The Moldy Peaches review by The Moldy Peaches

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  • Released: Sep 11, 2001
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (25 votes)
The Moldy Peaches: The Moldy Peaches

Sound — 7
"By making their music appear to be crude and simplistic, the Peaches' are mocking our own superficiality. They are simply saying, 'look at yourself.'" Eldar (inside the album art sheet). They have a sound which turns many off, which is that of two people who are not overly good singers or even accomplished musicians. However it is a simple style which many do in fact like. And in that they do mix their style a lot with acoustic sounding songs like "Jorge Regula" or rock songs like "NYC Is Like A Graveyard" or even a rap style one with "On Top". They have fun with what they do and you can tell, sometimes with small mistakes left in and not always perfect timing and notation. Although it's not overly commercial it is quite charming and very different. They do show skill from time to time, a good example is the beautiful guitar solo in Nothing Came Out. This is a style however which has had a spike in popularity after Kimya was in the soundtrack to the movie "Juno".

Lyrics — 10
This is their strong section as a band. Often clever, deep and funny (sometimes all at once). Often stuck in your head and great to quote. They say what we do actually feel in life and it always is complimented by the music. They avoid clichs, recycled lines but not swearing and more importantly utterly absurd lines which makes songs much more interesting. Some songs such as "Steak For Chicken" (a personal favourite) have more than one line going at once i.e. both Kimya and Adam singing at the same time which is fantastic to listen to over and over rather than just reading them, it keeps the song interesting and much more entertaining.

Overall Impression — 8
Unfortunately The Moldy Peaches will never really be popular at a full commercial level and have been on hiatus since 2004. But it does have a good cult following and is a strength in being so different from all other music. Not all songs are as strong as each other but overall this album is very good and for 5 it's definitely worth the buy and I will be sure to take care of my copy. As I have said it's not for everyone, I would still recommend that everyone does in fact have a listen to a selection of their songs, and you may well develop a taste for this form of music! In my opinion what many would see as a weakness, with this band I see as strengths and it's a breath of fresh air from all "normal" music. Personally I love this album and would give it a full 10 despite my dislike of the song "On Top" however speaking for more than myself, I'll have to drop it to an eight.

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    I hadnt even heard of this band until reading this review. I was hesitant, but It was a pleasant listen, musical quality aside. Its a good example of how getting a feeling or "sound" across can be done without great equipment or extreme talent.
    Good lo-fi stuff. on steak for chicken the separate lyrics and interweaving vocals are astounding.
    Released on 9/11? :/ Also, she's alright from what I've heard. I know that Paul Baribeau is a friend of her's and was on one of her later albums and I love him.
    well, i love kimya. she's so awesome. i love her songs and have 5 of her albums, plus the moldy peaches with adam. i
    I wish people were not so critical of the Moldy Peaches. The point is, they make "bad" music intentionally as part of the "anti-folk" movement. I think the Moldy Peaches do a great job of showing the ridiculous side of all musicians. I mean, what musician, professional or not, has never just made up a ridiculous song on the spot with some friends? I love the moldy peaches because they show that music can be fun without being overly serious or depressing.
    dinosaur sr
    I dont see why you make such a big deal about them not being "overly commercial" or that theyll never be a "commercial level" isnt that a good thing?
    this record is good! i recommend it to anyone who is rather bored of listening always the same type of lyrics.
    In response to all at once... I'm glad this review has shed some light on them, I really do love their stuff and think a lot more people would as well. I'm also so happy to get a review up at all I suppose you're right, dinosaur sr about the commercial level being a good thing. Yet I feel they deserve at least a little more recognition.
    Dragon Master
    I heard it, before it was even famous. That was before it was in the movie, Juno. My brother wanted to find the chords for "Who's Got the Crack" and he showed me the band.