other comments... not looking for a fight because one who lives by the sword dies by the sword. but I am just putting my opinion out there. so don't say I'm stupid just because I think different so don't be the typical white supremicist and go ape on my because I'm filipino. GOOD DAY, SIR!
    it consumes me
    I've heard it probably more than 200 times in the past two weeks and you've listened to it 5 times. Let me tell you, this album was definitely a bit weird for me in my first listens but as I got into it more, it quickly became my favorite TMV album. In fact, I didn't like it at all in my first listens. The album is garunteed to grow on you, and it'll be rare for a person to absolutely love it at first listen.
    Im not going to force myself into listening to something I dont like just so maybe it will stop grating my nerves. I dont like your favorite band, deal with it. How can you listen to anything 200 times? You are an obsessive fan that cant deal with anyone elses opinions. Ive got so much music to listen to and so little time that Im not going to waste it on something that I find to be subpar.
    I take back one thing I said, I DID like the Mars Volta, but this new cd is utter crap. I still cant get over that 200 times, do you spend every hour of every waking moment listening to this album?
    fine... I'll just do cartwheels and i'll make a simple mistakes, which will result in me landing on a glass table. now that's your opinion, how childish we are explaining and discussing opinions and in the future will possibly cause WWIII because the tropic of cancer answered "drink the quicksand" ahhhhh i love atd-i I can only say ATD-I was better in my eyes... but I still value TMV as one of the greatest bands ever. But this is still a place to let every voice be heard so let's just let everyone be. So yo sum this up in a weird, complexed way: Check oh check oh yellow yellow grass grass to the shun dun with an E and the ribosomal RNA will travel thrugh the filed paperwork, Mr. Patterson. Ok now I'm belligerant. Nah I'm just bored and I thought I would write some really random crap. I'm here all week
    the bassist is juan alderte de la pena... something like that but Pablo Hinijos does sound manipulation now to take the place of the great late jeremy ward after he died a month before deloused came out anyways I loved the ambience in FtM but hey that's just me one song I would still like to hear is The Bible and The Breathalyzer from the L'via single everyon i know saiid it sucked but I reda the lyrics and it was like really good poetry